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Why These Brides Are Glad They Didn’t Get Married Until Their 30s

I recently wrote about why I, personally, am glad I didn’t get married until I was in my 30s. I wanted to write it for myself, but also because I knew it would resonate with a lot of others – both those who didn’t get married until their 30s as well, plus those single 20-somethings who may be feeling discouraged.

What I didn’t realize was how much it would resonate with people! I heard from fellow 30-something year old brides, single 20-something year olds, and those in their 30s waiting for their boyfriend to pop the question.

It was really heartwarming hearing all of that great feedback and reaction to it. I’m glad to be part of your “I’m not alone” in this realization.

Firsthand Testimonies from Brides Glad They Married in Their 30s

Naturally, because of this, I wanted to do a follow-up and give you even more great stories of brides who didn’t get married until their 30s. Here are some thoughts and highlights from other 30-something year old brides on why they’re glad they didn’t get married in until their 30s. Their ages marked below are the ages they were when they walked down the aisle.

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“When I was pursuing dating in my 30s, my priorities changed. I stopped making excuses for people and their actions. I learned to weed out the people who were ‘threatened’ by a successful, independent woman; I wanted a partner who would celebrate any personal or professional milestones without being resentful or trying to cut me down because of their own insecurities.

I also put priorities on the qualities I wanted the father of my future children to have. To me these two things went hand-in-hand and had a lot of common crossover which really helped me focus on finding a true partner.” – Maria, 37

“Getting married in my 30s, I think, is the best move our generation can make. First and foremost, getting married at an older age allows you to focus on your career and have that job established with a long term dream career already happening when going into marriage.

Secondly, you’re able to mature even more and understand what it’s like to live either on your own or with another person if you moved out of your childhood home prior to getting married. Last but not least, you’re able to save money for the actual wedding or the purchase of a home.

As you get older you stop going out and spending money on stupid things like you were doing without even thinking in your 20s. Saving becomes more of a priority, and it makes things a lot easier” – Georgiana, 31

“I loved getting married in my thirties! Because I had been to so many weddings by then, I had a really good vision of what I wanted out of the day for me and my husband, and also for our guests—and we had the financial means and the personal conviction to deliver on both!

I also felt relieved that the burden on my friends (both financially, and in terms of leave from work) was easier than when we were in our twenties; this relief allowed me and my loved ones to be more present in the celebrations.

I felt more confident and beautiful in my body than in my twenties, simply because of all of the work I’ve done over the years to love myself and my body—nothing like the radiance and glow that feeling good in your own skin gives you!

Finally, and most importantly for me, I found myself so much more comfortable identifying and communicating my wants and preferences as a bride (for the dress; for makeup; for food; guest list—everything!) because I had had a lot of practice throughout my twenties learning what I liked and learning how to kindly, but firmly, advocate for myself and for those preferences.” – Abby, 32

Brides Are Glad They Didn't Get Married Until Their 30s.A wedding reception table is laid with white and crystal dinnerware and a bright warm flower centerpiece.

“The best thing for me about being married in my 30s was our bridal party. It wasn’t huge. We didn’t feel the need to include all of our friends from high school and college. We knew who the most important people were in our lives and chose them. It was perfect.” – Megan, 30

“Getting married in my 30s was an absolute blast! It felt like I was the captain of the love ship, steering it straight into wedded bliss. Unlike some friends I know who tied the knot in their 20s and had their parents orchestrating the whole thing, my fiance and I were the maestros of our celebration.

We footed the bill for the whole thing, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I think it was because of this that our parents didn’t really get involved!

Our wedding was exactly how we wanted it to be, with who we wanted to be there invited. I don’t think I would have had the same experience if I had gotten married in my 20s.” – Charlotte, 35

“Getting married in your 30s is better for many reasons! I felt very calm on my wedding day I knew that whatever was going to happen was out of my control. I knew at the end of the day I was marrying the love of my life. We were about to start a whole new journey together.” – Emily, 31

“Honestly, I never imagined I’d be happy about tying the knot in my 30s. All through my 20s, I wanted to be a bride. Fast forward to my mid-30s, and bam! It finally happened, and it was beyond perfect.

I knew exactly what I wanted, didn’t second-guess myself, and stayed much more calm than I would have in my 20s. Oh, and let’s spill the tea – while some of my 20s-era buddies are already dealing with divorce drama, I’m downright ecstatic that I didn’t rush into anything back then. I feel like I dodged a bullet, and now my marriage is my own little slice of perfection!” – Nikki, 36

Brides Are Glad They Didn't Get Married Until Their 30s. Man and woman stand in a sunlit field facing each other, clasping hands, and smiling.

Summary: Why These Brides Are Glad They Didn’t Get Married Until Their 30s

The confidence and comfort these brides had because they didn’t get married until their 30s is amazing! They built foundations for themselves not only in their professional lives but in their personal lives too.

And for all these brides who are glad they didn’t get married until their 30s, there is that groom who is also reaping the benefits. Being a whole and strong person who can pair with someone who is also that way is so special.

Did you get married in your 30s, too? Let us know in the comments the reasons you loved walking down the aisle in your 30s!

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