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A Simple Blue Baby Boy Nursery

Starting out designing this room, I had sort of an accidental plan going into it. Let me explain!

We chose to use the color Dirty Martini (a green shade) from Clare Paint for my toddler’s room but they accidentally sent us the color Make Waves instead. They did send out the right color but they also let us keep the blue color they sent. So that’s how I ended up choosing this color for his walls.

Using that color, I ended up mood boarding what I wanted the rest of the room to look like. We like our toddler’s crib (now converted into a toddler bed) so we decided to purchase the same one. I originally was planning to go all white with the furniture but ended up in a slightly different direction:

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We’re choosing to keep this room pretty simple for now. We did use my first son’s nursery all the time – and I do expect we will use this one too. But with a toddler at home too, I don’t want to crowd their bedrooms with toys and little things that will end up all over the place.

My plan was to go with a bit of a woodland theme in here but there’s not really many elements of that at the moment. We have a chair in our living room that will eventually make its way up here but for now, just the crib and Lovevery play mat are on this wall. The play mat is there to hopefully keep my toddler out of the closet. My first son got so much mileage out of the play mat, I think this baby will too!

The dock-a-tot is currently sitting in the crib but it will move around with us once he’s born – don’t worry he won’t be in it unsupervised.

Here’s the wall above his dresser, which is just to the left as you enter the room. Again it’s pretty simple! I got this set of frames from Target with the buffalo prints thinking I would switch the prints out but my toddler loves shouting “buffalo” when he sees them so we’re going to keep them for now. And in this white frame, I’ll eventually put a picture of my boys.

I was thinking of putting a circle mirror up here but I saw this mantle mirror at Target and loved the shape, so we went with that instead!

We also have this mini macrame from the Cozy Home Edit at the Capsule Collab and I love it here! It adds such a cute texture that I’m obsessed with.

On his dresser, we have the Hatch sound machine which I love since I can control it from my phone. My first son started napping in his crib around two months old, so this baby might too. We will be using the Snoo again for him in our room for night sleep until he’s around six months old.

Here’s another look at his dresser and hamper. I have his drawers sorted by size right now and bins in his closet to swap everything out. An extra box of diapers is currently shaping the hamper, ha.

We used a wipes warmer with my first son and I did buy one this time around. But I’m waiting to set it up until he’s here.

We ended up putting this shelf between his windows! Right now it’s mostly holding things like blankets, sleep sacks, and extra supplies, but over time it will transform into more of a bookshelf.

We have this lamp for his room that was his dad’s as a baby that I still need to purchase a lampshade for.

Overall I’m very pleased with the color palette and textures in this room! I really like the colors and how they go together with the rest of our house while still being its own unique room.

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