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My 10 Favorite Things About Being a Mom

There’s no doubt about it, becoming a mom changes you. It alters every fiber of your being until you become almost a new person entirely. You’ll see glimpses of your past self but truly becoming a mom made me have to level up in almost every area of my life.

things I love about being a mom
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10 Heartwarming Aspects I Cherish as a Mom

1. The Unmatched Joy of Bonding

The joy of motherhood finds its deepest root in the unconditional love and bond I share with my children. I had never experienced anything quite like it until I became a mother. This emotional connection is the foundation of every laugh, every tear, and every quiet moment we share. It’s in these moments that I find parenting fulfillment, understanding the profound significance of our relationship.

There is a magic in watching kids grow, evolving right before my eyes. As they navigate their way through life’s little challenges, I am there, my heart swelling with pride and my arms always open for comfort or celebration.

This bond we share is not just about guiding them; it’s about bonding with children in a way that enriches us both, teaching me about the true essence of life. Every day, this mother-child relationship grants me new reasons to smile, deepening my sense of purpose in life.

what i love about being a mom
photo by Olivia Bush Photography

2. Watching Them Discover the World

I witnessed the spark in my son’s eyes when he saw a butterfly for the first time. The wonder on his little face reminded me of the endless possibility and purity in their world. It was so gentle and so pure that it reminded me to appreciate the simplicity of life once again. This moment was a testament to the joy motherhood brings, watching my kids grow, and seeing their imagination take flight.

One night at bedtime, my littlest discovered shadows. For weeks every night as I put him to bed, we would watch the shadows we made dance on the wall. He might not remember the specific moments, but it strengthened our bond as we spent these moments together.

It’s moments like these that reinforce the emotional bond we share. Such experiences underscore the unique joy of motherhood, bonding with children through every little discovery.

what we love about being parents
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3. Shaping the Future Through Young Minds

I have always believed that the role of a mother extends far beyond the day-to-day care of her kids. It encompasses shaping young minds, instilling values, and watching those seeds of wisdom take root and grow.

It’s a remarkable journey where I get to witness the curiosity of my children blossom into a pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

Through teaching valuable life lessons, I have learned just as much from my children as they have from me. Each day brings new challenges and triumphs, but the underlying thread is always the same: a profound emotional bond and an unconditional love that forms the foundation of our mother-child relationship. It’s a continuous cycle of mutual learning and authentic living that has allowed us to cherish every moment together.

4. Sharing In Our Traditions

Passing down our cultural traditions and values has always been a cornerstone of my journey as a mom. I find immense joy in sharing our family traditions with my kids. From day-to-day life of eating dinner together to bigger things like Christmas traditions, we love teaching and adapting our routines for our kids.

5. Experiencing the Innocence of Childhood Again

Even though I wrote the book on kidulting, I often forget myself the enchantment in simple discoveries until I saw them through the eyes of my children. Every puddle becomes a vast ocean to explore, and a cardboard box transforms into a castle. It reminds me of my own childhood, where imagination had no bounds and every day unfolded into a new adventure.

This magical perspective reignites within me, offering a refreshing escape from the adult world. It’s like reliving childhood, but with the wisdom of experience. Through their eyes, I have found joy in the mundane and learned to see the world in vibrant colors once again.

Watching their curiosity and child’s imagination at play, I am reminded of the limitless potential each day holds and the pure happiness found in simple pleasures. This experience, rich with emotional bond and unconditional love, enriches my life in unexpected ways and deepens my connection with my children.

what i love about being a mom
photo by Olivia Bush Photography

6. Teaching and Learning Together

I’ve discovered a beautiful symmetry in motherhood; it’s as much about teaching as it is about learning. In guiding my kids, I’ve learned insights about life that escaped me before. One of our family values is to “be curious,” igniting their child’s imagination with stories and experiences. Seeing the world through a child’s eyes makes everything feel new. I aimed to instill a spirit of empowerment, sharing tales of authentic living and personal growth.

We strengthen our relationship through shared discoveries, from the joy of simple things like a caterpillar’s transformation to shaping their view of the world. This journey has been about more than just watching kids grow; it’s about shaping young minds while allowing myself to be reshaped in return.

The process has been a deep dive into the essence of family traditions, creating an emotional bond that roots us in love and wisdom. It’s a cycle of continuous learning and teaching, where valuable life lessons are passed back and forth, enriching our lives beyond measure.

7. Finding New Purpose and Fulfillment

Motherhood unlocked doors to a realm I never knew existed. Suddenly, each day often has new goals, lighting up paths I had long considered closed. My life gained layers of joy and meaning, weaving through the laughter and even the tears of my little ones. I discovered a purpose in life that transcends my own ambitions, rooted deeply in the joys of motherhood and the unbreakable bonds we forge.

Beyond the bustling routine of daily life, I found myself reflecting on the incredible responsibility we carry. Shaping young minds, teaching values, and sharing culture; all while watching kids grow, our hearts swell with a mix of pride, unconditional love, and an indescribable sense of fulfillment.

Motherhood taught me to value the present, cherish the emotional bond that flourishes, and embrace each moment of parenting empowerment as a gift. It’s as though by nurturing their futures, I’ve been given a second chance to relive the innocence of childhood, learn valuable life lessons, and even redefine what it means to lead an authentic life full of family traditions. Truly, there’s no greater legacy than the love and wisdom we pass on, making every day a new reason to smile.

what i love about being a mom
photo by Olivia Bush Photography

8. The Strength of Unconditional Love

Unconditional love stands as the cornerstone of the mother-child relationship. I discovered this profound connection the moment I held my newborn son for the first time. The intensity of this bond amazed me, demonstrating that love between us knows no bounds. It has been a powerful force, shaping young minds and influencing behaviors. This emotional bond enriches our lives, filling us with joy and pride as we watch our kids grow. Witnessing their curiosity unfold or hearing their imaginative tales brings me incomparable happiness.

The strength of our unconditional love empowers us to face challenges together, fostering a family tradition of love, wisdom, and empowerment that will hopefully endure for generations.

9. Empowering Little Lives

I have found immense joy in the journey of motherhood, especially in the opportunities it presents to empower my children. Witnessing their curiosity evolve into a profound quest for knowledge has been one of my greatest pleasures. I took it upon myself to instill values of compassion and empowerment in them from a very young age. I believe in the power of authentic living, teaching them by example to embrace their true selves.

It is my hope for them to confidently explore their passions and interests. Through my eyes, they have seen the magic of a child’s imagination and the boundless possibilities it can bring into the world.

10. Creating a Legacy of Love and Wisdom

I believe that as mothers, we are the architects of the future. My pursuit of personal growth and my efforts at parenting empowerment are not just for the present. They lay the foundation for a legacy of wisdom that my children, and hopefully their children, will carry forward.

The joy of motherhood intertwines with the responsibility of shaping young minds, but the prospect of watching kids grow into purposeful adults makes every challenge worthwhile.

Through teaching values and fostering a child’s imagination, I am contributing to a more compassionate and understanding world. Reflecting on this fills me with a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment, cementing my belief that the bonds we form and the wisdom we impart are my most enduring legacy.

what i love about being a mom
photo by Olivia Bush Photography

Growing Forward In Motherhood

Before embracing the joy of motherhood, days often melded together in a blur of routine. Now, as I navigate this journey of parenting fulfillment, each sunrise reminds me that new adventures await. My children, with their boundless curiosity and the child’s imagination, rekindle a sense of wonder within me and I am reminded that by creating my motherhood, I am also creating their childhood.

Witnessing their growth, from the first tentative steps to the leaps of personal growth, fills me with an indescribable pride. The way they learn, pursue their little passions, and experience joy is what life is all about in the end.

The unconditional love that flows, unbidden yet so powerfully, between us, has become my cornerstone. It’s a force both gentle and fierce, shaping young minds while anchoring me to a purpose in life I never knew I was missing. This love fosters the emotional bond that underpins our relationship, empowering me to lead by example, teaching values that I hope will echo through generations.

Every day brings fresh reasons to smile, challenges to overcome, and untold stories to share—reminding me, always, that this journey, with all its trials and triumphs, is one I would choose time and again.

things I love about being a mom
things I love about being a mom

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