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What Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Have Taught Me About What I Want In a Relationship

If you haven’t heard the names Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce in the same sentence in the past few days, well you may want to turn on some entertainment news or watch a Chiefs football game. They’ve captured the public’s attention for months now through their blossoming relationship.

Seeing their love for each other grow stronger, through what we can see, has meant a little something extra for me. It’s taught me what I want in my future relationship. Today I’m sharing what Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have taught me about what I want in a future relationship.

While that may seem silly, as someone who has followed Taylor’s whole career, and grew up reading celebrity magazines, it makes sense that a celebrity’s relationship would inspire me. However, I think we could all learn something from their relationship, whether you have been following them or not.

What Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Have Taught Me About What I Want In a Relationship

What Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Have Taught Me About What I Want In a Relationship

Some of the qualities listed here may seem like a no brainer for a healthy relationship. There is something about seeing it displayed by such a high profile couple that made me realize that it’s not too much to ask for.

It’s the things everyone should look for in a relationship. With that being said, here are the relationship traits that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have taught me to want in a relationship.

A Partner That Supports My Career

Both Travis and Taylor have been seen cheering each other on at their jobs, his games and her concerts. As busy as their schedules are, they make time to consistently support one another in that way, and I think that is amazing. 

I’m not in my dream career yet, but regardless of where I am and where I end up, I hope to find someone that will support me through it all. Obviously it’s not going to look like standing in the VIP Box/Tent of a game or concert.

However, there are other ways of supporting your partner’s career. Whether it be being plus one at company events, sharing my articles that I write, etc. I imagine it would be something like that. On the other hand, I can’t wait to be able to be a cheerleader for my future partner’s career as well.

A Partner That Appreciates The Effort Made

I’m not much of a sports fan, but I’ve caught myself listening to Travis and his brother’s podcast New Heights a few times. I love how much Travis shouts out Taylor when she comes up in conversation.

Then, in her Time Person of The Year interview, Taylor addressed Travis’s effort to get her attention with a friendship bracelet back before their relationship began. “‘This all started when Travis very adorably put me on blast on his podcast, which I thought was metal as hell,” she says.’

My point is, whether it’s little things like making a bracelet or shouting out your partner, or big things like showing up for them, appreciation is everything. I hope that in my future relationship my boyfriend will appreciate both the little and big things that I do. I know that I will.

What Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Have Taught Me About What I Want In a Relationship

A Partner That Isn’t Threatened By My Success, But Rolls With It

Travis has embraced the spotlight like a champ from the beginning. He knew what he was getting into and it hasn’t appeared to let it bother him as his and Taylor’s relationship has grown. Taylor being a global superstar doesn’t seem to intimidate him and I love that.

I’d hope that if I land a great career, promotion, etc. my future boyfriend would be supportive of it. I’ve seen way too often that this isn’t the case in society, although it has gotten better since years ago. I believe that we should be supportive of our partner’s success, it shouldn’t be a one way street.

A Partner That Realizes People Will Talk, What Matters Is How We Feel

I couldn’t imagine being a celebrity and having to deal with the amount of gossip that is about you in the world. Travis and Taylor take it all in stride though.

They’ve withstood discourse about the NFL showing Taylor on the cameras too much, pictures of a night out being dissected from every angle, and more. The couple proves that as long as they are happy in their relationship, nothing else matters.

Thankfully I don’t have to worry about tabloids reporting my every move, but people still talk in the unglamorous world too. From whispers of “when are they getting married” to “will they have kids right away,” gossip can still be around every corner. In my future relationship I’m hoping we can ignore all the comments about our relationship, and just be in the moment with each other.

A Partner That Gets Along With My Family

We’ve seen them hang out together at the games, and during concerts, and have heard what they have to say. From Taylor’s dad wearing Chiefs memorabilia, to Travis’s mom commenting on how happy he is right now. It seems like the couple’s families love this relationship as much as we do, okay definitely more than we do.

I would love the type of relationship where we can blend into each other’s family. I’d want my family to be interested in my significant other’s life just like I’d hope my future boyfriend’s parents would want to learn about me and support my interests and career. Family is important to me and I would hope it would be important to my partner too.

What Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Have Taught Me About What I Want In a Relationship

A Partner That Gives Me Space Too

Something that I admire about Taylor Swift, besides her work, is the way she’s able to have a great work-life balance. On top of that she can balance spending time with her boyfriend and friends. She’s been seen out multiple times with various friends pretty often. I love that she hasn’t let being in a relationship stop her independence when it comes to having fun with her friends. 

I’ve seen way too often where when someone gets in a relationship they stop making time for their friends. Whether that is intentional or not I don’t know. I hope that when I find someone they will encourage me to keep having time for friends, just as I would want them to have time with their friends.  

 A Partner That Loves Me As Much As I Love Them

We don’t get to see all of their relationship, for good reason – they are people that deserve privacy too. However, from the glimpses we do see, I can tell that Taylor is genuinely happy and in love. I say that being a fan that has grown up seeing her in the media, on social media, etc.. It seems like Travis is also crazy about her too from what he does share on his podcast. 

I hope that my future relationship has that shared adoration and love. I’ve been burned before thinking people liked me more than they actually did (in a friend way), so I’m not sure how it will be when I actually start a romantic relationship with someone. My hope is that my future partner will be patient, understanding, and reassuring. Ultimately I want someone that loves me just as much as I love them.

Final Thoughts on What Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Have Taught Me About What I Want In a Relationship

As a fan of Taylor Swift’s I’ve been ecstatic seeing her so happy with Travis Kelce. While my future relationship will be completely different in the sense that I’m not a global superstar, and I don’t think I’ll be with an NFL player, I do hope some of these attributes will describe the relationship. That is what I’ll be looking for anyways. 

Travis and Taylor are inspiration for us to consider what is important in our relationships. They demonstrate a deep and strong connection through their actions to each other which we can learn from.

What do you feel are important attributes in a partner for a relationship? Let me know in the comments.

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