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20 Best Baby Shoes For Fat Feet and Wide Feet – 2023 Reviews

Here are the 20 best options and choices for baby shoes for fat feet and for kids who need more room for their feet. Don’t squeeze their feet into too small shoes!

Baby feet are so cute and precious but there’s something so challenging about finding shoes that fit a baby’s wide foot that are also stylish!

My first son had wide feet and my second son’s feet are even bigger so we’ve tried our fair share of styles over the past few years. No joke, my second son was in the 101st percentile at birth. At 2, his shoe size is only one smaller than his 4 year old brother who also has a larger-than-average foot size.

Young children and little feet need to wear the proper size shoes, generally starting with their first steps.

It’s a hard time to take kids to the store to try on shoes and it can be exhausting to have to order shoes online and return them. Unlike clothes that usually fit, shoes are harder to get the right size. To help you out, here are 20 shoe brands that work for wide feet.

What To Look For In The Best Baby Shoes For Fat Feet

There are a few things you should look for when shopping for shoes for your baby with fat feet.

The best shoes have three things.

First, you want to make sure the shoes have plenty of room in the toe area.

You also want to look for shoes that are soft and flexible, as this will help to prevent blisters and other foot problems.

Additionally, you may want to consider shoes that are made specifically for wide feet, as they will be more likely to fit your baby’s feet properly.

If you’re looking for the best baby shoes for fat feet, here are a few brands to check out and my favorites:

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20 Best Baby Shoes For Fat Feet and Wide Feet:

a toddler wearing Ten Little's first walkers

1. Ten Little Sneakers – TOP PICK

I am a HUGE fan of the Ten Little sneakers and have bought them in many sizes for my toddler as he has grown.

We also recently bought their new First Walker Shoe for my 12 month old who just started walking as his first pair of shoes. He wore their baby booties before that.

Ten Little was founded by Julie and Fatma, two mothers who were tired of looking for the ideal kid’s footwear that promotes proper growth.

They work with two medical advisors: Dr. Farah Alani DPM (a renowned podiatrist and Dr. Tanya Altmann MD, FAAP (a prominent pediatrician, author, and editor of the American Academy of Pediatrics publications).

Their shoes are made of vegan leather and are free of animal cruelty and PVC. Their outsoles are composed of natural rubber milk from the Hevea tree that has not been processed, while their insoles are constructed of hemp or recycled materials.

These are high-quality materials that are better for the planet and your baby.

This style of shoe with an adjustable closure is great for wide feet. I love that Ten Little is also designed for healthy foot development. That is really important to me as a mom.

They have a wide toe box, a flexible sole, and a zero-drop platform, making them ideal for toddlers and new walkers alike.

Ten Little’s shoes also come in a bunch of different colors, including fun colors as well as neutrals! They also have a Mary Jane style for a little girl. Their boxes also come with a handy shoe measuring tool to make sure you are buying the right size.

Ten Little all around is a 10/10 for me and is the best option in my opinion. They also have amazing options for early walkers.

Shop Ten Little here.

Ten Little sneakers

2. The First Walker by Robeez

These shoes are designed to help babies learn how to walk, and they come in a variety of widths to ensure a perfect fit.

Their shoes are wide and flexible making them a good choice for babies with fat and wide feet. They have soft soles allowing them to feel the ground and develop properly from that first step.

Robeez is a firm that specializes in soft-soled shoes and ultra-soft apparel for babies and toddlers. Their flex-soled footwear supports the healthy development of tiny feet. All of their footwear carries the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Acceptance for promoting normal foot function.

We have several pairs of Robeez and I really enjoy their slip-on style for my kids. They are a great option. They have lots of different styles so you can go for a new look each season. They also have fancier styles for special occasions.

I would skip the boots from Robeez if your baby has extra wide feet. They are harder to get on a child’s feet, speaking from experience.

Shop Robeez here.

Robeez shoes

3. Stride Rite Soft Motion Shoes – Affordable Pick

Stride right shoes are designed for babies who are just learning to walk, and they have a flexible sole that is perfect for little ones with wide feet. They are a great affordable option!

They are good budget price point. We owned several of these for my oldest son and you can tell they are made for wider feet by looking at them.

He wore them when he first started daycare at 12 months. We ended up purchasing several pairs for him to rotate throughout the week as I noticed they were starting to wear out quickly.

These have a velcro strap that makes them easy to put on and off, especially for toddler shoes. They have a wide middle and a more boxy fit so they definitely can accommodate wider feet. They have a synthetic sole and rubber outsole.

The velcro gives the shoes somewhat adjustable straps to be fit your child’s feet. I would actually skip these if you child has narrow feet.

4. BMCiTYBM Baby Shoes Boy Girl Infant Sneakers Non-Slip First Walkers

This brand is a good choice if your baby has wide feet but they do suggest going one size up for chubby feet.

These have a rubber sole and a sock-like upper which gives a foot-hugging fit. The stretchy knit collar wraps around the ankle.

There is a non-slip sole and an anti-collision toe cap. They are breathable and comfortable! They are also lightweight meaning they won’t weigh your baby’s foot down as they learn to navigate life on two feet.

The fact that they are soft makes them a good fit for wider feet. They are more flexible allowing for movement and proper foot growth. These are also made with a breathable material which is the best choice if your baby has stinky feet.

They also land at a good price point too. Most pairs are around $20-30. Looking at reviews, you might want to order a couple of pairs in different sizes to find the correct size for your baby.

5. Merrell Little Kid’s Bare Steps® H2O Sneaker – Water Shoes For Wide Baby Feet

These water shoes feature an extra-wide toe box, flexible, barefoot feel, easy on/off closure, superior durability and traction, and they are eco-friendly.

These shoes are also described as “water-friendly” meaning they can get wet. That’s one of my favorite features! They are designed for an easy on-off fit making life simpler for parents and babies alike.

These are super cute and a lower-priced option. Coming in at $35 (and often can be found online cheaper) – these are nicely priced and come in smaller sizes as well.

They are also quiet and not squeaky shoes, which you might expect from waterproof shoes. So that’s a plus about these too. They also come in a variety of colors:

 Merrell's Bare Steps shoes

6. Tikki Barefoot Shoes – True Barefoot Style

These minimalist shoes are another nice option from Tikki weighing only about 6 oz. They have a flexible sole to make them the ultimate minimalist footwear.

This brand is great for early walkers and for first shoes! Their shoes are barefoot shoes meaning they are wide shoes to tick all of the boxes we talked about earlier.

Tikki Barefoot Shoes

7. Plae Ty – TOP PICK

They come in 15 different colorways and are priced at $59 which makes them a nice, mid-range option for shoes for babies and toddlers with fat feet.

Plae has a ton of different styles of shoes, so I recommend checking out the website! What also makes these an attractive option is that they are machine washable!

Click here to get 20% off your first purchase at Plae.

Plae's Ty shoe

8. Plae Sam 2.0

We love our Plae Ty’s and also own their new sandals – the Sam 2.0. These fit both of my kids so well and I love them in the warmer months so my kids feet don’t smell.

They are breathable, flexible, lightweight, have removable soles, and are washable (my personal favorite feature of Plae).

Plae's Sam shoe

Click here to get $20 off your purchase at Plae.

9. See Kai Run – Affordable Pick

See Kai Run studies children’s foot development to get the exactly correct fit for each age and stage.

They know that babies and toddlers tend to have wider feet with developmentally appropriate fat pads that change as they grow.

They are designed for easier access to get on and off a child’s feet. The velcro lends itself to be an adjustable strap so you can comfortably fit a wider foot.

They have lots of fun prints and patterns, as well as your basic neutrals. These are definitely geared towards toddlers and kids.

See Kai Run shoes
the best baby shoes for fat feet

10. Origo The Easy Hook & Loop – Minimalist Style

Origo's minimalist style shoes

Origo offers a breathable and lightweight shoe that is 100% vegan and importantly, easy to clean.

Their shoes feature a wide toe cage and a no drop heel. They have 2mm of cushion for a comfortable fit.

This classic style is a wardrobe staple, in casual cotton canvas. This low maintenance style is breathable, durable, lightweight, and easy to clean. Two hook & loop closures make it easy for kids to put on themselves. 100% vegan.

Shop Origo here.

11. YALION Soft Leather Baby Shoes Moccasins – Slip On

These shoes are great for early walkers and crawlers with wider feet.

They are easy to get on and are really affordable.

These have a non-slip sole and aren’t constricting in anyway.

12. Native Shoes

Natives are super lightweight shoes that are extremely breathable.

That’s necessary because kids feet actually sweat three times more than adult feet.

Native shoes are a great summer shoe that fit wide feet well! Many pairs can often be found on sale on Amazon so keep an eye out.

13. Ten Little Everyday Sandals

As much as I love the sneakers from Ten Little, I love the sandals too.

Their shoes are ultraflexible and are made with water-resistant materials that are non-toxic and quick drying.

They are actually made roomier than most shoes so they recommend sizing down if your child is between sizes – this makes them PERFECT for wider feet!

Ten Little's every day sandals

14. FEETCITY Quick Dry Sandals

Designed for babies and toddler from 0-30 months, these breathable mesh sandals are great for wide feet and for the warmer months.

They have drainage holes and non-slip soles.

These shoes are soft and flexible which makes them ideal for wide feet.

They come in a whooping 46 color options to pick from.

15. BMCiTYBM Store Baby Shoes Boy Girl Infant Sneakers

This affordable option is a breathable sneaker with a wide body and capped toe for protection.

They’re made with memory foam so they’re extra comfortable for your baby’s wide feet.

16. Stride Rite Adrian Sneaker

These have a hook and loop closure making them easy to adjust for your child’s wide foot.

They have a naturally wider body which makes it easier to fit a wider foot into.

Also, they open wide to make it easy to get your child’s foot in and out of.

They are made of synthetic fabric and a rubber sole.

17. Stride Rite Kylo Sneaker – Wide Version

These shoes come in a specific wide version – perfect for wide foot babies and toddlers!

They are APMA approved and specifically designed for new walkers.

They have an ortholite memory foam sole for comfort and to mold to your child’s natural foot shape.

18. Happy NOCNOC

These are made with cotton and other natural materials for breathability.

They weight about 6oz so they are lightweight and not heavy on your child’s foot.

Their hook and loop straps make them easily adjustable for wider feet.

This specific shoe is reasonably priced, too!

19. New Balance Kid’s 888 V2 Hook and Loop Running Shoe – Wide Version

These shoes from New Balance also come in a dedicated wide version – how great is that!

They are perfect for babies and toddler with wider feet.

I love how stylish they are too!

20. Myekat Toddler Shoes – Most Affordable

People love these shoes because they are affordable, breathable, washable, and toddlers can put them on and off by themselves!

They fit on wide feet with ease and the one velcro strap is easy to manipulate.

These are a great choice if you are on a budget.

Why Babies Need Wider Shoes

When a baby begins to walk, their feet are still growing and developing.

It’s important to provide them with shoes that will promote healthy growth and prevent common foot problems down the road.

Many babies have wider feet, and it’s important to find shoes that fit them properly.

Shoes that are too tight can cause foot problems, and shoes that are too loose can lead to ankle and balance issues.

It’s important to find shoes that are both comfortable and supportive.

Shoes that are made specifically for babies with wide feet will have a wide toe box, flexible soles, and a zero-drop platform. This will allow the baby’s foot to move and grow naturally.

There are many different brands of shoes that are designed specifically for babies with wide feet.

Some of my favorite brands include Ten Little, Robeez, Stride Rite Soft Motion Shoes, Merrell Little Kid’s Bare Steps® H2O Sneaker, and Plae.

These are all great choices for babies with wide feet, but it’s important to find a shoe that fits your baby properly.

I recommend going to a local shoe store that specializes in children’s shoes and having your baby’s feet measured. This will ensure that they are getting the best possible fit.

Wider shoes aren’t just for babies with wide feet – they are also great for toddlers who are beginning to walk.

Shoes with a wide toe box and flexible soles will help promote healthy foot growth and prevent common foot problems.

best baby shoes for fat feet

How To Make Sure Your Child Is Wearing the Right Size

It’s important to make sure your little one with chunky feet is wearing the right size shoe. Here are some tips:

  • Go to a shoe shop for sizing: Check out a local shoe store or specialty children’s shop to help you measure your child’s foot. Then check that measurement against a specific shoe brands sizing chart. It’s a good idea to make sure your child is wearing the right size shoe – especially when it comes to finding the best baby shoes for fat feet.
  • Visit a pediatric podiatrist: If your child is having issues or struggles with something like a high instep, a podiatrist can help you target the issue with proper footwear or orthotics.
  • Check the insole: Ten Little’s insoles have a built-in sizer that allow you to know if your child’s foot is the right size. As you can see below, my son’s toes extend beyond the line on the left indicating the shoe is too small. Whereas with the insole on the right, they are within the bounds – this means they are the perfect fit!
side by side of Ten Little's insoles that fit and insoles that don't fit

Final Thoughts: Best Baby Shoes For Fat Feet

Finding the right shoes for your baby with wide feet can feel overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be! These are some of the best overall shoe brands for kids and these are the best minimalist shoe brands for kids (here is the winter version).

There are a lot of great options available. The important thing is that their feet can grow and move as naturally as possible.

My top choice is Ten Little (here is my dedicated Ten Little Review) but there are also many, many other brands that make great shoes for babies with wide feet! Leave any questions in the comments.

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