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Newborn Essentials From a Second-Time Mom

As a second-time mom, I have a much better handle on what we actually like to use for a newborn. What I consider essential might not be the same as you and that’s okay! These are the products we really like and use on a daily basis. These are also the things I would immediately repurchase if we didn’t have them.

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Newborn Essentials From a Second-Time Mom

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1. Sleepers that fit well: Brands I like are Magnetic Me, Cloud Island, and Angel Dear

My newborns spent most of their time in sleepers. I like the Magnetic Me sleepers because they are super easy to change (and they make great baby shower gifts!) but I especially like them for outings like going to the pediatrician’s office. They are definitely pricier but we use them all the time.

I like Cloud Island from Target for sleepers with the fold over cuffs (they come on the 0-3 month size as well as newborn) and that they come at a reasonable price point.

I recently found the brand Angel Dear and I really like their footless sleepers and all of their super cute prints!

2. A Baby Carrier

My favorite carrier for the infant stage is the Boppy Comfy Fit. I used this with my first son until he was over a year old and am currently using it with my newborn. It’s so easy to use and to get baby in and out of by yourself.

When baby gets bigger and for outdoor activities, I like Lille Baby All Seasons Carrier. It helps keep your baby cooler because it’s made with mesh. I used this carrier on two trips to Hawaii when my first son was six months old and eleven months old – and it was perfect!

3. Nose Frida and Oogie Bear

We use the Nose Frida at least every other day. It’s the best way to get snot out, hands down. And the Oogie Bear is great for stubborn boogers.

I’d also throw in here a humidifier for where your baby is sleeping. Adding moisture to the air is good for their nasal passages.

4. The Snoo

We have used the Snoo for both of our children. I do plan to do a full dedicated post and review of our experiences with the Snoo. But I will say that we personally love it — so much so that we bought two.

The Snoo works by simulating the womb environment. The gentle motion and white noise are soothing to a new baby who is used to being inside of you. We can’t hold our children all the time and it’s important that they be in a safe sleep space while resting.

I rest better knowing that my baby is flat on his back and secured from rolling over. Both of my sons have done really well in the Snoo and I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

5. Mustela Cleansing Water

I love this for in between baths. My kids both get dry skin easily and their doctors recommend not bathing them frequently. So we use this product between full baths to keep hem clean. They also come in wipe form which is handy for on the go. I’ve liked every Mustela product I’ve tried and highly recommend the brand!

As an additional item here, get soft baby wash cloths! Their skin is delicate and a rough cloth can be uncomfortable for them.

6. A Car Seat Cover

I used this non-stop with both of my kids. With my first son, I took him in the stroller all around Seattle for his first year. The cover made me feel like he was more secure and away from prying eyes. Plus it gave him a dark place to sleep while on the go.

Now we use it in doctor’s offices and getting in and out of the car in our more suburban lifestyle. It keeps the wind out. I also like the Copper and Pearl ones because they are easy to clean!

7. Hatch White Noise Machine + Travel Noise Machine

White noise is an essential for us for baby sleep. We still use it with our toddler to muffle noise from the rest of the house while he is sleeping.

We also use a travel white noise machine for traveling but it’s great for car naps and stroller naps too.

8. Hatch Grow

My favorite aspect of the Hatch Grow is the scale. I use it so frequently between feedings with a newborn to measure how much milk he is transferring while breastfeeding. I also love that we can see how much he weighs in between doctor’s appointments.

This is a pricier item but is so worth it to me because I love how it looks and it’s easy to clean. I like a dedicated diaper changing area in our house and this is part of both our upstairs and downstairs set up.

Other baby essentials I love:

Here’s a list of other products we use on a regular basis and like:

If I think of anything else, I’ll update this post!

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