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15 Best Baby Carriers For Easy Nursing On The Go

As a busy mom whose baby only wants to be held, it can be overwhelming to try to get things done while taking care of your sweet baby.

You’re on the go, need your hands, but also need to feed your baby. I’ve been there. Luckily, there is a great solution for you – breastfeeding in your baby carrier!

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Babywearing is one of my favorite parts of newborn life. I love having my newborn as close to me as possible.

Having a toddler and needing to breastfeed on the go, a carrier saved me when my babes were little. If you’re looking for the best baby carriers for nursing moms, here are 15 great options to choose from.

**Spoiler: This is a favorite one.**

If you are looking for a way to keep your baby close while also being able to nurse them, then a baby carrier for nursing moms is the perfect option.

There are many different carriers on the market that are specifically designed for nursing mothers, which means that they offer easy access to the breasts and allow you to nurse your baby while on the go.

Below, you’ll see a breakdown of the types of carriers, the best carriers for nursing moms, a guide on what to look for in a carrier, and breastfeeding while babywearing FAQ.

Keep in mind most baby carriers have a slight learning curve and they all work in slightly different ways but with pretty much any style you’ll get it down in no time!

15 Baby Carriers For Nursing Moms

To help make it easier to decide which carrier is right for you, here are 15 different baby carriers for nursing moms.

Solly Baby: The Wrap and The Carrier – Best For New Moms

The Solly Baby Wrap is a great option for nursing mamas who want to keep their baby close by.

They have two different options based on your baby’s weight:

The Wrap is made from 100% Lenzing modal which is designed to be comfortable for both you and your baby. It’s breathable, stretchy, and soft. There is a reason Solly Baby wrap has a cult following.

The wraps are made from sustainably sourced 100% certified TENCEL™ modal. It is sourced from the pulp of Austrian Beechwood trees and is biodegradable.

Next up, the Loop Carrier is made from 100% organic cotton. It is also very breathable and comfortable!

What’s cool about their carriers is that they also have a built-in support system that helps to distribute your baby’s weight evenly, which can help to prevent back pain.

Solly Baby is a beloved brand and is a great choice by new moms and seasoned parents alike.

Merchant ID Merchant ID

Both the The Solly Baby Wrap and Carrier are top choices that you can’t go wrong with! I’m obsessed with this print!!

Boba: Carrier Classic and Boba X – Best For Privacy + Extended Sizing

Boba Baby Carrier Classic

Everything you need for babywearing from the newborn days to toddlerhood is included for in this 100% cotton classic style from Boba. It comfortably fits parents from 5'0" - 6'3" in height and 25" - 58" waist. They also provide free extenders for both waist and chest straps because babywearing is for EVERYONE!

03/11/2024 01:35 pm GMT

These options from Boba are also great options for nursing mamas.

The Carrier Classic is made from 100% cotton and is machine washable.

The Boba Carrier Classic also has a built-in support system that helps to distribute your baby’s weight evenly.

One great thing about Boba wraps is that alterable waistbands and extenders if needed!

They are a great fit for both petite and plus-size mamas. It is also ergonomic and Certified Hip Healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.


It is also extremely breastfeeding-friendly! All you have to do is scoot the baby down to your breast and utilize the breastfeeding buckle.

Boba X Baby Carrier
$150.00 $139.99

Provides the total coverage of a wrap or sling but has the ease of a buckle carrier. It's also soft and machine washable! The Boba X features a breastfeeding buckle for convenience.

03/11/2024 01:15 pm GMT
Boba Baby Wrap Carrier
$44.99 $39.99

With less bells and whistles, the Boba Baby Wrap Carrier is a more affordable choice if you prefer a wrap-style carrier. It's made of cotton and spandex so it's very comfortable and easy to adjust for breastfeeding. Use this one up to 35lbs.

03/11/2024 01:50 pm GMT

The Boba Baby Carrier is a more budget-friendly in between option that combines the wrap style with the carrier style. It’s very comfortable for nursing and highly rated!

Ergobaby Aerloom – Best For On The Go

Ergobaby Aerloom Carrier

With it's unique and eco-friendly material, Formaknit, the Aerloom from Ergobaby is one of the lightest carriers (only weighing 1.45lbs) on the market. Parents everywhere love it for its comfort and durability.

If you are looking for a carrier that is comfortable, practical, and supportive, this is the one!

It is made from post-consumer recycled polyester. Specifically, it is made to move, stretch, and fit your daily life!

It’s ultra-lightweight with built-in airflow and constructed from FormaKnit™ fabric for comfort and flexibility.

It is lightweight and machine washable. It holds up to 35lbs so will be able to be used for quite a while with your baby. This is one of the best structured baby carriers.

The Aerloom baby carrier may be adjusted to three distinct carrying methods for your little one:

  1. Front Carry Inward Facing (in Newborn Mode and Baby mode)
  2. Front Carry Outward Facing (in Baby Mode)
  3. Back Carry (in Baby Mode)

The knit is made up of 87% Recycled Polyester (GRS-Certified) and 13% Nylon. The body and waist belt lining is 100% cotton (OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified). We love to see it!

Boppy Comfyfit – Best Hybrid Wrap/Carrier

Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier

With over 2,600 five-star reviews, you can't go wrong with this simple yet comfortable baby carrier that combines a wrap style with the ease of a carrier.

03/11/2024 09:40 am GMT

I personally really like this carrier for on the go. As my favorite , I used it for both of my babies until they were over a year old.

It’s essentially a wrap and carrier in one. It’s really easy to put on yourself and adjust your baby in. It clips around the waist, then goes over the shoulders, and ties back in front.

This one, in my opinion, does not give as much privacy when nursing as a wrap would but I still like it a lot, personally.

The fabrics are 88% Polyester 12% Spandex (Outer Fabric) and 100% Polyester Spacer Mesh (Inner Material).

This would not be my first choice fabric but I still like the convenience of this carrier enough to use it.

woman wearing a sleeping baby in a baby carrier
Wearing my 8 month old in the Boppy Comfyfit while he naps.

This carrier can be used starting at 0m+. Its weight capacity is 8-35lbs. It offers 3 carrying positions – make sure to follow the user manual to have your baby positioned properly based on their size.

The three positions are newborn front face-in (legs in frog position), baby front face-in (legs out), and front face-out. It also features an adjustable waist belt: 29-54 inches.

Tula (Free-to-Grow) – Best For Longevity

Baby Tula Ergonomic Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier

The Tula Free-To-Go body panel adjusts in three width settings and two height settings to allow for an ergonomic snug position as your baby grows supporting safe development for baby's body.

03/12/2024 04:15 am GMT

Tula is a well-known carrier brand with a wide variety of carrier options. Covering newborns through preschool age, they offer the support parents need. Their carriers include:

  • Explore Forward Facing Adjustable Carriers (7-45 lbs)
  • Free-to-Grow Newborn to Toddler Baby Carriers (7-45lbs)
  • Tula Lite Compact Travel Carrier (12-30 lbs)
  • Toddler Carriers (25-60 lbs)
  • Preschool Carriers (35-70 lbs)
  • Signature Woven Baby Carriers
  • Ring Slings

For nursing, you’ll probably want to go with the Free-to-Grow or the Ring Sling options.

The Free-to-Grow includes padded, adjustable shoulder straps and a wide, padded waistband to reduce the strain of carrying the baby on your neck, shoulders and back.

Their infant carrier is designed to physically support both you and your baby.

The Free-to-Grow is made of handmade twill made of 100% OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified fabric.

The Free-to-Grow Carrier is designed with a small footprint, lightweight materials, and a simple yet strong design that will keep you and your newborn baby cool all year long and for years to come. This carrier can be used from 7-45 pounds and no infant insert is necessary!

Lillebaby All Seasons – Best For Support

LÍLLÉbaby Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier

The LÍLLÉbaby Complete All Seasons baby carrier features 6 ergonomic carry styles for 360 degree babywearing.

03/11/2024 01:30 pm GMT

For parents looking for an adjustable, comfy carrier that may be used all year, the Lillebaby All Seasons is a wonderful alternative.

This carrier has 6 carrying configurations, lumbar support, and a zip-down front panel making nursing simple. The All Seasons also includes an infant insert for babies weighing 7-15 pounds.

It is a sturdy, adjustable, and versatile carrier that will last you for many years to come.

This carrier also has a slim zippered pocket that can hold your phone, keys, and money for hands-free adventures.

It’s also adjustable so other caregivers can wear it too. It has two-way adjustable straps, an extendable back panel, lumbar support, and an adaptable seat creating near limitless options for an ergonomic fit.

It’s one of the best carriers for Disney, too, in my opinion.

family at disneyland

Ergo OMNI 360 – Awarded Best Baby Carrier

Ergobaby Omi 360

This all-in-one, newborn ready Omni 360 has all the carry positions. The Omni 360 grows with you from week 1 to 48 months. The crossable shoulder strap gives a personalized fit, you can have it all!

Features include:

  • Ergonomic, forward facing option
  • Adjustable from newborn to toddler
  • Lumbar support for extra back comfort
  • Includes detachable storage pouch
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified Fabric

This all-in-one, newborn-ready Omni 360 has all the carry positions. Omni 360 is revolutionary because it grows with you from week 1 to 48 months.

It has crossable shoulder straps that give a personalized fit for each user.

It provides lumbar support for extra back comfort, has a detachable storage pouch, and is made of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified Fabric.

The Ergo OMNI 360 is machine washable and offers four carry modes. You can wear your baby front facing in, front facing out, hip carry, and back carry. It typically fits parents through size XL.

Baby K’Tan Organic Baby Carrier – Best For New BabyWearers

Baby K'tan Baby Wrap Carrier

Keep newborn babies, preemies, and infants close while you go about your day! The K'tan's unique baby wrap design also supports your best position for easy breastfeeding on the go.

03/11/2024 03:35 pm GMT

The baby k’tan is a babywearing favorite, especially for those who don’t have experience babywearing yet. It is a baby wrap carrier that offers support and stretch.

The Baby K’Tan comes in six different styles (original, organic, breeze, active yoga, prints, and active oasis). They all have slight variations but are the same standard design.

The Baby K’Tan allows you to hold your baby in 5 different positions. The weight range of all Baby K’Tan carriers is 8-35 lbs.

It’s very soft, comfortable, and flexible. I would pick the Organic version personally. The Baby K’tan Organic Cotton Baby Carriers are constructed of a 100 percent GOTS certified organic cotton that has one-way stretch.

This ecologically responsible carrier is made of a comfy natural, breathable fabric that will keep you and your baby warm and toasty in the cold and cool in warm weather.

Konny Baby Carrier FLEX – Best For Larger Sizes

Most Size Inclusive
Konny Baby Carrier

The smarter, ergonomic design of our baby carrier newborn to toddler sling lets you slide it over your torso like a T-shirt and at just half a pound it’s lightweight, compact, and more comfortable for all-day wear.

03/11/2024 03:54 pm GMT

The Konny Baby is a mei tai that slides on like a t-shirt. It is rated for babies and toddlers up to 44 lbs.

It’s designed to be put on like a t-shirt – simply slip it on over your head, put your baby in, and you’re good to go! The unique back design offers support like a traditional carrier but the front is designed like a sling. It is the best of both worlds!

This is currently available in size XS-XL, they are working on releasing larger sizes!

April 2023 update: This carrier is now available up to size 5XL! That is AMAZING!!!

It’s acknowledged as a Healthy Hip Product, meets safety standards, and is a reddot winner 2020 baby and children brand.

Cuddlebug Wrap – Best for Discreet Nursing / Affordable

CuddleBug Baby Wrap Sling + Carrier
$49.99 $19.99

The CuddleBug Carrier allows you to feed discreetly on the go while keeping your baby close to promote a secure attachment.

03/11/2024 09:00 pm GMT

You can carry your baby hand-free with this wrap. It allows you to bond with your baby by wearing them while they are securely held against you.

This wrap is machine washable buckle-free and ring-free. It is made of a premium blend of 95% Cotton and 5% spandex. It is as gentle as wearing a T-shirt but strong enough to support your baby’s head.

It is very simple and easy to use. It allows you to nurse your baby discreetly and comfortably. It is a soft structured carrier that goes the distance.

A portion of your purchase of the CuddleBug Carrier goes to support the Guatemalan charity “Long Way Home” which provides self-sufficient schools for communities in need.

WildBird Ring Sling – Best Ring Sling

WildBird Ring Slings are a piece of fabric that is 2-yards long with rings inserted. It sounds confusing but is easier to use than it sounds! A ring sling baby carrier is often preferred by more petite moms for baby wearing.

You need to set it up the first time you use it by threading the fabric through the rings. They offer a single ring sling and a double ring sling. The double provides more support and is often the choice for older babies.

You’ll follow a tutorial to set it up properly and after that, it is really easy to use.

The ring sling is almost like wearing your baby in a hammock. It mimics that natural way you would hold them in your arms, keeping them close but your hands are free.

They have 100% linen slings where the yarn is dyed before weaving to create patterns, strips, and dimensions. These are available in single-layer and double-layer slings.

They also have modal slings that are a blend of 25% linen and 75% modal. Modal is for softness and stretch, whereas linen provides strength and support. These are available in a single-layer ring sling only.

They also have a handy quiz to help you figure out which sling is best for you!

best baby carrier for nursing

Types of Carriers

There are several different types of carriers on the market:

  • carrier
  • wrap
  • ring sling/sling
  • mei tai

The type of carrier you buy can be dependent on your use cases and personal preference.

Here is a breakdown of the differences:

A Carrier:

A standard carrier is great for everyday use. They are comfortable and offer a variety of positions in which to carry your baby. A carrier often has buckles and snaps along with extra hip, back, shoulder, and neck padding.

These hold your baby in an upright position. You may want to pair a carrier with a nursing cover for more privacy.

They also accommodate both newborns and older babies very well. A structured baby carrier is great if you want additional support.

A Wrap:

A wrap is a long piece of fabric that you can tie around your body in a variety of ways to secure your baby close to you.

Wraps are perfect for newborns and offer a lot of support for both you and your baby. Babies can only be worn forward facing in wraps.

These are often best for newborn babies and are suitable for many different body types.

Ring Slings/Slings:

A sling is a single piece of fabric that goes over one shoulder and secures your baby close to your body.

Slings are perfect for on-the-go nursing and are often easier to breastfeed in than other types of carriers.

Ring slings feature one or two metal rings that the fabric weaves between.

Babies can only be worn forward facing in slings but they are comfortable for new babies and older toddlers alike.

Mei Tai:

Also called Meh Dai, a Mei Tai carrier is similar to a standard carrier, but they often have a more intricate design and can be adjusted to fit different carrying positions.

Mei teis can be worn facing in or out and usually have multiple straps that go over both shoulders.

What to look for in a carrier for breastfeeding moms:

When deciding what carrier is right for you, consider these factors:

Mom’s height:

If you’re tall, you might need to move the baby down more and would want a wrap with more flexibility.

Baby’s weight:

Check the weight limits to make sure you’re getting the most out of your carrier. Young babies and babies 6 months+ need to be carried differently.


Is this mostly for indoor or outdoor use? Consider this when picking the fabric of the carrier.


How long do you plan to babywear? Check weight limits to make sure you’re getting the most out of our carrier.


What’s your personal style? Do you want something more low-key or flashy?


Baby carriers can range from $40-$200. Find what’s in your budget and what will work for you.


You’ll want to make sure the carrier you choose is Certified Hip Healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.


When considering the style of carrier, make sure you take into account what kind of support you need. If you need something with more hip and back support, you’ll want to go with a carrier over a sling or wrap.


You want both you and your baby to be comfortable! If you’re not comfortable, it’ll be a short babywearing experience.


Do you want something breathable? Waterproof? Padded? Consider the climate you live in and what will work best for you.

Ease of use: If you’re a first-time parent or new to babywearing, look for something easy to put on and take off.


The best thing is that pretty much all of these come in different colors and beautiful patterns. You can pretty much take your pick!


If you plan on nursing while babywearing, you’ll want to make sure the carrier has a good privacy panel.


You want your carrier to last through multiple babies! Check the weight limits and make sure the fabric can withstand some wear and tear.

You might also want to consider going for a bamboo or organic cotton material as they are better for your baby’s skin.


Parenthood is messy. Always check the washing instructions before checking out. Most carriers can be easily washed at home but it can’t hurt to double check. Pick something that is machine washable.

FAQ – Best Baby Carrier For Nursing

Which baby carrier is best for breastfeeding in?

The truth is there is no one best carrier. All of the carriers on this list are great options. And will depend on your specific needs, desires, and your baby!

If you want something more flexible, go with Solly Baby or Boba.

Or if you want more structure, go with the Boppy or Ergobabay.

If you want privacy, choose a wrap or use a swaddle blanket draped gently over you.

Can you nurse in a baby carrier?

This is a common question for new moms and moms new to baby wearing but the answer is a resounding YES!

I have done it myself and find it not only convenient but simple. There’s not a “wrong” way to do it. The goal is to make sure you and your baby are positioned comfortably for nursing.

My biggest tip is to practice at home! Practice makes perfect. It just takes a few tries and you’ll figure out the optimal position for you and your baby.

Me practicing with my littlest babe:

woman breastfeeding in a baby carrier

What is the best way to nurse in a carrier?

Nursing in a carrier is simple because your baby is already in an upright or slightly tilted position.

If you’re used to cradling your baby to nurse, use a wrap where they can be more to the side.

The primary idea is to loosen the carrier side you want to nurse on.

This might be a strap or a ring depending on what carrier you are using. The baby needs some room to nurse but you still want it to be secure enough to be supported.

Then, adjust your baby so they are comfortable at nipple level.

You can support their neck or bottom gently with your hand until they can support themselves.

When you’re done, simply re-adjust and you’re good to go! You can nurse easily on the go with this method.

Best Baby Carrier For Nursing and Walking at The Same Time?

For nursing and walking at the same time, I would go for either the Solly Baby, Omni 360 or Konny Baby.

These let you nurse with some privacy while also giving you support and being hands-free at the same time.

My Final Thoughts On The Best Baby Carrier For Nursing

There are a lot of good options for baby carriers for nursing! You won’t go wrong with any of these. Make sure you consider the factors I listed above while making your choice. Enjoy that sweet babe!

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