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Turning 30 Poems: 30 Poems For 30th Birthday Wishes

Whether you are dreading it or looking forward to it, your thirties are nearly here! Out of all the milestone birthdays you have had so far, thirty is one important milestone that most people tend to be the most perplexed about.

They don’t know whether to feel sad, happy or a mix of both! Any way you feel around turning 30 is okay.

Your thirties are a big deal and filled with a lot of great things, like promotions (or even new jobs), buying a house, or settling in with your family. Or maybe you’re single, dating, building a business, adopting a new pet or making new friends. There’s no right way to be doing your 30s.

So, whether you’re looking for a poem to include in a card or just something to feel not so alone, here are 30 turning 30 poems. Hopefully these 30th birthday poems inspire you to celebrate this wonderful decade!

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Table of Contents

    30 Poems For 30th Birthday Wishes

    There are many ways that you can use a poem when celebrating this magical age. Use the table of contents to navigate by title or simply scroll through for inspiration.

    As I turn 30

    I can’t help but think
    About all the things that I have yet to do.
    There’s still so much out there for me to see,
    So many places I want to go,
    So many people I want to meet.
    It’s an exciting time, full of possibilities,
    And I can’t wait to see what the next few decades bring.

    30 Is Just a Number

    30 is just a number
    A milestone that we pass on our way to bigger and better things.
    So don’t be sad or scared
    When you turn 30 –
    Be excited for all the adventures that await you!

    The Journey Has Just Begun

    30 is only the start
    So many places to see
    So many things to do.
    It’s a new age. A good time.
    These birthday greetings,
    are for a short time.
    But you my friend, are like fine wine.

    30 Years Now

    30 years now
    So many things yet to be done
    Middle age is not quite here.
    Exciting times ahead!

    It’s Not So Bad

    It’s not so bad being 30
    I’ve accomplished quite a lot
    My body’s starting to feel the wear
    But that’s okay, I don’t care
    I’m wiser now, more experienced
    So bring on the celebrations
    For my 30th birthday!

    No One Like You

    Happy birthday! I hope this day is as wonderful as you are.
    You make every day a joy, and I’m so grateful to have you in my life.
    I wish you all the happiness in the world on this special day.
    May your birthday be just the beginning of a wonderful year full of joy.

    Happy THIRTY

    T – thankful for you
    H – happiness in all that you do
    I – interest and passion
    R – rarely hold back
    T – think…
    Y – your best years yet

    Life Is Beautiful

    life is beautiful,
    but it can also be hard.
    we go through so many highs and lows,
    but in the end, it’s all worth it.
    because when we look back on our lives,
    we’ll see that we’ve had some amazing moments.
    so don’t give up,
    keep fighting,
    because life is beautiful.

    Wonderful Adventure

    Turning 30
    Is a wonderful adventure
    It’s happiness in small things
    Looking forward
    to 40.

    Getting Older

    As time goes by,
    We all grow old and grey.
    But our memories stay alive.

    Old Age

    Old age is like a worn out book
    With pages we’ve read too many times
    Faded memories inside

    30 Is…

    Bones creaking
    Joints aching
    Muscles hurting
    Oh wait…
    That’s 60.
    Happy birthday.


    As I wander through the world
    I see so many things that amaze
    The colors and the shapes
    The way the light reflects in the water
    It’s all so wondrous to me
    Every time I see something new
    I can’t help but feel wonder
    It fills my heart with happiness

    Just One Year Older

    Happy Birthday to you,
    You are one year older today.
    I hope you have a great day,
    And enjoy all the things you do.
    May your birthday be happy and fun,
    And may all your dreams come true.
    I wish you all the best on this special day,

    30 Is a Number

    30 is just a number
    Yours is just a name
    Everything behind us
    Will always stay the same.
    The future’s looking bright
    Everything could change.
    Happiness is inside you
    If you call to it by name.

    Cheers To You

    Happy birthday to my best friend
    Who always makes me laugh
    No matter how bad the day is going
    Your sense of humor is unrivaled
    I don’t know what I would do without you
    Especially on this special day
    I hope you have a birthday that’s fun and funny
    Filled with all the things you love
    So cheers to you my best friend
    Here’s to many more years of laughs and fun
    I love you and I hope you have a birthday that’s amazing!

    Thoughts on 30

    If turning 30
    Feels old
    How 90
    will be.
    Happy birthday, dear friend.


    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    You’re turning 30
    Which means I will be too.

    Everything and Nothing

    Thirty is both
    everything and nothing.
    It’s a milestone. And a stone mile.
    You have
    Nothing to lose.
    Everything to gain.
    But don’t worry about that now…
    Cake awaits.


    When you were a teenager,
    you were a catepillar.

    In your 20s,
    you were wrapped, in a cocoon.

    Your 30s,
    these are your butterfly years.
    Spread your wings. Fly.

    If You’re 30 And You Know It

    If you’re 30 and you know it, clap your hands
    Stomp your feet.
    Shout hooray!
    It’s your birthday!
    And these things might not work tomorrow so
    use them today!

    Cheers To Me

    Happy 30th birthday to me,
    A decade ago I was just a teen,
    Now I’m all grown up, or so they say,
    Though I don’t feel much different today.
    I don’t really care about getting old,
    My wrinkles and gray hairs are fine with me,

    I’ll just keep on doing what I do,
    And hope that I’ll stay young at heart.
    So cheers to me, on this special day,
    Let’s raise a glass and celebrate,
    30 is just the start of something new,

    A journey that I’m excited to take.

    The Big 3-0

    You know what they say about the big 3-0
    You dread it
    Until you’ve knocked on the door
    And know for yourself
    That the big 3-0 is the best birthday yet.

    Thirty Is For…

    Loving life.
    Standing up.
    Enjoying your time.
    Taking it slow.
    Embracing it all.
    Happy birthday.

    Thirty Means

    T – Thinking
    H – How
    I – I’m
    R – Really
    T – Thirty
    Y – YAY

    Simple HBD

    Happy birthday, dear friend,
    May all of your dreams come true.
    We all love you very much,
    And we hope this special day is just perfect for you.

    Bring It On

    I don’t feel old
    But I do feel a change
    A maturity that wasn’t there before
    A perspective that wasn’t there before
    My 20s were fun and wild
    But now I want more
    I want to be wiser, I want to be kinder
    I want to be all that I can be
    And I’m excited to see what the next decade brings
    It’s a new chapter in my life
    A chapter that I’m ready to write
    Bring on the 30s!

    Just a Dream

    It’s just a dream to be
    An age that felt so far away
    One that means “freedom”
    It’s just a dream to blow
    out 30 candles. On a cake
    Made with love.
    30. I’m ready for you.

    This Is Nothing

    30 is nothing I’d thought it be
    It’s better than anything I ever dreamed.
    20 is for figuring it out.
    The foundation is built.
    Now you get to live in the house.
    It’s a great time.

    This Is Everything

    Hip hip hooray
    It’s your 30th birthday!
    Happy, happy, happy
    we’ll be! As we celebrate
    You! On the day as it was meant to be.
    Happy thirtieth birthday!

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    Ways To Use These Poems

    As Unique Gifts

    If you are looking for the perfect, customizable 30th birthday gift, Etsy is a great place to start!

    A few items that I suggest are this customizable drinking glass, this cute album (it would be great to document a bucket list of things to do in your thirties), or this notebook.

    Add inspirational 30th birthday wishes, a short friendship poem, or an important line from a favorite song to customize your gift.

    As Card Messages

    It’s typical to give a birthday card as part of a present to the birthday gal or guy, but what if you can’t think of the right words to say? Memorable 30th birthday messages can be hard to think of. These poems can make that hard moment easier!

    Add one of these to a 30th birthday card for a friend or family member to make it a birthday they’ll never forget.

    As Wall Art

    Print one of these out and hang it on your wall for embracing your thirties! Add one to a gallery wall or use it as the background of your computer for an awhile.

    Something Funny

    If you’re looking for something funny, check out our humorous 30th birthday memes and jokes here! Nothing completes a card like funny happy 30th birthday quotes.

    In Summary

    I hope you or your loved one has a happy birthday! Turning 30 years of age really isn’t scary at all. It’s ultimately just a number. Which of these turning 30 poems was your favorite?

    These poems may not be republished without express permission from GenThirty. They may not be used for commercial purposes.

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