top 3 Baby shoes for  fat feet

Nicole Booz

If your baby has wide feet, you need wider shoes to accommodate those cute toes! As mom to a very wide foot toddler, we've tried and tested many shoes to find just the right fit! Here are our top 3 brands:

Ten little sneakers


What I love:

The sneakers are soft, easy to put on and take off, come in a huge range of colors, have a short sole, are easy to get the right size shoe, accommodate orthotics, and fit wide feet easily!



What I love:

My son wears the Ty style currently and I love that they are soft and flexible. They mold easily to wider feet and are machine washable!

See Kai Run


See Kai Run

We loved this brand when our kids were learning to walk because they accommodate wide feet well and are easy to get on and off little feet.

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