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10 Must-Read Blogs To Follow In Your 30s

There are a lot of aspects of life that we as thirty year old women go through, and are surrounded by daily. It can be hard to keep up sometimes. That is where blogs come in handy. The internet has a lot of valuable information to offer, most of the time. 

I’ve cut through all the confusion and noise that comes with trying to find valuable information online to give you eight of the best blogs, in my opinion, for women in their 30s. You’ll find that this list spans many different areas such as lifestyle blogs, finance blogs, home blogs, fashion bloggers, and more. 

I personally love following lifestyle bloggers, both on their personal blogs and as instagram influencers. I love when people provide helpful information but also personal touches. I think it’s a good thing to humanize what we see online!

Best Blogs To Read In Your 30s

The/Thirty/Who What Wear

We are starting the list off with a double blog selection. Who What Wear is actually an international fashion company.

Some of the things they are known for are being size inclusive and trendy, among others. On the main site you’ll find their shop, shopping guides, and a variety of blog posts. There are articles about fashion, beauty tips, and skincare how-tos, to name a few.

On The/Thirty site you may find a few overlapping posts, but it’s mainly a place that shares fitness, health, and diet inspiration and tips. They share lots of info from people whoo call themselves a fashion blogger, a fashion influencer, and fashion designers. Basically, you’ll especially love their content if you like fashion or are trying to develop your personal style.

Why It’s Great: Between both blogs you have so much information at your fingertips. There is something for everyone, whether you’re interested in fashion or morning routines.

The Honest Consumer

Emily is actually a twenty-something but her blog is an invaluable resource. She is an advocate for ethical and sustainable fashion and living. Her blog has been one of the biggest influences in my life and shopping habits. Definitely subscribe to her mailing list for all of her guides! Everything on her site is a great read.

Sassy Townhouse Living

Do you enjoy all things home decor, crafts, family life, and cooking? If so, this is an amazing blog for you. There is also some lifestyle and self-help content on the Sassy Townhouse Living blog. One of the goals of this blog is to help solve problems. It’s clear that they do this in a variety of ways with the many different topics you’ll find. Stay a home moms will probably love this one.

Why It’s Great:This blog’s aesthetic feels welcoming and invites you in for all your home and lifestyle needs. The diy home updates are fun and the tips the blogger gives about health and lifestyle tips, like this meal prepping post, are greatly informative. It has great ideas.

Life Goals Mag

If you’re obsessed with learning the latest productivity methods, personal development, and creating routines you’ll love this online magazine. The founder of Life Goals Mag, Coley Lane Bouschet, describes the mission of her site by saying, “I created Life Goals because I wanted a collaborative space where we could showcase voices from around the world and express different experiences and tips on how to be our best selves.”

Life Goals Mag is similar to my online magazine, GenTwenty, in that it has the feel of a personal blog but brings together many different contributors. Whether you’re in your early 20s or 30s, you’ll find something valuable here!

Why It’s Great: Life Goals Mag’s site is bright, welcoming, and straight to the point. Going after your best life includes many different topics, creating habits, career tips and navigating relationships to name a few. You’ll get it all from this site. They even have a few courses. I also recommend following their Instagram account!


This site is a lifestyle blog mixed with a mom blog. It’s great for the busy mom trying to juggle work, her family, living a healthy lifestyle, and anything else life throws her way. What is unique about this site is it’s focus on guest contributors. In fact there are over 200 contributors for Teach. Workout. Love., so you know you are most likely to find a mom or two that you resonate with. I love that it encourages active lifestyles as I always feel my best when I’m moving my body regularly.

This blog makes it feel normal to not be the kind of person who has a personal trainer – it’s all about being your best 30-year-old self!

Why It’s Great: This blog doesn’t just focus on parenting tips, but they also focus on you as a person. They recognize that you are more than just a mother. You’ll find topics like self care, career advice, and other topics relevant to your life.

Well + Good

Well + Good will be your best friend for all things wellness related. Here you’ll find blog posts filled with tips, recommendations, and more in the areas of physical, mental, social, and emotional health. This blog is great for women of all ages. I included it in this list because I think it’s important for us 30-somethings to be aware of our health. It can be easy to put our focus on other concerns in our life. This blog reminds you to also take care of yourself.

Why It’s Great: With 2.7 million followers on social media this company is definitely doing something right. They are committed to decoding and demystifying what it means to live a good life. To do this they focus on both inner health, with posts like this one about healthy food, and outer health with posts covering topics like skincare.

You may remember LC from the MTV shows Laguna Beach and The Hills. Many of us grew up watching her grow up on television, but her brand has extended far beyond the shows she was on years ago. Lauren Conrad is a fashion designer, a New York Times bestseller, a philanthropist, and much more. Her site reflects all of this. On her blog you’ll find posts on topics like fashion, beauty, and family to name a few. This site is great for the 30-something that was a fan of LC when you were younger, but the tips and advice Lauren gives can be beneficial to every woman.

She’s really grown up and put a lot of hard work into her career. My 30-year-old self loves to follow people who inspire me like this!

Why It’s Great: This site has almost any topic a 30 something would want to read about. From tips on eating healthy to makeup, you get a little of everything. There’s also an aspect of nostalgia that some may get if they grew up watching MTV. Something about seeing how her career goals started, to now seeing how vast her brand and company are, is inspiring and makes you curious to read more. 

My Fab Finance

This blog is great for the woman that is wanting to better her, and her family’s, finances. If you want to stay updated on the financial world, learn more about money, and pick up some get out of debt tips, My Fab Finance is the site for you. The creator of this blog, Tonya Rapley, says this about her goal for the blog, “I’m your millennial money expert. I specialize in helping people, like you, write their own financial success story so that they can live lives they love.” 

This blog is really full practical advice that you need to be following!

Why It’s Great: Financial health is important at any age, but especially in your 30s. This is the time in life where most of us are raising our kids, buying houses, and planning for retirement, if we haven’t started any of those yet. That is why blogs like My Fab Finance are so important. You’ll find tips on becoming a parent, and find new resources to help you on your financial journey. These are just a few of the topics around money to find on this blog.

Darling Magazine

The last of the blogs on this list is all about female empowerment. The posts on the Darling Magazine blog serve as a reminder to stay inspired and stay you. You’ll find topics like careers, culture, travel, and other inspiring stories and advice. If you need a reminder of just how remarkable you are, this is the place to go, just check out their mission.

Why It’s Great: Darling Magazine’s site is simplistic and beautiful, but their message is full of strength and promotes uniqueness and empowerment in every reader. You can clearly see that in their posts, like this one about rejection, and this one about self-esteem.


I feel like I’d be remiss to not put my own blog on this list! GenThirty is my twenty-something’s blog older sister. The one who is passionate about finding simplicity in the everyday, non-toxic living, making the choices that feel right for her family and for herself. I’d love for you to join me here or to follow along on Instagram!

What are your favorite blogs that you read regularly? 

About the Author

Nicole Booz is the founder of GenTwenty and GenThirty. She is an entrepreneur, author of The Kidult Handbook, and most importantly, Mama to two beautiful little boys. She loves reading, organizing her home, and living a simple, less toxic lifestyle. You've seen her in The New York Times, TIME, Insider, Inside Edition, New York Post, NextAdvisor, Forbes, Yahoo, HuffPost, and U.S. News & World Report.


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Wednesday 27th of October 2021

I love that you are promoting reading blogs! There are so many (like this one) I look forward to reading and check for updates religiously.