Toys My 1 Year Old Actually Plays With

toys my 1 year old actually plays with

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Lovevery Play Kits. We loved the Play Gym when my son was an infant and are huge fans of the Block Set as well. The Block Set also makes a a great gift, in my opinion! You can see my full Lovevery Play Kit review here. Those make up his primary toys but we also have other toys for him too — naturally.

What I look for in a toy is generally that my son has to do something with them and they don’t do anything for him. We usually avoid electronic toys, though he does have a few of course.

Here is a list of our favorite toys for him that we started introducing around 12 months. He still plays with these now that he is 20 months old and I think he will for a long time!

I want things that will last him and keep his attention while also improving his skills.

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Toys My 1 Year Old Actually Plays With

Toys for fine motor skills:

Toys for learning:

Toys for physical exploration:

Toys for real life:

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