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My Best Amazon Purchases Under $25 in 2020

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Every week my husband and I go through our purchases for the week to categorize them and make sure everything is how it should be. I was recently going back through my Amazon history this year, and honestly it’s been a strange time! I was surprised at how many purchases I made but how little of them were just random things.

So many of my purchases were things I needed for our house, things we needed for moving (twice in 2020), and things to entertain my toddler. But I did have a couple of discoveries this year that I absolutely love!

My Best Amazon Purchases Under $25 in 2020

1. Velvet Luxury Throw Pillow Covers: I’m all about having a cozy home and creating a space you love. These are such great quality and add a depth of color and richness to a room. They come in many sizes and colors too!

2. Glass Straws: This was one of my big discoveries of 2020 – glass straws! I try not to use plastic straws as often as possible so my go-to has been stainless steel. But honestly, they’re not always idea. But glass straws?! They are next level. Trust me – you have to try them!

3. Blue Light Glasses: Looking at the computer screen so often (and tbh, my phone) can give me headaches. I never realized how much blue light screens really do give off until I bought these. The color of the screen actually changes when you put the glasses on. This is a 3 pack for around $16 and they’ve made such a difference in how I feel looking at screens.

4. Sponge Holder: Okay – this is a total game changer!! I never know where to put my dish washing sponge. It feels weird to leave it in the sink or on the counter… but this allows it to air dry without anything around it. And it’s very compact in the sink!

5. Electric Kettle: I use this every single day! Whether it’s to make coffee, tea, oatmeal or something else – I always seem to have a need for hot water. It’s one of my best appliance purchases… ever.

6. Wool Dryer Balls: I stopped using dryer sheets this year and switched to wool dryer balls. They last over 1,000 uses and are better for the environment because they produce less waste. They help your clothes dry faster too. You can also scent them with essential oils!

7. Label Maker: I’ve become obsessed with my label maker. Whether it’s in the pantry, my linen closet or our playroom, this helps us be so much more organized and more effective in reducing the chaos in our home. The price does vary on this one (I bought it with 2 tapes around $20, so keep an eye on it!).

8. Rechargeable Lighter: If you are a candle lover (*raises both hands*) you need this in your life! No more buying various lighters or reaching in candles awkwardly to light them. This has a flexible, long neck to reach the wick wherever it is. And it’s rechargeable! Which means you buy it once… and never again!

9. Slippers: I think I’ve seen these be referred to as UGG slipper dupes… and as someone who has owned both, I will say that they are definitely softer than UGG slippers! I think these would make a great gift. They’re super cozy and I won’t feel bad about replacing them when I inevitably wear them out.

10. Car Cleaning Gel: This is a gel/slime-like situation that helps get the crumbs and dust out of the hard to reach places in your car. It’s super easy to use (I use it when I’m waiting in the car for something or even at a red light) and keeps your console and dashboard super clean.

11. Bonus – Jumbo Bath Towel: I’m not a robe person but more of a cozy towel person. A jumbo towel is just an extra-large bath towel and they feel so luxurious to use. Highly recommend!

Like I said, I didn’t actually buy more than necessity things on Amazon this year. These are the things that stuck out to me the most as being some of my favorite Amazon finds of 2020.

Did you make any thrilling Amazon purchases this year?! I’d love to know!