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60 Family Staycation Ideas (Perfect Ideas For Kids)

Looking for family staycation ideas? Here are 60 ideas to inspire your time at home while you relax and take a break!

I love traveling and travelled quite a bit before kids and even with kids. We actually took our two toddlers to Hawaii last summer and had a great time.

But sometimes you just want to stay home and relax, am I right?

It’s nice just to be in your own space without a huge list of to-dos or trying to stick to the normal schedule. That’s the -cation part of staycation.

Family time, reconnecting with each other, breaking away from the stresses and routines of everyday life. A staycation is the perfect way to bring family together and make new memories.

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Why have a staycation?

One of the primary reasons is that it’s much more affordable than going away for a family vacation. You can still have fun and explore your local area, but without having to pay for pricey hotels or flights.

You don’t have to wait for the perfect time to have a staycation. If you have school-aged kids, like it up with school breaks.

Plus, there are plenty of family staycation ideas available to get creative with! We’ll cover 60 family staycation ideas below!

How To Plan a Staycation with Kids

1. Brainstorm family staycation ideas

This is the most fun part! Get together with your family and come up with staycation ideas that everyone can enjoy.

Whether you want backyard camping with a tent, sleeping bags, and a campfire or lazy evenings working on jigsaw puzzles together,  make sure to plan something new for every day of the staycation. With a little creativity, you can transform your home into a vacation destination where you create lasting memories without leaving your comfort zone.

2. Pick a theme

Choose one of the family staycation ideas you brainstormed and make that your focus or get creative and go for a themed staycation. It’s best if you can include the whole family so pick something everyone agrees on!

3. Set a budget.

Once you have your family staycation ideas in place, set a budget to make sure everything fits within your family’s financial parameters.

4. Start planning

Now it’s time to get serious and start booking the family staycation! Research local attractions, plan activities, make reservations, etc.

You also don’t have to make reservations if you don’t want to but you might want to consider what supplies you’ll need for various activities on your to-do list!

5. Have fun!

Now the family staycation is planned and ready for you to enjoy! Relax and have fun with your family on your staycation adventure.

Tips For a Staycation With Kids

1. Make it special

Take the time to plan family staycation ideas that are exciting and memorable for everyone involved.

2. Get out of your comfort zone

Make sure you’re trying something new on your family staycation! Whether it be a new restaurant, a family game night or exploring a nearby town.

3. Take family photos

Capture the memories of your family staycation! It’ll be a great way to look back on all the fun you had together.

4. Spend quality time with each other

Dedicate some time during your family staycation to just spending quality time with family. Whether it be going for a family walk or playing a game, family time is important!

5. Have an end goal

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the family staycation activities but make sure you have an end goal of reconnecting and spending quality time together.

6. Take it easy

It’s ok to relax and just enjoy your family staycation. You don’t have to do a million activities every day or plan out every hour of the day.

7. Keep expectations low

and you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Don’t try to fit too much in one day, just focus on family fun and relaxation.

8. Unplug from work and social media

Sometimes it can be hard to disconnect from work especially if you have a lot going on. But family time should be a priority and away from work emails and social media.

9. Have fun

This is the most important tip! Enjoy family time, explore new places, make memories and have FUN! Turn your staycation into a special event even if you’re just staying near home by planning fun things, outdoor activities, a day trip, and more!

60 Family Staycation Ideas

1. Have a “family fun day”

Think about planning a family fun day in your own backyard or local park. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy some quality family time outdoors playing games like frisbee, tag, and football. You can also make an obstacle course or a scavenger hunt.

2. Outdoor movie night

Take family movie night to the next level by bringing it outdoors! Set up a projector and watch your favorite family-friendly films in the backyard or on your balcony. Bring out the popcorn and candy for some extra fun while watching.

If that’s not possible, consider renting out a movie theater (it might not be as expensive as you think!).

3. Explore your local area

Grab a family map and explore your city or town. Visit interesting attractions, find new parks or playgrounds, or just drive around and take in the sights.

4. Visit family-friendly museums

There are many family-friendly museums that are perfect for staycations. You can learn something new while spending quality family time together.

brunette boy playing jenga
Photo by Michał Parzuchowski

5. Do nothing

Take a break from all the family staycation ideas and just relax. Have a day where you don’t plan anything and just take it easy. Read books, watch movies, lay out in the backyard – whatever your family enjoys doing.

6. Take family photos

Grab your camera and take family photos at different spots around town. This is a great way to capture family memories that will last a lifetime.

7. Take a family bike ride

Take advantage of the beautiful outdoors by going for a family bike ride! You can explore nearby trails, visit local parks, or even take in some sights while you ride.

8. Go fishing

Go to a nearby lake or river and spend an afternoon fishing together as family. You can even make it a competition by seeing who can catch the most fish!

9. Have a family cooking night

Gather in the kitchen and have family cooking night! Choose easy-to-make family recipes that everyone can help with.

10. Visit a family-friendly amusement park

Amusement parks are great family activities for staycation ideas! You can enjoy thrilling rides, play mini golf, and have fun eating different carnival foods.

11. Go camping in the backyard

Set up the tent and go camping in your own backyard! You can roast marshmallows, sleep under the stars, or just enjoy family bonding time.

If you have a fire pit, make dinner outside or make s’mores for dessert.

12. Have a family picnic

Pack up some snacks and have a family picnic in your local park or even your backyard. Play family games or just enjoy each other’s company while you eat.

13. Visit family-friendly festivals

Take advantage of family-friendly festivals in your area. You can listen to live music, watch performances, and sample delicious local cuisines.

14. Go on a family hike

Explore nature by going on a family hike! You can search for trails around your city or town that are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

15. Play family sports

Choose a family-favorite sport, such as basketball or tennis and have family tournaments! This is a great way to spend quality time together and stay active.

Photo by Olivia Bush Photography

16. Have an arts & crafts night

Gather supplies for family-friendly arts & crafts projects that everyone can do together. You can make cards, family scrapbooks, or any other creative project.

17. Visit family-friendly attractions

Look up local family-friendly attractions that you’ve never visited before. This is a great way to explore new places and have quality family time together.

18. Have a family movie marathon

Spend an evening watching family-favorite movies. Pop some popcorn and enjoy a night full of fun and laughter together.

19. Go visit family members

Sometimes family staycations are best spent visiting family! Call up relatives in other cities or towns and plan a family reunion for everyone to enjoy.

20. Have an indoor camping night

Set up a tent in the living room and have an indoor camping night! You can tell stories, play family games, or just enjoy each other’s company while you camp.

21. Go to family-friendly concerts

Local family-friendly concerts are great staycation ideas for family fun. Listen to live music, sing along to your favorite songs, and have a family dance party together.

22. Take family bike rides around the neighborhood

Ride around town on family bikes and explore different areas of your city or town. This is a great way to learn more about the area while having fun with family!

23. Visit family-friendly farms

Take a family trip to a local family-friendly farm and explore the area. You can pick fresh fruits and vegetables, see animals, or just enjoy some family bonding time together.

Depending on the time of year, you can also see if a local farm offers apple or berry picking. This is a great place to learn about seasonal produce!

24. Try new restaurants

Try out family-friendly restaurants in your area for a different family dining experience. This is a great way to sample delicious local cuisines and spend quality time together. xx

25. Go to family-friendly museums

Visit family-friendly museums and explore different exhibits together. Learn more about the area, its culture, and history with family staycation ideas like this one!

26. Go to family-friendly markets and shops

Explore family-friendly markets and shops in your area. Buy souvenirs or snacks together, or just enjoy the atmosphere of the local community.

27. Have a family photo scavenger hunt

Plan out a family photo scavenger hunt! Give each family member a list of items to find and take pictures of, then compare the photos at the end.

28. Have family board game tournaments

Choose a family-favorite board game such as Monopoly or Scrabble and have family tournaments! This is a great way to spend quality time together while having fun.

29. Try geocaching together

Find family-friendly geocaching spots near your house and go on a family treasure hunt! This is a great way to explore the outdoors while having fun with family.

30. Have a family field day.

Organize family field day activities such as races, relay events, and obstacle courses. This is a great way to stay active while having fun with family!

31. Go to a water park

Visit a family-friendly water park and enjoy rides, pools, and even family-friendly restaurants. This is an excellent way to stay cool while enjoying family time together.

These kinds of places usually have a kiddie pool for the small ones in your family and larger attractions like cool water slides for the older kids.

32. Get local library cards

Get family library cards and explore the local library. Your family can borrow books and movies from the library, or attend family-friendly events such as story time.

33. Go on a bike ride

Go on family bike rides and explore your local area. This is a great way to get some exercise while enjoying family time together.

34. Have family art classes

Sign up for family-friendly art classes or events in your area. Paint a canvas, draw with chalk, or make pottery together!

35. Make family videos

Gather family members and make family videos! This is a great way to capture family memories while having some family fun.

36. Have a “free” day

Try to do everything one day, for free! That means free meals, free entertainment, free travel expenses… see how much you can do for spending exactly $0!

There are likely lots of free activities you can take advantage of near you.

37. Take a cooking class together

Sign up for family-friendly cooking classes or culinary events together. Learn more about different types of cuisine and how to make family favorite dishes from scratch!

38. Do a at-home spa day

Relax together with family-friendly spa activities. Try DIY facial masks, give each other massages, or just enjoy some family bonding time!

I love this idea for rainy days.

39. Bake family treats together

Bake family treats such as cookies, cakes, pies, and cupcakes together. Enjoy the smell of freshly baked desserts while having family fun with this stay

What better way to spend time together than to bake some treats together.

40. Have a Disney day

Watch family-favorite Disney movies together and have a family Disney day. Enjoy classic tales, sing along to your family’s favorite songs, and make fun memories with this staycation idea!

41. Have a country or culture day

Explore a family favorite country or culture with family-friendly activities. Try new recipes, learn about different traditions and customs, or go on virtual tours of famous landmarks!

42. Visit family farms

Visit local family farms in your area and enjoy the outdoors while experiencing farm life. Learn more about agriculture and where your food comes from with this family-friendly staycation idea.

43. Have a family karaoke party

Sing together with family karaoke at home or at a family-friendly karaoke bar. Enjoy classic songs, family favorites, and modern hits while having family fun!

44. Have ice cream for dinner

Sometimes family time can be as simple as having family dinner together. Have a family ice cream night and enjoy your favorite flavors with family!

45. Learn about national parks

Explore national parks in your area and learn about nature conservation. Enjoy family hikes together, or attend family-friendly events such as ranger programs!

46. Plan a vacation for next year

Plan a family vacation together for next year. Research family-friendly destinations, search for the best family packages and deals, and look forward to an amazing family adventure!

47. Attend local festivals

Attend family-friendly festivals in your area and experience different cultures with your family. Enjoy live music, delicious food, and great entertainment while spending family time together.

48. Try a family challenge

Create family challenges and have family fun while learning new skills or trying something new. Create a scavenger hunt, make a family puzzle, or plan an obstacle course!

49. Have a decluttering day

Declutter family areas around the house and make space for family activities together. Organize family closets, donate unused items, or create storage solutions together!

50. Have a “yes” day

Have a family “yes” day and let family members do what they want – within reason, of course! Go on family adventures, try family recipes, or play family games together. Each member of the family can get their own day where they make the choices!

51. Watch virtual aquariums or zoos

Visit family-friendly virtual aquariums or zoos and learn more about wildlife together. Watch live streams of animals in their natural habitats and support family favorite species!

52. Get temporary tattoos

Have family fun with temporary tattoos! Get family matching tattoos or each family member can get their own unique tattoo. They are perfect for a family staycation and also make great souvenirs!

53. Paint kindness rocks together

Paint family kindness rocks and leave them around the neighborhood for others to find. Share family messages of love, positivity, and kindness with this family staycation activity!

54. Do random acts of kindness together

Do random acts of kindness together as a family. Make cards for people in need, help out family or friends with tasks, or donate family items to those who need them.

55. Watch the sunrise or sunset together

Enjoy family time outdoors and watch the sunrise or sunset together. Enjoy nature, take family photos, and make family memories with this family staycation idea.

56. Turn your living room into a museum

Turn your family living room into a family museum. Have family members pick their favorite items to display and talk about family history together.

Or you can print out some famous paintings and learn about them together!

57. Go to a live show

Attend family-friendly live shows such as plays, musicals, or family concerts. Enjoy family entertainment together and make family memories with this family staycation idea.

There’s probably something around you that your kids will be interested in! Check local colleges or larger venues for ideas.

58. Stay in a hotel one night and order room service

One of our family traditions while on vacation is Doordash-ing ice cream when we stay in hotels. You could do that one night or order room service! It ‘s a great way to make family memories and have family fun.

59. Have a family spa day

Have a family spa day at home – without breaking the bank! Try DIY spa treatments such as making homemade face masks, painting each other’s nails, or giving family foot massages.

60. Go to a sporting event

Especially if it is not something you normally do, attending family-friendly sporting events can be really fun for all ages. Enjoy the game, try local foods, and create family memories with this family staycation idea.

In Summary: 60 Family Staycation Ideas

These family staycation ideas are sure to keep you and your family entertained while spending quality time together! Whether you choose to explore the outdoors, visit family-friendly attractions, or just stay at home and have family game nights; you’re sure to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Have an adventure, explore culture and history, stay active, and have family bonding time with these family staycation ideas!

Have fun planning your family staycation!