Top 5 Drinks

for pregnancy

Staying hydrated and putting the right things in your body is critical for your baby’s development and drinking the right things helps make you feel nourished as well.

Hydrated with water flavored with fruits and herbs like lemon, lime, rosemary or mint!

Naturally  Flavored Water

coconut water

Coconut water can help with things like energy levels and leg cramps in pregnancy as it helps to rebalance your essential nutrients.

Bone broth is lush in minerals, vitamins, and glycine. Glycine is significant for forming fetal DNA and your baby’s bones, organs, and skin.

Bone Broth


Kefir improves gastrointestinal health and helps with the superior absorption of vital nutrients. Kefir is a decent source of folate, b vitamins, and vitamin k2. 

Don't miss out on social events! Most drinks that typically include alcohol can be made without or with sparkling water in its place.


There are a lot of great and beneficial liquids to consume in pregnancy! Click the link below to learn 11 more great drinks for pregnancy!