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How I’m Teaching My 2 Year Old To Do Laundry

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how I'm teaching my  2 year old to do laundry

One thing I’ve noticed as my son has gotten older is how much he loves to help around the house. I guess most specifically, he loves to take part in whatever we’re doing. He loves to unload the dishwasher with his dad every morning and he’s always wanting to help me with the laundry.

I’ve shared on Instagram stories a few times how he will go get his own hamper and start loading it into the washing machine. It’s the sweetest thing to watch! He can be so patient putting his clothes in the washer but when they’re ready to come out of the dryer? Watch out – haha! As soon as it’s finished he’s ready to be lifted up and take the clothes out.

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If he spies any clothes in any hampers, he takes them right to the washing machine. At this point, I can’t tell you how many loads of laundry have been washed multiple times. He has a habit of putting clean clothes back into the washing machine but… we’re working on that part – one thing at a time!

Now of course I am not expecting him to do household chores all on his own, ha. But I do like him to feel like he is part of the household and give him skill-appropriate responsibilities.

When it comes to laundry, he can easily put clothes into the washer himself. It’s a low-risk part of household chores for him and he likes doing it! He doesn’t know how to turn the washing machine on though so I don’t worry about that part of it yet.

And when he’s filled up the washer, he never lets me forget it’s time to put the pod in because he just starts shouting “POD, POD!” It might actually be his favorite part of the process.

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I’ve been trying to make an effort to use more zero-waste and gentle products in our home. I learned about Dropps a few weeks ago and have been testing them out.

My son gets a touch of eczema every now and then and his doctor recommended switching to a gentler laundry detergent. Since the switch, he hasn’t had a flare up at all.

Dropps laundry detergent is

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How I’m Teaching My 2 Year Old To Do Laundry

At the time of writing this, my son is 21 months old, which is pretty close to two at this point. I’ve been having him help me with laundry since he was around 15 months or so.

I’ve always made him part of the process and talked him through what we were doing. At first, he started by handing me things out of his hamper. Once he was tall enough, I let him help put clothes into the washing machine. And now he can put a whole load in by himself!

We always keep the pods out of reach. He’s never tried to eat one in front of me, but I can’t risk him ever putting cleaning supplies in his mouth. Definitely make sure your cleaning supplies are far out of reach of little hands!

I do let him take the pod out of the box and put it into the washing machine with my supervision, of course!

Also to help keep our house running smoothly, we do a load of laundry almost everyday. Which gives him ample learning and helping opportunities when it comes to the laundry!

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Do you let your kids help you with household chores? I’d love to know which ones are their favorites!