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What My 16 Month Old Eats In a Week (Toddler Meal and Snack Ideas)

a toddler eating lunch

Toddlers are funny creatures when it comes to eating. Sometimes they down a plate made for a grown adult marathoner. And other times they eat one or two bites and you wonder what the heck is keeping them alive.

While what my 16 month old eats in a week varies, I try my best to give my son a variety of foods every week. He does get leftovers and the same foods different ways but I do like to mix it up and give him different things.

We also have set meal times and he eats 99% of his meals at the table. He has 3 meals and one snack everyday. I am to build his plates around a high calorie food, a high iron food, and a fruit or a vegetable. He also has a cup of milk with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At 16 months he is currently having half breastmilk and half whole milk.

As a family, we eat a lot of organic vegetables, grass-finished meats, easy sourdough breads, and fruit.

I did make this in video form too if you prefer to watch:

Here is an overview of what my 16 month old eats in a week:


Breakfast: Kodiak cake waffles, watermelon, and scrambled eggs.

Lunch: Veggie pasta with cheese and cantelope.

Snack: A piece of croissant toast, an orange, and a blueberry oats super foods bar.

Dinner: Chicken Biryani from Nurture Life (rice, chicken, and vegetables)


Breakfast: Sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast burrito with an orange.

Lunch: Leftover rice and chicken, a banana cookie, and blueberries.

Snack: A slice of Havarti cheese, cantaloupe, and a blueberry pouch.

Dinner: Pesto and cheese ravioli from Nurture Life with watermelon.

a 16 month old eating dumplings, edamame, and blueberries


Breakfast: Pancakes, sweet potatoes, and eggs from Nurture Life.

Lunch: Chicken and veggie dumplings with edamame from Nurture Life and mixed berries.

Snack: Goldfish, a blueberry oat bar, and 1/2 a banana cookie.

Dinner: Turkey meatloaf, green beans, and mashed potatoes from Nurture Life.


Breakfast: A piece of croissant toast, sausage, and an orange.

Lunch: Chickpea and cauliflower quesadilla, avocado, and tomatoes.

Snack: An orange.

Dinner: Black beans, pico de gallo, cheese, carnitas, and some rice from Chipotle.

photo of a toddler in a high chair eating a quesadilla, avocado and tomatoes


Breakfast: A sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast burrito with an orange.

Lunch: Black beans, rice, sweet potatoes, and masa cakes from Nurture Life.

Snack: Blueberry lemon bar and a blueberry oat bar.

Dinner: Baked chicken, broccoli, tomatoes, and rosemary fries with ketchup.


Breakfast: Peanut butter and jelly toast with chia seeds and strawberry jam, cantaloupe, and a hard boiled egg.

Lunch: Pasta with zucchini and chicken with shredded cheese on the side.

Snack: Naan bread, hummus, and two oranges.

Dinner: Broccoli, black beans, and rice.


Breakfast: A sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast burrito with watermelon.

Lunch: Roasted peppers, Philly “cheesesteak,” and homemade baked potato wedges.

Snack: Oranges, naan bread, and cherry tomatoes.

Dinner: Turkey meatloaf, green beans, and mashed potatoes from Nurture Life and shredded cheese.

Feeding a toddler can be exhausting. Sometimes all I can throw together is a piece of cheese and some fruit, and that’s okay!

We tried out Nurture Life this week for the first time and I did like it. It’s convenient and an easy way to offer different meals. In the future, I think I will get a box once a month and freeze some of the meals to use throughout the month just to mix it up. Plus, they’re good in a pinch!

I’m a huge fan of Raised Real for introducing solids as well. We used these all the time with my son starting at 8+ months. They’re handy and help introduce your baby to a ton of different flavors and textures, which is so important in those early months of introducing solids.

I hope this was helpful to see what my 16 month old eats in a week!

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