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About Nicole & GenThirty

Hi there! I’m Nicole, the creator and founder of and!

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from The University of Maryland, College Park. My minor is in human development. I am passionate about mental health, development, and making your life a little bit easier.

Here at GenThirty, you’ll mostly be hearing from me as I navigate motherhood and my thirties.

I share tips and tricks on motherhood, comparison guides, reviews, and more. We will also discuss what it’s like being in your 30s.

I am solidly in the millennial generation. I’m also a work-at-home mom, a wife, and a published author and writer who runs two websites, and a podcast. I love to create joy and find the simplicity in everyday life.

My biggest passion is connecting with others through our stories and experiences.

I have two young sons who are my brightest lights and greatest joys. My husband and I have been married for nearly 11 years.

Photo by Tawni for Flytographer in Kona

We relocated from Seattle, Washington to South Central Pennsylvania where we raise our sons. My free time is spent visiting our local coffee shops and spending time outside with my family.

If you need me, I’m probably either pouring myself a second cup of coffee, reading a book, laughing with my family, or planning my next great adventure.

Let’s connect on Instagram, I’d love to be friends!

Nicole Booz’s expertise has been featured in Next Advisor by TIME, Buzzfeed, Yahoo, Huffpost, Thrive Global, UpJourney, U.S. News and World Report, and more.