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What To Write On A Baby Shower Cake: 150+ Ideas

Wondering what to write on the baby shower cake? A baby shower is a time for the mom-to-be to celebrate her pregnancy on behalf of all of her friends and family. But it can be hard to make a decision for such a momentous occasion!

If you’re looking for something new and exciting to write on that sweet treat, we’ve got hundreds of ideas for you. You can even use these ideas as inspiration when planning your future baby showers or other celebrations. You can either match your theme or go with something more generic. While the cake is beautiful, you can also let your other decorations do the talking for you!

You could either write these ideas on the top of the cake or have a special sign made to match your baby shower theme. You can have a beautiful cake made or opt for cupcakes with a sign. The options are endless and will be truly loved no matter what you go with!

What To Write On A Baby Shower Cake

What To Write On A Baby Shower Cake: 150+ Ideas

  1. Best Wishes to the Mother-To-Be!
  2. Best Wishes For The Parent-To-Be!
  3. And Then There Were 3
  4. Wishing You All the Best During This Special Time!
  5. We Can’t Wait to Meet Your Little One!
  6. Congratulations on Your New Arrival!
  7. Best Wishes For A Healthy and Happy Pregnancy!
  8. We’re So Excited To Meet Your Little One!
  9. Wishing You a Joyous Pregnancy!
  10. Congratulations on Your Upcoming Arrival!
  11. It’s A Boy!
  12. It’s A Girl!
  13. Welcome To The World, Little One!
  14. Counting Down The Days
  15. Welcome Baby
  16. Welcome Little One
  17. Look Who’s New
  18. A Baby Is a Blessing…
  19. A Little Miracle…
  20. Blessings to the New Parents!
  21. Can’t Wait to Meet You, Little One!
  22. Congratulations on Your New Addition!
  23. Hello Baby!
  24. Hi Baby, Goodby Sleep
  25. Half Mom, Half Dad
  26. Hello baby [name]
  27. Hello baby [last name]
  28. New To The Crew
  29. Daddy’s Little Princess
  30. Mommy’s Little Prince
  31. Welcome Little Man
  32. Oh Joy, It’s a Boy!
  33. Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice
  34. Special Delivery
  35. Life’s Greatest Gift
  36. Congrats Mom and Dad
  37. Double Trouble
  38. He or She? We’re About To See
  39. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Oh How We Wonder What You Are
  40. A Tiny Miracle
  41. Place Your Bet, It’s Time To Guess!
  42. Blue or Pink, What Do You Think?
  43. Team Blue
  44. Team Pink
  45. Team Green
  46. Hip, Hip, Hooray – Baby’s On The Way!
  47. Little Miss Sunshine
  48. Love You Forever
  49. You’ll Always Bee My Baby
  50. Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes
  51. Bun In The Oven
  52. Two Peas In a Pod
  53. Welcome To The Life of The Party
  54. Our Pride and Joy
  55. And Then There Were 4
  56. Little Pumpkin
  57. [Mom’s Name] Baby Shower
  58. Oh, Baby
  59. Baby in Bloom
  60. A Little Cutie Is On The Way
  61. Mommy To Be
  62. A Baby Is Brewing
  63. 2+2=4
  64. Mom and Dad To Be
  65. You Are My Sunshine
  66. Happiness Is 10 Little Toes
  67. Happiness Is 10 Little Fingers
  68. Two Little Hands
  69. Coming Soon
  70. [Mom’s Name] Baby Shower
  71. [Last Name] Baby Shower
  72. Bundle of Joy
  73. Welcome Sleepless Nights
  74. Hip Hip Hooray, It’s a Big Day
  75. Welcome [gender of the baby]
  76. Little Boys and Tiny Toys
  77. God Smiles on Little Girls
  78. Welcome new baby!
  79. Little feet and tiny fingers
  80. Tiny hands and new beginnings
  81. Happy birthday
  82. Guest of honor [baby’s new]
  83. Happiness is new life
  84. Tiny Feet, Tiny Toes
  85. A Baby is on the way
  86. A Baby Girl is on the way
  87. Baby Boy is on the way!
  88. From your head down to your toes… we can’t wait to meet you!
  89. Counting the days until we meet you!
  90. Eagerly awaiting your arrival!
  91. Apple of our eye
  92. Center of our world
  93. Out of this world
  94. Ring the alarm, baby’s on the way!
  95. Showers of love
  96. Is it a bird? Or a plane? No it’s baby!
  97. Welcome baby [last name]
  98. He or she
  99. Boy or girl
  100. We hit a home run
  101. Twinkle twinkle little star
  102. Choo choo, it’s a boy
  103. Buckle up, baby’s on board
  104. Oh baby!
  105. Baby love
  106. A star is born
  107. Loads of love
  108. Lots of love
  109. The babies on the bus go…
  110. Congrats future parents!
  111. Congrats new parents!
  112. Bundle of love
  113. Bundle of joy
  114. Happiness is hear
  115. 3 people, 1 family
  116. Surprise
  117. Surprise it’s a boy
  118. Surprise it’s a girl
  119. We can’t wait to meet you
  120. Bouncing baby boy
  121. Bouncing baby girl
  122. Womb for two
  123. Mama bear
  124. Baby bear
  125. The three bears
  126. Look who’s new here
  127. Hip hop hooray, baby’s on the way!
  128. Bumps and dump trucks
  129. A little dirt never heart
  130. All that glitters is gold
  131. Glitter, gold, and baby girls
  132. Cars, legos, and baby boys
  133. Bows, bows, bows!
  134. Sweet baby boy
  135. Sweet baby girl
  136. Oh joy, it’s twins!
  137. Rawr, baby dinosaur
  138. Rawr, baby boy
  139. Welcome to the family
  140. Cute as a button
  141. Oh-So-Sweet
  142. Watch me grow
  143. Grow, grow, grow
  144. Happiness is here
  145. Happy hatching
  146. Stork this way
  147. Stork in transit
  148. Estimated delivery date
  149. Mom prime
  150. Buffering
  151. Loading, loading, loading
  152. Baby pumpkin

Make sure you adjust the cake wordings to the gender of the baby (or keep it gender neutral if you don’t know). You can also add some fun elements such as storks, balloons, or baby animals.

Cake and Party Ideas

Picking a theme for your shower should be fun! There are lots of options. You could do bee themed in the spring, halloween themed in the fall, hot air balloon in the summer, or snowflakes in the winter or just florals any time of year!

Everyone loves cake so definitely have a real one but you could also do a onesie cake or a diaper cake. Both of these will be helpful for the new parents-to-be!

For games, you could do know mommy best, predict the baby, or guess the name. These are all classics for a reason, they’re always fun!

If you want to do something unique, you could have a sign making station where guests can make signs for the new baby’s room or a memory book for the parents.

Another idea is to have a station where guests can write advice for the new parents. This can be fun and sentimental, and the parents will definitely appreciate it!

As for decorations, you could keep it simple with some streamers and balloons in the colors of the theme, or go all out with a fully decorated room. It’s up to you!

Whatever you decide, just have fun with it and enjoy celebrating the new arrival!

In Summary: What To Write on a Baby Shower Cake

What you end up writing on your baby shower cake can depend on the theme of your baby shower party. I hope this list of baby shower cake sayings help you find inspiration.

Whether you go with a simple cake or fun cake design, your shower will be so much fun! It’s such a special occasion. And congratulations!

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