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Second Pregnancy 2nd Trimester Update and Q+A

Phew, where has the time gone?! I’m officially 33 weeks pregnant with my second son. I meant to write this post a few weeks back (of course), but alas, life has been really something lately.

Things That Have Changed Since My Last Update

My belly seems much bigger this second pregnancy. As of now, I still fit in all of my pregnancy clothes I wore with Benjamin. I’ve gained about 8-9 lbs total and I feel very comfortable with that! I gained 9 or 11 total with Benjamin (can’t remember!) so we will see how this time goes.

I try to stay active and eat well. I work out 3-5 days a week with prenatal workouts from Body Fit by Amy on YouTube. I like her 10-15 minute videos. It’s just enough to keep me moving but not enough to overdo it. I also try to walk as much as possible — I haven’t been able to get outside to walk as much as I’d like because of the weather but that’s ok.

I also have gestational diabetes again this pregnancy. So far I have been able to manage my sugars with diet and exercise. I needed a small amount of meds in my last pregnancy to manage my fasting numbers and I’m hoping to avoid that this time. I also read Real Food For Gestational Diabetes and I kind of think everyones should read that or the regular pregnancy version. It has a lot of great info in it.

I also burned my stomach with boiling hot soup at 28 weeks. The burn was as big as my palm. It took almost 2 weeks to heal but now is a scar. Hopefully it fades!

I’m still using all of my same first pregnancy essentials. I have been taking the Ritual prenatal this time around and I really like it. After reading the book above especially, I feel good knowing I’m getting all the things in that I need to be!

Pregnancy Q & A

I also asked on Instagram if there were any specific questions I should answer and here we go!

Tips for hip pain from side sleeping?

I try to stretch during the day and before bed to help with this! I also use a pregnancy pillow that I personally find helpful to keep my knees even throughout the night. Sometimes I position myself so that I feel like I’m sleeping on my stomach event though I’m not. I also sit in child’s pose and read a book for 20 or so minutes before bed every night and that seems to help my hips open up!

How is it different from your first pregnancy?

This pregnancy my belly feels bigger. Otherwise I had similar symptoms as last time! Probably more round ligament pain this time but this baby is always in weird positions at ultrasounds so I think that’s why!

In my first pregnancy, my son measured ahead 2 weeks every time, pretty consistently. This babe went from right on track to a week ahead to two weeks ahead. At 32 weeks his head was measuring almost 37 weeks… which seems crazy! Benjamin’s head and belly measured ahead for while but he was over 2 lbs less than estimated at birth so I’m kind of taking those measurements with a grain of salt right now.

I also have not had any blood pressure issues so far. I was sent to labor and delivery for monitoring with my first pregnancy several times for BP issues. My pre-E labs were never positive but they diagnosed me with postpartum pre-E because of elevated blood pressure. A doctor described it to me as I had a lot of fluid in my body from pregnancy and induction that it was making my blood pressure go up as my body was trying to get rid of it. I don’t know what really happened but hoping it doesn’t again this time!

Why are you the most adorable mom??

Thank you, Emily ❤️

Have you picked a name?

I think we are mostly settled. We really struggled to agree this time. The name we picked wasn’t my top favorite but I do really like it! Boys names are hard.

Are you having a separate nursery?

Yes, his room is almost done! He will be in our room for quite a while but his room is a few steps from ours so hopefully that’s not too much of a hassle to get things we need from there each night/morning. I’m fine with adjusting things as time goes on!

How are you packing your hospital bag differently?

I’m going with a minimal approach and hoping we can do it in two backpacks! That’s on my to-do list for the next two weeks, stay tuned!

Let me know if you have any other questions or if there’s any other pregnancy content you’d like to see!

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