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50 Creative Ideas for the Perfect Maternity Photoshoot with a Toddler

Here are 50 maternity photoshoot ideas with a toddler! Plus some tips from my experience to make it easier to get the perfect shot!

As a mom of two, I know preparing for a maternity photoshoot can be daunting. You want everything to look perfect and make sure that both you, your partner, and your toddler get the attention they deserve in their special photo session.

A maternity session with a professional photographer is a great way to capture this period if your life. You will never regret getting maternity pictures taken and doing a pregnancy photoshoot, especially if your new little one has an older sibling. One day they’ll be best friends and see these maternity pictures as their beginning.

As a family we have done many, many photoshoots of the years in all different locations. We only did two while I was pregnant with my second child, however, I have so many ideas to engage your toddler for stunning photos!

Trust me, my kids are hard to photograph, I know how difficult it is to get good pictures of little ones! You never know how your toddler is going to act in front of the camera.

They might be camera shy or get wild with the attention. Either way, you’re going to want to go with the flow for your maternity photo session.

If you’re expecting again after already having a little one, finding unique ways to bring your growing family together can seem like an extra challenge!

Fortunately, I have some amazing ideas that will help you get the most out of your maternity shoot with a toddler in tow.

From adding props and accessories to creating nostalgic poses – these 50 creative ideas are going to give you ample inspiration for planning your perfect picture day!

I hope at least one of these ideas inspires you for your maternity photoshoot! Congrats, mama!

50 Maternity Photoshoot Ideas with a Toddler

Dress Alike

Get matching outfits for you, your partner and the toddler to create an adorable family portrait that will be cherished for years to come!

Have one for the new baby too and you can hold it up or set it out next to your family. You could also hold up a pair of baby shoes!

Sibling Love

Get a special shot of baby’s big brother or sister cuddling up with mama’s baby bump.

To enhance the shot, some of my favorite big bro/big sis outfits are from LittleMamaShirtShop!

Baby Bath Time / Pool Time

Make bath time the star of your photoshoot, capturing the fun and playful moments between your toddler and your baby belly.

Of course you don’t have to be in the bath or pool with them but water adds a fun element and toddlers generally have the best time in water.

Swing Shot

Put everyone in motion on a swing set or tree branch for some whimsical fun! You can also swing your toddler between you and your partner.

This is a creative idea and your maternity photographer can probably grab this shot quickly!

maternity photoshoot swinging toddler
Photo by Price Life Photography

Blowing Bubbles

Include an outdoor activity by bringing bubbles to the shoot for an extra fun touch. Bubbles really make everything extra fun!

One photographer I work with quite often had us do a simple pose with bubbles and I thought it was a great idea! There’s not better way to engage your family members (especially toddlers) than with bubbles!

blonde toddler blowing bubbles
Photo by Olivia Bush Photography

Interchangeable Outfits

For a fun twist, switch up your outfits throughout the session as well as your toddler’s so you can capture multiple looks without leaving the spot!

You could switch from a maxi dress to something more simple and elegant, trying different poses between the outfits.

Colorful Backdrop

Make use of bright colors and interesting textures to create a stunning backdrop for your photos.

This will make for some really beautiful photos for your pregnancy photo shoot.


Spell out a special word, your family name or baby’s initials with colorful blocks or letters for a precious touch to the shoot.

Maternity Dress Up

Glam up with a dreamy dress and accessories like necklaces and headpieces to add extra sparkle! Dress up you toddler too for a fun mommy and me photoshoot.

toddler on dad's shoulders while mom tickles - mountain backdrop
Photo by Price Life Photography

Beach Bum

Take your maternity photos to the beach for a beautiful day of fun in the sun.

Tricycle Ride

Hop on the tricycle with your toddler and partner for some action shots during your shoot.

Game Time

Have fun by bringing along their favorite board game or toy to capture creative and unique expressions.

Kite Flying

Capture a shot of mommy, daddy and the toddler flying a kite together for a beautiful outdoor portrait.

Soft Lighting

Create drama and romance by using soft lighting to emphasize the connection between you three.

Playful Poses

Try out some silly poses that will make you laugh during your photoshoot.

Sharing is Caring

Get a shot of the whole family sharing a special moment, like reading a book together or cuddling up for an extra snuggle.

Park Fun

Take advantage of a park with colorful play structures to create fun and festive pictures during your pregnancy shoot.

mom and toddler on beach in maui
Photo by Amity for Flytographer in Maui

Balloon Time

Fill the sky with colorful balloons (well tied down) or confetti for a light and airy shot that will make everyone smile.

Family Fun

Capture your family in action by asking your toddler to do something fun or silly, like jumping on daddy’s back!


Get some close-up shots of you and your partner holding your toddler between you for a memorable portrait.

Kids’ Art

Incorporate your kids’ artwork into the shoot to add a special and personal element.


Have some fun with hula hoops as you capture beautiful candid moments of your family in action!

Picnic Time

Create an intimate family moment with a picnic blanket and some snacks for a sweet and inviting shot.

Playground Fun

Spend some time in the playground with your toddler, using the slides and swings to create fun poses.

Fall Leaves

Get in touch with nature by heading outdoors during autumn and taking advantage of all the spectacular colors! Creativity is key here – let your toddler bring their favorite leaves or leaf piles to add a special touch.

mom and dad on blanket with toddler
Photo by Mandy Clementine

Family Blanket

Bundle up in a cozy blanket or quilt and get some sweet snuggles for the perfect family portrait.

Backlit Silhouette

Include the sun in your shoot by capturing silhouettes against its stunning backdrop. You can also shoot these inside too.

Post in front of a large window and try different angles until you land on the one you want for your maternity portraits.

Special Moment

Capture a special moment between you and your toddler. Pro tip – it’s hard to believe your first baby is growing up and becoming a sibling.

This will be a best part of your pregnancy pictures. Cherish this special moment.

Nursery Photoshoot

Take the photos in your baby’s nursery for a special addition. Feature your adorable baby bump in various maternity poses.

Aerial Shot

Head to an open field or beach and have someone take aerial shots of you three as you laugh and play.

Jumping For Joy

Add some energy and movement by jumping together for an exhilarating shot!

Bubble Bath

Create some fun by having your toddler take a bubble bath for some priceless shots.

Funny Faces

Get silly and make funny faces with your little one! This is sure to bring lots of laughs and smiles.

mom and toddler on a beach in maui
Photo by Amity for Flytopgrapher in Maui

Family Handprints

Have everyone place their hand on a piece of paper or fabric and capture the moment in a photo! You could also have your toddler paint your belly!

Mommy & Me

Get a shot of just mommy and her little one for a beautiful portrait to commemorate this special time.

Belly Cuddle

Have your toddler lean in for a cuddle of your belly and “talk” to their new sibling.

Sunset Shots

End the day with a beautiful sunset shoot as you catch the golden hour light.

Jumping on the bed

Add some energy to the shoot by having your toddler jump on the bed with you for a fun and playful shot.

Family Hug

Get an intimate family embrace as you capture a beautiful moment of love.


Show off those adorable smiles and giggles as you take silly shots that will last a lifetime. Candid moments are always the best!


Capture a light and airy shot of your family running together for a joyful portrait.


Get some sweet kisses between mommy, daddy and baby for an extra special photo.

Field of Flower

Capture your family in a field of flowers for a dreamy portrait.

Bedtime Story

Create some special moments by having daddy read baby a bedtime story while mommy takes photos.

Jump Rope

Put a smile on everyone’s face with a classic jump rope game that will bring back childhood memories.


Recreate a photo you took of your toddler as a baby as you cradle them over your baby bump.

Cloud Watching

Lay out a blanket and have everyone look up to the sky for some whimsical shots!

Photo by Price Life Photography

Ultrasound Picture

Include your second baby’s ultrasound picture for a special engagement-style shoot.

Family Dance Party

Have a family dance party and make sure to capture all the fun moments while you’re at it!

Funny Sign

Create a funny sign for the shoot with your baby’s name or a special message.

These are just some ideas to get you started on creating a unique and memorable maternity photoshoot!

By adding personal touches and thinking outside the box, you can create a beautiful porcelain that will be cherished for years to come. Have fun!

5 Tips For Preparing For Your Photoshoot

1. Plan Ahead – getting ready for the photoshoot

Planning ahead for a photoshoot is key to ensuring that the end result is something you and your photographer are happy with. Here are some tips to help make the process go as smoothly as possible:

1. Decide what you want the final product to be. Consider some must-have shots you want to get for the photoshoot. Plan for just 2-3 and then let the photographer weigh in. You don’t want to over plan in case your toddler is having a hard time.

2. Scout out locations in advance. If you have a specific location in mind, make sure to check it out ahead of time to make sure it’s a good fit. Alternatively, if you’re open to suggestions, your photographer may have some great ideas for locations that will fit your needs.

3. Confirm wardrobe and props. Make sure to communicate with your photographer about any specific wardrobe or prop requirements you may have (or vice versa). This will help avoid any surprises on shoot day. I suggesting planning your outfits ahead of time and don’t get dressed until you’re at the location if you can help it.

4. Plan for weather contingencies. If your photoshoot is outdoors, be prepared for possible weather changes by bringing backup outfits and props.

5. Give yourself enough time. The last thing you want is to be rushed on shoot day – plan to arrive early and allow plenty of time for setup and shooting. This will help ensure that you have a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

mom and dad holding toddler upside down - maternity shoot
Photo by Price Life Photography

How To Pick a Toddler-Friendly Photo Location For Your Maternity Shoot

When it comes to finding the perfect location for a maternity photoshoot, it is important to consider what kind of environment will be best for both you and your child.

Ideally, you want somewhere that is spacious and calming, with plenty of natural light. Here are some tips for finding the perfect family and toddler friendly location for your maternity photoshoot:

-Check out local parks or botanical gardens. These are great options for nature lovers, as they offer beautiful landscapes and plenty of open space.

-If you’re looking for something a little more urban, try finding a quiet neighborhood with lots of pretty homes. This can provide a charming backdrop for your photos. Avoid busy streets if you can.

-Rent an indoor space. Consider renting a studio or hiring a photographer who has access to a suitable outdoor location. This can be a great option if you’re looking for something more specific or private.

-Avoid crowded areas. No matter what location you choose, make sure to take into account your child’s temperament and needs. If they tend to get overwhelmed in busy environments, steer clear of tourist traps or areas with a lot of foot traffic.

By keeping these things in mind, you can create lasting memories while also ensuring that everyone is comfortable and happy with the photoshoot!