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16 Exciting and Engaging Advent Calendars For Kids

Looking for the best Advent Calendars for kids? Here are 15 that we absolutely love! If we had to pick one, the KiwiCo advent calendar is our favorite.

Advent calendars are fun for both kids and adults! They can get your children looking even more forward to Christmas. They’re sure to get excited each day seeing what little treat they are opening up as they count down to Christmas. Dedicating time to it each day is also a good and easy way to have some family bonding, too.

Nowadays, there are so many different advent calendars out there, including ones that are great for families and kids. If you’re looking for one to add even more festive cheer to your household this Christmas season, try one of these advent calendars for kids that your little ones are sure to love!

Just a note: All pricing was accurate at the time of publishing but may have changed since then.

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16 Exciting and Fun Advent Calendars For Kids

Makeup Advent Calendar

This makeup advent calendar has 37(!!!) pieces for your makeup/princess loving girl (or boy!). It's a great price too.

03/12/2024 03:45 am GMT

Disney100 Storybook Advent Calendar $28.79

Chances are your kids love Disney, right? As Disney celebrates its 100th anniversary, it’s made a special storybook advent calendar. It comes with individually wrapped storybooks that feature some of your favorite Disney and Pixar characters. Each storybook is 24 pages long. Unwrap the book during the day and then at night, have that be your kid’s bedtime story!

Mattel Disney Princess Advent Calendar $49.99

Does your little girl love everything princess? This advent calendar comes with four small princess dolls – Tiana, Cinderella, Arielle, and Belle. Some other surprises include Flounder and Sebastian from “The Littler Mermaid”, Jaq from “Cinderella,” Lumiere from “Beauty and the Beast,” and Naveen from “The Princess and the Frog.”

Kiwi Co Advent Calendars $37.46+

A twist on the classic advent calendar – instead of just unwrapping a surprise each day, you are actually building a winter wonderland together! Every day they will unwrap the gift. Then it’ll be used to create a new part of your winter wonderland.

Santa’s Railroad and The Christmas Village are still in stock!

Fisher Price Little People Advent Calendar $26.99

If your little one is still super little, the Fisher Price Little People Advent Calendar is a great first-ever advent calendar. Each day, they’ll unwrap a different Little People figurine and/or accessories. In typical Fisher Price Little People fashion, they are all chunky, making it good for little hands.

HABA My Very First Advent Calendar Bear Family Christmas $39.99

What surprises wait behind the 24 little doors?

Includes 22 wooden figures, 2 dice, 1 3D play backdrop and 1 story book with 24 short stories, games and activities.

Crayola Christmas Countdown Activity Advent Calendar $28.80

Your kids love coloring and painting, don’t they? Crayola’s here to help them release their inner artist with their advent calendar.

Not only will you be unwrapping markers, crayons, craft supplies and paint pots, but it also comes with activities for each day. If you’re looking for an advent calendar to keep them buy while you finish your holiday shopping or cooking, this one’s for you.

advent calendars for kids

DIY Ornament Advent Calendar $40

Another advent calendar that’ll get those creative juice going! Each day, they’ll unwrap a different felt-and-sticker ornament crafting project. There’s no gluing or sewing required and there’s even picture instructions if needed. Bonus games are also included in the box like scramble, word search, and more. Your kids will love seeing the ornaments they made on your tree!

advent calendars for kids

Crazy Scientist Family Games Advent Calendar $34.95

If you already have family game nights, this is the advent calendar for you. It’ll bring even more family fun to your house as you’re unwrapping a different game each day! Not only will you be having loads of fun together as a family, but you’ll now have more opportunities for family bonding. Games included vary from dice games like Yatzee to party games like mini bowling.

Crazy Scientist Advent Calendar $39

Do your kids love science and experiments? This advent calendar will give them a different at-home science experiment to do every single day. The experiments range from magnetics to biology to mechanics. Your kids will be busy for hours!

Roblox Action Collection Advent Calendar $39.98

If your kids are obsessed with Roblox, this advent calendar will definitely get them excited. It includes six surprise figures plus clothes and accessories to use on them. That’s not all – it also comes with two codes your kids can use to unlock virtual items when they play the Roblox game.

Thomas & Friends MINIS Advent Calendar $39.99

Does your little one love Thomas the Tank Engine? Or do they just love trains? This Thomas & Friends MINIs Advent Calendar will have them unwrapping 24 miniature toy trains and other railway vehicles. Six exclusive holiday-themed mini train engines are also included. This advent calendar also helps stimulate pretend play and helps strengthen fine motor skills.

Hot Wheels Advent Calendar $21.12

If they’re more into cars than trains, the Hot Wheels advent calendar may be the one for you. Not only will they be unwrapping eight cool new cars, but they’ll also get accessories like snowplow and sleigh add-ons. This is great for imaginary play, too.

Makeup Advent Calendar $32.99

If your little one is obsessed with your makeup, this advent calendar will give them their own – meaning they can stop ruining yours! You’ll unwrap a cosmetic bag, mirror, brushes, jewel stickers, lip gloss, powder, blush, a hair clip, hair chalk, and more. Your little one will have their own makeup bag now and no longer need yours.

Fidget Advent Calendars $31.99

In the past few years, fidget spinners and other sensory toys have become so popular. This calendar will give your child 24 new toys to play with! It includes cubes to spin, pop fidget toys, and marbles to roll. Especially during the busy holiday season, these new toys will give them some anxiety-free stimulation.

Barbie Cutie Reveal Advent Calendar $33.99

This year has been the year of the Barbie. If your kid’s still talking about the movie or just super obsessed with Barbie, this advent calendar is for you. On day one, they’ll unwrap a Barbie doll that’s dressed in a wintery ensemble – a furry silver deer costume. For the next 23 days, they’ll unwrap outfits, accessories, and pets for their new Barbie.

Any of these advent calendars for kids will make a great choice to lead up to Christmas! Pick one that your kids will love the most. And we promise they’ll look forward to it every day!

advent calendars for kids

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