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Holiday Gift Guide For Toddlers Ages 2-3

My oldest son turns three in a few months so I’ve spent the past year very in tune with what he loves and uses regularly! This guide is a combination of things we love and use already, what I’ve bought him for Christmas, and what’s on his wishlist!

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Holiday Gift Guide For Toddlers Ages 2-3

Nugget Couch

We gifted him one last year for Christmas and purchased another for this year too. He loves his Nugget and I’m excited for the builds we can do with two Nuggets, especially now that we have two littles.

Drive Around Vehicle

We bought him the Recycling Truck last year for his birthday and he uses it every single day. Since he’s a January baby, we’ve kept inside in our basement. It’s also loud, so fair warning! But we bought our kids the Tractor to have outside next year.

  • Recycling Truck
  • Tractor
  • Jeep

Way To Play Road Tracks

Custom Name Puzzle

Lovevery Block Set

Coffee Set

Tool Kit

Cleaning Set

Broom and mop set

Magnetic Puzzle

Balancing Stones

Cash Register

Balance Beam

Alphabet Puzzles

Spelling Puzzles

Blippi Firetruck

Blippi Garbage Truck

Winter Water Factory Garbage Truck Outfit

The Dough Project 9-Piece Dough Set

Gathering Basket

Rainbow Stacker

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