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Are Ritual Vitamins Worth The Hype? I Tried It Out

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In short, as far as vitamins go, Ritual is totally worth the hype. Read on to learn why!

Taking a Multivitamin daily is important for everyone, but especially for soon-to-be moms and new moms. I’ve tried the Multivitamin, the Prenatal Vitamin, the Postnatal Vitamin, and the Protein Powder from Ritual.

I’ve been using them for almost four years so I have a lot of experience with their products. In this Ritual Vitamins Review, I’ll be sharing my experience with these popular vitamin supplements.

We’ll cover more information about the company, the health benefits of ritual supplements and dietary supplements, and more!

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Ritual Vitamins Review

Why Ritual?

Ritual was founded by Katerina Schneider after her search for a prenatal vitamin without questionable ingredients left her empty handed. She teamed up with scientists to create a better vitamin, and then Ritual was born.

The truth is many multivitamin brands make a lot of claims but very few of them actually deliver on those claims. The supplement industry is a questionable and shady place.

Ritual’s products are made with traceable ingredients, are non-GMO and vegan, include no artificial flavors or synthetic fillers, and are third party tested.

With Ritual you don’t have to worry about forgetting to put your multivitamins on your grocery list, because they are delivered right to your doorstep as a subscription service.

What’s even better? They offer free shipping and easy cancelation if you decide you don’t want to continue your subscription. 

Ritual offers 20% off on your first bottle of your monthly subscription.

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What Makes Ritual So Great

This company puts great pride in not just what’s in their products, but also the packaging that the products come in. Both their mailers and bottles are made from recovered or recyclable content.

Ritual doesn’t just make great products, they also support great causes. They are helping in the fight against nutrition inequality by partnering with Food Forward.

This organization helps prevent food waste by giving food to people who don’t have access to nutritious food.

Food Forward donates 100% of the fruit they rescue from backyard fruit trees, public orchards, farmers markets, and the downtown Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market to hunger relief agencies. 

When you buy from Ritual you are not only nourishing you and your baby, but you are supporting the planet and those that don’t have access to nutritious food to support their bodies. That is a choice you can feel good about making.

Ritual started out to make the best multivitamin on the market and since then expanded from a daily vitamin to their prenatal and postnatal to protein powder to vitamins for various age groups.

Working with a scientific advisory board, they are aiming to revolutionize the vitamin industry.

Why I Chose Ritual

The Multivitamin

The Multivitamin from Ritual aims to fill in nutritional gaps in the average woman’s diet. Based on a plethora of research, the Ritual Multivitamin includes vitamin d3, vitamin b12, vitamin e, folate, iron, magnesium, boron, omega-3, and vitamin k2.

We have a lot of nutrient gaps in our diets and Ritual aims to fill the most common ones.

These combinations make Ritual Multivitamins a really great choice as these essential nutrients work together to fuel your body.

The’ve been shown to improve brain health, bone health, and cognitive function too.

Ritual has a slow release capsule design for optimal absorption.This is also great for sensitive stomachs and if you need to take it on an empty stomach.

As a daily multivitamin, I really like this choice. I took it before I was pregnant and will likely switch back to it again in the future.

At the time of writing I am still taking the Postantal Vitamin as I am breastfeeding and feel this is best for me right now. As a side note, I always notice a difference in my energy levels when I take my Ritual daily. If I miss it, I definitely feel it.

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Essential Prenatal Vitamin

Ritual’s Essential Prenatal Vitamin is made with 12 traceable ingredients. These ingredients include Folate from Italy, Omega-3 DHA from Canada, and Iron from Utah, to name a few.

The supplement industry is full of brands that use less-than-optimal ingredients. Ritual’s done extensive research to make sure you and your baby are getting optimal nutrition.

Things like folic acid, biotin, and iodine are extra important in pregnancy. The’ve made sure their vitamins everything needed to prepare your body for pregnancy and nourish your new growing baby, nothing more and nothing less.

This is one of the Ritual products I also really like. You can learn more on Ritual’s website about what why Ritual claims it is the best choice for pregnant women.

Essential Postnatal Vitamin

Postnatal multivitamins are important for added support with lactation. Not only that, but it gives your body the continued nutrients you need to feed your new bundle of joy. Ritual recommends that you take a postnatal multivitamin for at least six months after giving birth.

If you plan on breastfeeding past six months they say you should continue taking them. Ritual’s postnatal vitamins include 15 traceable ingredients that make up this capsule.

They include ingredients like Vitamin C from Scotland, Magnesium from Utah, and Vitamin K2 from Norway, to name a few.

I personally supplement with additional vitamin D and K2. As a breastfeeding mom, I aim to increase my own vitamin D and to increase the chance of passing it through my breast milk to my baby.

Try Ritual Postnatal Vitamins for yourself here.

Essential Protein and Daily Shake Pregnancy & Postpartum 

In addition to taking the prenatal and postnatal multivitamins from Ritual, I’ve also been drinking their shake made specifically for pregnancy and postpartum.

This shake is sugar free with a vanilla caramel flavor. It’s great for developing your baby’s fetal neurodevelopment, all thanks to the ingredient Choline.

Their protein powder is made with organic pea protein from non-GMO peas grown in the USA. What is unique about this shake is that it is made with fermented sugarcane (Reb-M) and monk fruit. This helps the shake taste delicious without needing sugar or artificial sweeteners. 

All you need with this protein powder is water and a blender bottle or blender. If you want to take the nutrition up a notch, go for making a smoothie with this protein instead. Protein powders can be a nice supplement to your diet if you need more protein.

Truthfully this is not my favorite protein power. I don’t like the texture of it. No matter how much I blend or shake, it’s still fairly gritty. It also has a really “fake” vanilla taste to it, in my opinion.

I’d like to see them improve this product in the future. If you want to take a protein powder, I recommend the Truvani Plant Based Protein powder or Just Ingredients.

Ritual’s Subscription

Ritual works on a subscription basis which I love! You can pick you delivery date and get your supplements delivered fresh straight to your door.

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So…. should you try it?

Ritual is a really great option for vitamins and postnatal and prenatal supplements. They link to a clinical study and additional research studies that back their choices to best support your nutritional needs. I highly recommend Ritual, no matter what stage of life you’re in. Try it here.

Have you tried any of Ritual’s products, or will you be trying them?

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