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Baby Registry Must-Haves For The Minimalist

Making your baby registry is an exciting time. Everything that comes in miniature size is just so darn cute. It’s easy to get carried away and add so many things to your registry.

Before finalizing your registry and sending it out to family and friends, I think it’s important to consider what baby products will work best for your lifestyle.

There are a ton of different baby products that will do the job well, of course, but with a little research and reference to your preferences and lifestyle, you’re more likely to pick things that will go the distance. Basically you’ll get more bang for your buck, and I think that’s worth considering!

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I don’t consider myself a minimalist in terms of the quantity of items. Instead I like to consider minimalism a reminder to use what I have and make sure I have a use for the items I have. I like to keep it simple.

Here’s What I Loved From My Baby Registry:

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Nuna Pipa Car Seat – I love our car seat because it’s light which means it was easy to carry. My son can also use it until he is 32 inches or 32 pounds which I appreciate because we can use it for a long time. 

Nuna Mixx2 Stroller – I like our stroller a lot too! It’s very simple and easy to use and feels rugged. Which is great for me because we live in a city so I need something I can easily maneuver. It folds up easily and quickly and unfolds with the snap of one button. Overall I’m very pleased with this choice! 

The only caveat with our stroller is that it is only made to be used with one child. If you plan to have more children, I recommend the Nuna Demi Grow instead. (I didn’t know this so I’ll have to purchase that in the future.)

Baby Car Seat and Nursing Cover – I use this as a cover for the stroller and it has been amazing! I actually get complimented on it a lot because it keeps my son warm and cozy in his seat. On top of protecting him from the weather, I can easily cover him when he’s sleeping.

Even if you don’t get this particular version, I still highly recommend a carseat cover!

Muslin Blanket – This is our car seat blanket. It’s simple and that’s what I love about it.

Fisher Price Diaper Bag – I like this diaper bag because it has a fully insulated pocket, not just insulated bottle holders. I prefer the backpack style because it leaves me hands-free. I also like this one because it’s fairly stylish and comes in a couple of different colors. 

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag – This was the diaper bag I upgraded to once I no longer needed a fully insulated pocket. I love how beautiful it is! I went with the color cognac but they have a ton of really gorgeous colors to choose from.

Baby Carriers

Boppy Comfyfit Baby Carrier – I love this carrier for at-home and short trips for wearing my son around. It’s so easy to use and a must-have in my opinion.

To use it, you snap it around your waist and then put each tie over each shoulder. Then, cross the straps behind your back and tie it underneath baby’s bottom in the front for extra support. Easy peasy.

I have other wrap-style carriers but I really preferred the two listed here this year.

Lille Baby All Seasons Carrier – This carrier was amazing as my son got heavy for longer trips. The back support took his weight off of my body and made it way easier to carry him for longer periods of time. 

To use it, you clip it around your waist, put baby in, and then clip it between your shoulder blades. It’s really that simple!

Feeding – Nursing/Bottle Feeding

Gerber Cloth Diapers – These are the perfect burp cloths. Super absorbent and durable for spit-up. Plus they come in a big pack which makes them more affordable in my opinion.

Copper Pearl Burp Cloths – I also liked these a lot for outings because they’re super cute and also still absorbent. They come in a bunch of different adorable prints!

Dr Brown’s Bottles – There are a ton of bottles out there but we used these for my son until he was about 4 months old and then we switched to the Kiinde system.

Dr Brown’s Sterilizer – I use this all the time, even now. There are a lot of sterilizers out there but I like that this one can be used in the microwave and is finished in 5 minutes. Mama’s short on time!

Kiinde System – I am a huge fan of the Kiinde system. You only have to wash the nipples and the bottle holders. And if you’re pumping milk, you can pump directly into the bags which saved me so much time. 

Spectra S1 – Even if you plan to breastfeed, there’s a chance you’ll end up pumping at one time or another. Most health insurances cover a breast pump so you might as well get one if you can get it for free. I like the Spectra S1 because it’s portable but without the price tag of the Willow or the Elvie. I tried the Willow and didn’t love it. In the future I plan to purchase the Elvie.

Bathing/Body Care

Ubbi Diaper Pail – I don’t think any diaper pail keeps the smell away completely but this one worked well for us. Our apartment is one floor so we do all of the diaper changing in our son’s nursery.

Electric Nail File – Just get it – so much easier than clipping!! 

Puj Bath Kneeler – A real knee-saver for bath time. I personally use this but my husband doesn’t so it might be up to your personal preference!

NoseFrida – Another must-have. Babies can’t blow their noses so this helps clear out snot and boogers. Don’t forget to grab extra filters to have on hand too!

The Windi – This worked way better for us than gripe water or anything else for when your baby is gassy.

Fisher Price 4-in-1 Tub – I loved that this tub grew with my son. We still use it for him in the big tub because he’s not super keen on the big tub just yet.

Hatch Baby Grow – I loved this changing pad because it was so easy to clean. I also loved it for tracking how much my son ate when we were nursing and checking his weight in between doctor’s appointments.

Oogiebear – Love this for getting out stubborn boogers. Sounds gross but honestly it is so useful, we even take it on vacation.

Babo Botanicals Sensitive Fragrance Free Baby Wash – As mom to a baby with eczema, this is one of the highest quality, gentle soaps we’ve found. It causes no flare-ups and has great organic ingredients.

Humidifier – A humidifier helps keep moisture in the air which is good for baby skin and breathing. We bought a large capacity one so we didn’t have to keep filling it so frequently.

Baby Bath Thermometer – Krissy Hadick, founder of The Hadicks, recommends the Floating Duck Bath Thermometer. It tells you when the water temperature is too warm, too cold, and just right so you never have to worry about your baby’s body temperature during bath time.


Owlet Smart Sock – Honestly this just gave me so much peace of mind as a first time mom. I wouldn’t say it’s necessary but it was worth it to me. I rested much easier those first few months knowing my son had this on. I don’t think it’s 100% necessary but I am glad we bought it and I will keep using it for future children.

ANMEATE Baby Monitor – We originally bought this monitor just for travel but it quickly became our home monitor as well after we saw how easy it was to set up and use. The monitor is rechargeable so you can take it around with you while the baby is sleeping. The video is clear and we’ve had very few moments of “lost connection” even in the different places that we’ve used it. It’s also on the lower cost side of things, which I appreciate. 

Burt’s Bees Crib Sheets – These are some of my favorite sheets that we own because they are very snug to the mattress. They’re also 100% organic cotton. I would suggest getting 2-3 and that’s probably all you need!

Aden + anais swaddle blankets – I like that these swaddle blankets aren’t too stretchy but that they have a little bit of give. They make swaddling really simple and they come in such cute prints. 

Hatch Baby Rest – A must-have is a sound machine, in my opinion. I love that this one can be set up with your phone so you can customize all of the settings. We plan to use this for years to come! 

Travel Sound Machine – We used this when we traveled but you can also clip it to your carseat when you’re on the go. If you’re going to use this one over night, make sure to leave it plugged in because the batter will die. Portable white noise is a lifesaver!

SNOO – We loved the SNOO and it worked so well for us. Our son loved it too and really thrived in it. If buying it is not on your agenda, I’d suggest renting (we did for travel) and test it out. 


The Play Gym by Lovevery – I love this play gym for its beautiful design but also because it grows with that baby and turns into a tent as they get bigger. It features different areas that aid in motor skill, sensory, and vision development.

Here’s my son on his mat at a few months old, photo courtesy his Auntie Marina:

Lovevery Play Kits – I really like a Montessori-style of learning and these fit the bill perfectly! We didn’t want to have huge amounts of toys around. I love that these are developmentally appropriate for your baby’s age too.

Skip Hop Activity Center – We started using the activity center around 4 months or so and I just moved it around the house with me while I did things like clean or shower. Once my son outgrew it around 11 months, we turned it into a table for him. I love items that are multi-functional.  

Nuk Brush – Great as a teether-type toy that helps develop oral motor skills. It’s also great to help activate jaw muscles once they start eating solids.

Manhattan Toy Multi-Sensory Shapes – Easy toys to take with you different places that are also great for tummy time and sensory development.

Fisher Price Sungapuppy Swing – We waited to buy a swing until my son was around two months. He didn’t always love it but he would usually be in it for 30 or so minutes at a time. We did a lot of research on swings and ultimately chose this one for its features. The swing itself is able to pivot around so you can have your baby face different directions without moving the whole unit. You can also change the direction it swings in (back and forth or side to side).

Baby Einstein Radio – I don’t know what it is about this but my son loved it. We used to distract him in the car since he hated car rides for so long. We only had a couple of electronic toys but this one was a hit for him. 


Spectra S1 – I’m a huge fan of my Spectra S1 because it is rechargeable! While not completely hands-free, you can take it around with you while pumping if needed. I used it to pump in the car a lot and while traveling. I responded really well to it and Spectra’s customer service is amazing. 

Coconut Oil, Medela Lanolin, Medela Hydrogel Patches – My three must-haves for sore nipples. They help with lubricating and healing the nipples while you adjust to nursing or pumping.

Nursing Bras – I bought this simple pack and they were perfect for me. You’ll probably want to avoid anything with underwire as it can cause clogged ducts. Plus easy access is everything! I also have one from the Auden brand at Target that was great too!

Hands Free Pumping Bra – If you’re pumping at all, this keeps you hands free!

32 oz water bottle – Breastfeeding is thirsty business. Trust me you’ll want to have water on hand at all times!

Feeding – Solids

You won’t need to worry about this for a while necessarily but these are just my choice items for solids after trying different products.

OXO Tot Bibs – These are easy to clean and catch any food that might fall which helps making clean up easier.  Also like that the top part is fabric not silicone so it lays down flat more easily making the eating experience more comfortable.

OXO Tot Plate – We put our high chair right up to the table with us at meal times. I really liked the OXO Tot plates with the flat edge so the plate got as close as possible to my son.

EZPZ Spoons – These are a good size spoon for beginner eaters and they are easy to hold. Next time, though, I will buy these spoons instead.

EZPZ Open Cup – These cups are a great tool for babies learning to drink from an open cup from the beginning.

Silicone Feeders – I mostly used these for giving my son frozen fruit when he was teething. We still use them now even at 15 months!

IKEA High Chair (Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair) – We used the IKEA high chair with third party accessories to make it more suitable for proper posture for eating.

Splash Mat – Not a necessity but it helped save our carpet from so many stains. It’s easy to wash and quick to air dry. I bought a mat from Gathre later but if I went back, I’d just buy it to use in the first place! Once they don’t need it anymore while eating, it’s great for picnicking!

It can get a little overwhelming to set up a baby registry. There are so many options for every single category! These are just the baby items I really liked and found most practical. I’d suggest considering what you really need and what is going to work best for your lifestyle before adding a ton of things to your registry.

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