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Lovevery The Investigator Box Review – Is It Worth It?

I’ve been a fan of the Lovevery play kits, play gym, and block set for a long time. My son has always enjoyed most of the toys in them and I look forward to using them with baby number 2! In today’s Lovevery review, I’ll be covering my thoughts on the Investigator Play Kit.

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While I personally really like the Lovevery Play Kits, I don’t think all of them are worth the money truthfully. I skipped the Enthusiast play kit for this reason (more details in the video below) but it boils down to the fact that I don’t think the value is there and especially that we personally wouldn’t get a lot of use out of it.

Lovevery The Investigator Box Unboxing – Is It Worth It?

Investigator Play Kit: The Details

So first thing first, here is what comes in the Lovevery Investiagtor kit:

  • Twist and pivot pattern puzzle
  • Match and tap hammer box
  • Liquid lab
  • Countdown color timer
  • Things that move memory game
  • Jump-in eco hoops and organic cotton bean bags
  • The Play Date Board Book
  • Play guide

I paid $127.70 including tax for this kit. That makes every toy included around $21 plus the board book. So knowing that we would get use out of all of the included toys made me realize this kit was a good fit for us.

This kit is designed for 31, 32, and 33 months. My son is almost 26 months now but already has a great interest in toys like these.

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A closer look at what’s included:

The countdown color timer is something we will start working with him on in the coming months! I’ve found that when I give him a time warning he’s much more receptive to a change in activities than if we just tell him “time for dinner.”

I usually say something like “in 5 minutes we’re going to go make dinner.” He doesn’t really understand what 5 minutes means yet but it’s a sign to him that the activity is about to change and he can 1) comprehend what’s going on and 2) prepare himself to finish up what he’s doing.

It makes for much smoother transitions all around!

So while the timer isn’t exactly what we need just yet, I think it will come in handy as we extend times in the future.

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He’s currently obsessed with the twist and pattern puzzle! Puzzles have never been a major challenge for him. He solves most of them pretty quickly. But this one is a bit trickier and requires more understanding as well as fine motor skills.

He’s figured out most of the rings but he is still working on figuring out a couple. It’s a very solid puzzle and a great inclusion.

The liquid lab set was an instant hit – as I knew it would be! He’s super into “science” right now. I give him vinegar and baking soda and let him make his own little experiments on a cookie sheet.

He loves the pouring and mixing. This set will also grow with him as he starts to understand 1, 2, and 3 and mixing more precisely.

The match and tap hammer box has also been greatly enjoyed. He likes hammering and tools and he is big enough now to switch out the papers by himself. He’s also very into his colors at the moment so that is an added element that we are having fun with.

We haven’t played with the things that move memory game just yet – but it is something we will introduce soon.

He really likes cars and vehicles and whatnot so I know this will be interesting to him!

As for the jump-in eco hoops and organic cotton bean bags, I knew he’d be all over these as he has a few sets bean bags he is obsessed with.

While the bean bags weren’t the main selling point since we do have some, the hoops definitely add something fun and new to how he plays with them! The bean bags will get added in with the rest and will get just as much love in our house.

And finally, The Play Date Board Book! The board books are a fantastic inclusion in the boxes. I don’t really count them towards the total value but I love that they’re in there.

He really loves Where Is Crew’s Shoe and Graham Turns 2 — those are in heavy rotation at our house right now.

We haven’t read this particular one yet, but I do think it will be a great fit and addition to the boxes. It’s definitely a more involved book – I can tell just by the number of words but I think that increases the longevity of it for a toddler’s interests over time.

Watch my review here on YouTube:

I also recorded my thoughts and showed the toys in action in the video below. I also share a little bit about why I don’t think the Enthusiast kit is worth it.

Overall thoughts on The Investigator Play Kit:

Overall this play kit is completely worth it to me! I see everything in it having a place in our toy rotation and that my son will get a lot of use out of it for ages. Get it here.

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