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Lovevery The Looker Play Kit Review (0-12 weeks) – Is It Worth It?

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Are you wondering if the Lovevery Looker Play Kit is worth it? In short, the answer is YES! For $80 (or $72 if you pay up front) you get so. much. value. that goes will last for years. In this post, I’m sharing my personal The Looker Play Kit Review and why I would buy it over and over again.

Babies learn and grow so quickly, it’s so convenient to have expertly curated toys on hand specific to the age group and developmental stage your child is in. This play kit has only improved over time (more on that below!). The Lovevery Play Kits have been curated by child development experts. As a family, we love having expertly selected new toys delivered every few months that are also age-appropriate toys and educational toys. It helps us make the most of play time.

When your baby is first born, you might wonder if they even need toys at all. They don’t need many, but they do need the right ones! Babies at this age thrive with high contrast items. I also like that this kit has really functional and durable items for babies that will stand up to drool, teething, etc. The high quality of Lovevery’s materials is also very in-line with montessori learning and non-toxic living (including organic cotton materials), two things that are important to me as a parent. Each play kit matches a child’s age and stage of development and that in itself is invaluable.

I’ve been sharing our experience with Lovevery for years now. They’re one of my favorite subscription boxes. We have enjoyed both the baby kits and the toddler play kits. Another reason I really love their kits is because their play products last well beyond the intended age range. My three year old still plays with items he got a year ago.

With my first son, Benjamin, I didn’t start getting the Play Kits until he was 5 months old (we started with the Senser Play Kit with him). Knowing from experience, I knew I wanted to start my second son, Theodore, with the kits immediately. I was super excited to get this new box in the mail just after he was born.

It is so thoughtfully developed for babies 0-12 weeks. We got use out *almost* of every item. Truly, this was one of my most-favorite play kits that we’ve ever had! I’ll share more about our experience below but it was 100% worth it in my opinion.

Table of Contents:

Lovevery “The Looker” Play Kit Review

When I purchased the Looker Play Kit, it still included the travel card holder. The updated version includes three sensory links and I think that’s a great switch, personally! We did use the travel card holder occasionally but the sensory links are overall more useful and not redundant with the standing card holder.

the looker play kit review

What comes in the Looker Play Kit?

In this kit, you’ll find:

  • the play guide
  • the reversible mobile
  • simple black and white card set
  • three sensory links
  • standing card holder
  • wooden book
  • silicone rattle with removable ball
  • lullaby lyrics book*
  • complex black and white card set
  • black and white mittens
  • bonus: mug for parents!*

*These are possibly not included in the kit anymore but were when I purchased mine.

I think this is a truly brilliant curation and is only getting better with time. Like I mentioned above, they’ve replaced several items in the kit. There used to be a swaddle blanket and the mobile wasn’t included. I’m glad they made this update because the mobile was one of our favorite items in this kit!

The Reversible Mobile

Two sides provide months of visual exploration and focus at diaper time.

the looker play kit review

Our experience: We hung this over my son’s diaper changing pad and it was amazing. He was enthralled every diaper change (which is a frequent occurrence as a newborn).

We flipped it over to the colorful side when he was around 16 weeks, I believe. It kept him entertained until he was probably 6 months or so.

We had it hanging from a light fixture but if you don’t have a spot like that, I’d get a ceiling command hook! I haven’t see anything like this anywhere else and love that it’s reversible! It’s a two-in-one product that grew with him.

Simple and Complex Black and White Card Sets

Babies are riveted by high contrast images in the early months. As your baby’s vision develops, they’ll become interested in more complex patterns.

the looker play kit review

Our experience: These were great to use with the standing card holder! They are really nice quality – they definitely withstood their fair share of drool and chewing. I was able to clean them up no problem too. They also didn’t crinkle which is nice for longevity so you can keep them for multiple children over the years.

You can also use them with the Lovevery Play Gym (which we used with both kids, definitely worth the investment). I enjoyed that this set of black and white cards grows with your baby and that there were plenty of options as he grew to keep him entertained.

Standing Card Holder

Make tummy time more fun wherever you are—folds for easy storage.

the looker play kit review

Our experience: We used this SO frequently! It’s so handy and easy to switch the cards out. We didn’t use the travel holder that often. The standing card holder is great for tummy time or on the go and very durable quality. Another bonus is that the cards hold themselves up and you don’t have to do it.

I love that the card holder has a velcro pocket to store the cards. It’s a really thoughtful design!

It’s also great to help you baby move their heads and bodies from side to side. It helps get them engaged to move around.

Wooden Book

Baby’s first book made with sustainably harvested wood.

Our experience: I haven’t ever seen anything else quite like this book. I looked for dupes around and couldn’t find much beyond black and white books and some fabric books. My son really enjoyed this book. As a parent, I liked that he was drawn to look at it with the black and white high contrast elements and as we “read” it and I talked to him about the animals in the book.

These help newborn babies build new brain connections and process new surroundings which is foundational for building critical thinking and learning skills over time. The items are developmentally functional and positioned to be accessible for infants.

the looker play kit review

Silicone Rattle With Removable Ball

Perfect for grasping—and learning how to track moving objects and sounds.

Our experience: My son was obsessed with this and still is at 10 months old. We give it to him when he’s teething or needs something to chew on. I like that it’s soft and flexible, not hard, so I know it’s not going to hurt him or be too hard on his teeth or gums. It also has some texture to it which makes it a nice sensory experience.

The fact that the ball detaches is a nice touch. Even though it’s main purpose is to be a rattle, I think it’s great as a multi-use product. It also helps them learn to grip things with both hands and pass things back and forth.

Black and White Mittens

Promote hand discovery, hand control, and body awareness.

the looker play kit review

Our experience: I put these on my son one time. Conceptually I get why they are beneficial but I kind of found them to be bulky, hard to get on, and not very interesting. By the time my son was moving his hands around a lot in a way he was noticing them, he was ready to explore his surroundings, not have them in mittens. This is my least favorite/least used item in the kit.

We never used mittens on my babes so it wasn’t something I personally gravitated towards!

The perfect Play Gym and stroller accessory: switch, hang, and separate the links for new sensory exploration.

the looker play kit review

Our experience: These were not included in the kit when I bought ours but I wish they had been! I would have loved to use them with the Play Gym and I think they would have been great car seat entertainment. I love anything that gives my kids a sensory experience.

Lullaby Lyrics Book

I don’t think this is included in the kit anymore; I don’t see it on their website. If it is, it is included as a bonus.

I love that many of the play kits come with a board book! The second kit (The Charmer Play Kit) also comes with a soft book but the third play kit (The Senser Play Kits) comes with a board book.

Bonus: Mug for parents! “The days are long but the years are short.”

Our experience: I’m *pretty* sure this is a still a surprise bonus for new parents included in the kit. It’s a solid mug that’s really thoughtful of them to include.

the looker play kit review

Is The Looker Kit a good investment?

In my personal opinion, yes! I’ve purchased a lot of Lovevery kits over the years and this was one of my favorites. I wish we had gotten it when my first was little! I don’t think you’ll regret investing in this kit for your newborn. And as a bonus, you hardly need any other toys for them at this age!

I would absolutely repurchase this kit and highly recommend it!

You can also gift them. I think they’d make a great gift for the first year or birthdays!

Cost Breakdown

If you look at the price per kit and ONLY count the toys (not the mug, lullaby book or play guide – which I think are all still really valuable extras), you’re paying $10 per toy if you buy just one kit.

They do not have a discount code available but if you prepay for 3 kits, you can save $12 per 3 kits. If you prepay for 6 kits, you save $48 per 6 kits. This is an option they give you as you go through the checkout process. I did prepay for several of my kits to get the discount. You can see this after adding the play kits to your card on the Lovevery website:

the looker play kit review

This can reduce the price in this kit to as low as $7.20 per toy which is a good value. If this is your first box, I think you’ll be deeply impressed with the quality and practicality of the toys included in this Lovevery box.

To me, that’s a great value, especially because there is only one thing in this kit that we didn’t personally get use out of. I do think this kit is worth purchasing and I would buy it again.

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