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NOOCI Review 2023: How Traditional Chinese Medicine Is Changing The Game

NOOCI is a new wellness company hoping to help women achieve the sustainable healthy lifestyle they are searching for. It is both woman-founded and woman-led. As someone who leans towards a more holistic lifestyle, I was immediately intrigued when I discovered them. Keep reading to learn more about NOOCI and the products they offer.

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The NOOCI Story

NOOCI was born out of founder and CEO Stephanie Tan’s need to find more natural products to treat her allergies while she was pregnant. Tan discovered that Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, was the key to the relief she was looking for. She states that, “NOOCI was born from a desire to educate and share with other women the incredible benefits of TCM, so they too can see the powerful part it can play in a sustainable healthy lifestyle.”

Everything down to the company name was created with intentionality and with the goal of bringing awareness to the benefits of ancient health practices by modernizing it. The name NOOCI is a combination of two Chinese words, “noo” (meaning woman) and “ci,” which is pronounced chee (meaning energy). 

photo of NOOCI products

Why NOOCI Is Different

As I mentioned before, this company was born out of Tan’s research of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This form of medicine has been used in China for over 3000 years and is based on the connection between the mind and body when it comes to wellness. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses things like herbal medicine and movement or the use of acupuncture to heal the body when sickness occurs.

By using Traditional Chinese Medicine you can experience benefits like reduced stress and inflammation, increased strength and mobility, and better sleep. Another great benefit is that by using it, you are likely to have little, if any, side effects.

NOOCI’s products are intended to be taken by women, however, on their website they state that there is no reason men could not try them as well.

Why Choose NOOCI?

Not only are NOOCI products all plant-based, gluten-free, vegan, and dairy free, the company also cares for our planet when it comes to packaging.

They do this by packaging the Noo Moon and Noo Air in a reusable glass jar. If you are a subscriber, your refills will come in a 100% recyclable packet. NOOCI uses FSC Certified Paper in their packaging, so you can be sure that the materials are made in a socially & environmentally friendly way. These are products you can feel great about buying. 

The NOOCI Product Line-Up

The company launched on April 6, 2022 with three products. Those products are ReNoo Women’s Longevity, Noo Air Nasal Relief, and Noo Moon Menstrual Support. All of these products are science-backed, so you can trust that you are putting high-quality supplements in your body that will work.

ReNoo Women’s Longevity

ReNoo is used to help stimulate your metabolism, boost immunity, lower sugar cravings, and even promotes youthful aging. It is also vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and has no artificial colorants or synthetic fillers.

The three star ingredients that make this product so great are fermented coix seed, fermented soybean, and cinnamon:

  • Fermented Coix Seed can help support a healthy digestion and help to detoxify, among other great benefits.
  • Fermented Soybean is great for gut health and digestion and it even helps improve sleep.
  • Cinnamon also helps with digestion in addition to benefits like reducing bloating.

ReNoo is also made with Gymnema Sylvestre which helps to reduce sugar cravings and aid digestion. This is definitely an added bonus if you’ve been struggling with your sweet tooth!

While Chinese herbs are mostly bitter, this product has transformed them into a light and refreshing drink. ReNoo comes in granule form and can be added to hot water to create a green tea. You could also mix it in smoothies or lattes. Whatever beverage you think is best is a great way to do it is absolutely fine!

You can purchase this product once for $45, or if you’d like to receive it monthly you can subscribe for $40.

photo of renoo from nooci

My Thoughts on ReNoo:

I‘ve been taking ReNoo daily for almost a month now and I have noticed a significant increase in my energy levels, ease of going to sleep at night, and less of a desire to have coffee. In my house, we have mostly switched to decaf but as a busy mom of two, I still find myself wanting a boost to maintain my energy levels throughout the day to keep up with my little ones.

I’ve been mixing it in a room temperature glass of water in the morning first thing and it goes down so easy. It mixes easily right into the water with no problems. It has a green tea taste which I actually find really enjoyable. I look forward to having it every morning. I even brought it on vacation with me! That’s how much I don’t want to be without it.

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Noo Air Nasal Relief

If you suffer from nasal allergies you will want to try this product. Noo Air is a daily, non-drowsy capsule that is vegan-friendly, non-GMO, gluten-free, and has no artificial colorants or synthetic fillers.

When taking Noo Air on a regular basis you can expect relief from congestion and experience a healthy airflow and boosted immunity, among other great benefits. The three ingredients to thank for these benefits are perilla leaf, reishi mushroom, and mint.

  • Perilla Leaf helps prevent cough while also treating colds and stuffy chests. It even helps stop stomach aches and diarrhea. 
  • Reishi Mushroom improves both sleep quality and the immune system. It can also help reduce fatigue and even the risk of heart disease. 
  • Mint isn’t just a great gum flavor. It also helps alleviate pain and clears the head, eyes, and airflow, among other benefits.

These capsules come in a month’s supply and can be purchased once for $45. You could also subscribe and receive a refill monthly and receive $5 off and free shipping.

My thoughts on Noo Air:

If you struggle with allergies, I think this will absolutely make all the difference for you! Even the first time I took this, my seasonal allergies were noticeably better almost immediately. Review of this product report a similar result and it’s almost shocking how quickly it works!

Do keep in mind, though, NOOCI does recommend taking all of their supplements daily so you have the cumulative effects of the herbs over time.

nooci noo air
nooci noo air

Save 15% on your NOOCI order with code GENTHIRTY15

Noo Moon Menstrual Support

Noo Moon is going to be your new best friend, especially when your monthly friend comes around. This is a daily supplement that helps provide relief from common premenstrual symptoms, like cramps, bloating, and low energy. It also supports irregular menstrual cycles.

These capsules are vegan-friendly, non-GMO, gluten-free, and have no artificial colorants or synthetic fillers. There are only five ingredients in this product, rose, ginseng, ginger, jujube, and cinnamon. Three of them are the standouts of this formula:

  • Jujube helps to keep you calm while also supporting digestion and sleep. It also helps to maintain a healthy blood circulation. 
  • Ginger helps ease symptoms like cramps, bloating, and gas, while also stimulating the circulatory system. 
  • We’ve mentioned cinnamon already, but that just shows how beneficial it is since it is in two of the three products NOOCI has launched with.

Like the other products listed above, you can purchase Noo Moon for $45, unless you want to subscribe for $40. You’ll want to take this, and the other products, regularly for the best results.

My thoughts on Noo Moon:

I’ve used Noo Moon through one menstrual cycle so far. My second child was born via a c-section and I really expected my cramps to be much worse following his birth. Since switching to organic period products, my cramps have been significantly lessened.

One major problem I’ve been having around my period though is bloating. I start getting bloated several days before my period even starts now which never used to happen to me. The bloating is almost as uncomfortable as cramping and I was really excited to try Noo Moon to see the effects.

Through the period I took Noo Moon for, I noticed my cramps were less significant and I was less bloated for longer. I look forward to continuing to take this supplement and see how that improves even more over time!

If you have long, painful periods or suffer from bloating, I think this one is definitely worth trying!

Save 15% on your NOOCI order with code GENTHIRTY15

In Summary: NOOCI Does It Right

As someone who leans more holistic, I think NOOCI is doing it right. I love that they have made Traditional Chinese Medicine accessible to the modern woman.

NOOCI’s three core products address so many issues women face now: energy, menstrual cramps, and allergies. All three of their supplements are really easy to take and really easy to add into your routine.

Overall I am a huge fan of the quality of the products, their mission and packaging, and the effectiveness of their supplements. I highly recommend giving them a try! There is not one product I did not like or did not see results from.

Don’t forget to try NOOCI here and save 15% on your order with code GENTHIRTY15.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please speak to your physician about starting new supplements. This review is not intended to be medical advice.

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