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40 Mantras To Tell Yourself To Get Through A Hard Work Day

We were all just kids when we were screaming the lyrics to “All The Small Things.” Little did know we know that we’d grow up and Blink-182 was right, “work sucks, I know.”

Okay, maybe it doesn’t suck all of the time. But we’ve definitely all had some pretty hard work days. During those work days, it’s important to remember that not every day will be like this (and if it is, well, that just shows you it’s time to move on, but that’s another topic for another time).

To help you get through a hard work day, try flipping your perspective. Saying mantras to yourself is like giving yourself a little pep-talk. It’s incredible empowering and can really help you switch your mindset. The next hard work day you have, try saying, or writing, these mantras to yourself. They can’t change what’s happening at work, but they can help you have a more positive outlook and feel more confident about yourself.

Mantras To Tell Yourself To Get Through A Hard Work Day

40 Mantras To Tell Yourself To Get Through A Hard Work Day

“This nervous energy is a good sign – I’m excited about what I’m about to do.”

“Failure is part of the road to success.”
You will fail at work. You will mess up. It’ll happen. But grow from it instead of succumbing to it.

“My skills and abilities are constantly growing, allowing me to take on new tasks with confidence.”

“Living according to my values is what really matters.”
Remember that work may feel like it’s what really matters… but it’s not. You, your family and friends are what matter the worst.

“I am not my anxiety. I am strong and capable. This challenge is one I can pass.”

“I am a valuable member of my team, contributing my unique strengths to our collective success.”

“All I can do is my best.”
It really is all you can do – you can’t do any better than your best. If you’re trying your best, you should be proud of yourself.

“I am in charge of informing my destiny. My hard work will pay off.”

mantras for hard work days

I will use this experience to deepen my understanding of others and improve my professional relationships.

“When I do the next right thing, the universe rewards me.”
If you’re stuck at work choosing between what’s right and what someone else wants you to do, do what’s right. The positivity will come back to you.

“My colleagues support me and want me to succeed. I am so capable.”

“My team encourages my success. They have my best interest in mind.”

“Five years from now this won’t matter as much as I think it will.”
I can attest to this. I had some real bad days in prior jobs… and now I can barely remember any of them.

“When I put my mind to something, I get it done.”

“Let my will for the day match the universe’s plans for me.”

mantras for hard work days

“I can handle feeling uncomfortable.”
Whether it’s presenting during a meeting or being called into your boss’s office, there’s going to be times when you feel uncomfortable at work. We all have those times. You can handle it and will get through it. Don’t let feeling uncomfortable stop you from trying.

“I relinquish control over this work situation. The universe has my best interest in mind in the long-run. I move toward surrender.”

“Worrying doesn’t change anything.”
It really doesn’t. It’s going to happen whether you like it or not, so why waste time – especially off work hours – worrying about work?

“Everything positive I do pushes me closer to my goals.”

“I exhale negative energy and inhale calmness.”

“I know that the results are on their way. Today I plant the seeds for future success.”
You won’t see results right away. You are not going to get promoted right away. You may not even get kudos right away. But in due time, they’ll come, if you keep doing what you need to be doing and don’t give up.

“I approach challenges with a positive attitude, knowing that each obstacle is an opportunity in disguise.”

mantras for hard work days

“My creativity flows effortlessly, enabling me to find innovative solutions to any problem.”

“I am free of the expectations of others.”
It may feel like your boss’s opinion matters a ton. And don’t get us wrong, of course they can have an impact on your career success. But at the end of the day, it’s your expectations of yourself that really matter.

“My work enhances my life, but does not define who I am.”

“I will keep my work at work.”

“I quiet my perfectionism. Today, and all days, I am worthy and valuable.”
Perfect doesn’t exist, anywhere! including in the working world. No one is perfect – not even your college, your boss, your CEO – no one.

“I see opportunities instead of problems.”

“To be positive is to be productive.”

“My job does not define my worth or who I am.”

“I have navigated more stressful situations than this and will navigate my way through this one as well.”

“I am my own best advocate. I will not hesitate to ask for the things I need to succeed.”
You may be scared to ask for things or negotiate – don’t be.

“I possess the talent to lead and inspire.”

“I am thankful I have a job and a career path I am passionate about.”

“My work contributions are just one small part of who I am as a person.”
They are just a part – and a small part at that. Your work doesn’t define who you are as a person.

“I am willing to put in the work needed to achieve my professional goals.”

“I will set boundaries to prioritize my mental health. Then I can deliver my best contributions.”
Work-life balance is so important, don’t let anyone try and tell you otherwise.

“I am the author of my own success story.”

“I’m not feeling my best today and that is OK. The work will be there tomorrow and tomorrow is a new day.”

“It’s okay to relax and reset after a long day. Rest is not a luxury, but a priority.”

I rely on these mantras when I’m facing hard or stressful situations. I also use them to remind myself that what I am experiencing right now is not permanent. It really works for me, and I hope it will work for you too!

mantras for hard work days

Why are mantras effective at getting you through hard times?

Mantras are repetitive sounds, words, or phrases that are used in meditation, prayer, or as a form of focus to aid concentration.

While the effectiveness of mantras may vary from person to person, many individuals find them beneficial in navigating through challenging situations. Here are some ways in which using mantras can help:

  1. Mindfulness and Focus: Repeating a mantra can serve as a focal point, helping to anchor your mind in the present moment. This mindfulness can be particularly useful during difficult situations when your mind may be scattered or overwhelmed.
  2. Calming the Mind: Mantras are often associated with a sense of calm and tranquility. The rhythmic repetition of a soothing mantra can have a calming effect on the nervous system, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.
  3. Positive Affirmation: Choosing a positive and empowering mantra can act as a form of self-affirmation. By repeating phrases that instill confidence, resilience, or positivity, you may influence your mindset and approach challenges with a more constructive outlook.
  4. Creating a Positive Atmosphere: Mantras are sometimes used to create a positive and uplifting atmosphere around oneself. This positive energy can help shift your perspective and provide a more optimistic mindset when facing difficult situations.
  5. Spiritual Connection: For those with spiritual or religious beliefs, mantras can be a way to connect with a higher power or a sense of inner strength. The repetition of sacred words or phrases can deepen one’s spiritual practice and provide a sense of guidance and support.
  6. Stress Reduction: Engaging in mantra repetition can activate the relaxation response in the body, leading to a reduction in stress levels. This can be particularly helpful in situations where stress is a significant factor.
  7. Building Resilience: Regular practice of mantra meditation can contribute to building emotional resilience. It may not eliminate challenges, but it can help you navigate them with greater composure and adaptability.

When using mantras during hard situations, it’s essential to choose phrases that resonate with you personally. The effectiveness of a mantra often depends on the individual’s connection to the words and their meaning. Whether you’re facing a specific challenge or simply seeking a sense of peace, incorporating mantras into your routine may offer a valuable tool for emotional well-being.

Let us know which of these mantras speaks to you the most in the comments. We’d love to hear which ones resonate!

mantras for hard days
mantras for hard days

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