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Warm & Cozy Dining Room Reveal

This post is in partnership with Transformer Table.

Our dining room has been tricky to decorate. It’s a significantly long room that’s connected to our kitchen by an island and leads out onto our covered patio. Also every wall is covered by windows or glass doors and that really limited our options in here.

Because of the length of this room, I was struggling to figure out what to do in here. With the openness of our home, I knew we would be doing a lot of entertaining in this space over the years. We don’t need a long table day to day, but for hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas? We absolutely do.

That’s why I was so excited to discover Transformer Table! Transformer Table is an expandable table that comes with five panels to adjust the length. They are held in place by snaps underneath the table. It’s easy to slide the table apart and snap the panels in. It grows from 18 to 118 inches and can seat up to 12 people total. 

The panels can be conveniently stored in the coffee table which is currently free with the purchase of Transformer Table or Dining Set ($699 value)! We do not have the coffee table and are currently storing our two extra panels flat as recommended.

The Transformer Table comes in four colors: American Mahogany, Australian Acacia, Canadian Dark Oak, and Siberian Birch. We have Australian Acacia and I love it! As a Canadian brand, all materials are sourced locally in Canada. They also only source hardwood from FSC-certified forests which means the forest is responsibility managed and provides environmental, social, and economic benefits.

Right now we have our table set up with our toddler’s Stokke chair, two small benches, and two chairs. Transformer Table does sell benches with the table but we do not currently own them. We purchased the chairs from Target in Navy Blue (we also have 2 more on the way to round out seating options). They were on sale when I bought them and they come in lots of colors. I like the more mid-century style of them!

Under our table we have a Ruggable rug. My husband isn’t a fan of the rug under the table but I like that it’s easy to clean and adds a little color to the room. Are you team rug under the table or no?

Our table currently has three panels in it and there is room in here to expand it with the additional two panels (and also why the extra chairs will eventually be necessary).

And as you can tell from the pictures, there’s a lot of windows in this room! That made it hard to know where to put things and how to decorate.

We ended up putting this console table beneath two windows. The island from our kitchen extends out to the left of it.

Right now we keep this pretty clear on top because we have a toddler who tends to try to climb furniture. And whenever I light this candle, I move it to our countertops to be extra cautious. It’s the Hygge candle from Hummingbird Candle Co and it smells so deliciously warm and cozy.

I wasn’t really sure how to style this corner. Right now we have a shelf to display some toddler art and a sign I found in the dollar spot at Target. I thought it would be fun to update for the seasons and the holidays!

Right now we have the chair from our living room hanging out in this corner. We’re camping out downstairs until our newborn is reliably sleeping 6-8 hours a night to try to keep him from waking up out toddler so our living room furniture got a little scattered. I do want to put a tall plant in this corner. I’m thinking an olive tree, but we will see!

And moving back over the right, we have a mid-century bar that’s a dupe from Wayfair for a West Elm cabinet. Honestly, I’d just go for the West Elm one. The quality of this piece really isn’t that great and it was still a similar price point. Wayfair just offered free shipping.

We have some photos from our last family vacation pre-pandemic. I’m so glad we got these pictures taken on the Big Island of Hawaii to remember that trip by. And of course, we have some more toddler art in this corner. It wouldn’t be home without it.

Overall I’m thrilled with how our dining room is looking right now. It’s bright and open but still warm and cozy! Time will tell if we keep that rug under our table, though – ha!

And thank you so much to Transformer Table for sponsoring this post! We are absolutely in love with the quality of the table and also the versatility of it. I wish I had this when we had our first apartment because we never would have had to buy another table again! Make sure to check them out here!

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