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The Best Kids Shoes For Disney [2023]

Looking for the best kids shoes for Disney? Here are our top 9 picks for babies, toddlers, and big kids to enjoy the magical kingdom!

As you plan for your Disney visit, thinking about the right shoes to get for your child may seem like a small thing. However, it could be one of the more important decisions you make, and your little one’s feet will thank you for it.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing the right shoes for your kiddo for Disney. We’ll also give recommendations of some of the best shoes you can buy for Disney in 2023.  

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Short on time? Here are my top picks:

What you need to consider for shoes for Disney

Here are some of the most important things you need to consider if you are thinking about buying the best kids’ shoes for Disney parks: 


The right shoes for your child should leave lots of room in the toe area. They should not pinch or feel tight.

Instead, go for a snug fit that offers lots of support for her feet.

Consider having your child’s feet measured and to help get good shoes that fit her well.

Finally, avoid the temptation of buying shoes that are too large to large so she can grow into them! It may sound like a good idea but can lead to discomfort and bigger issues.


Wearing shoes that are the wrong size for too long can lead to various types of foot injuries. That’s the last thing you’d want, especially a vacation.

Plus, shoes that are too large or too small are very uncomfortable even for adults.

This effect compounds when it comes to kids especially when they have no idea what to do to fix the situation while wearing the wrong shoes.

Comfort level

Comfort should be your main priority when choosing shoes for your Disney vacation.

While most kids’ shoes look cute, try to look beyond that and go for the most comfortable walking shoes instead of the most adorable ones.

Your little one is going to be doing lots of walking throughout all the amusement parks, so get her some comfy flat shoes. 


Florida is known for its hot days, heat and humidity.

If your child has to walk for hours in these conditions, you want to ensure that her footwear is breathable enough so she won’t sweat too much.

The best walking shoes are breathable shoes will make her feet sweat less, allowing her to be comfortable for longer. 


Kids’ shoes come in lots of different colors.

Choose a stylish shoe that matches your little one’s tastes and preferences.

Also, consider the outfit that she will wear with those shoes.

Above all else, take into account your little one’s opinions as well, especially if she is old enough to make up her mind on such things.

There is no point in getting something that your child will throw tantrums about every time she has to wear it! 

Broken In

Don’t let your little one go to Disney with brand-new shoes.

Instead, have her use well-broken-in shoes that are guaranteed to be comfortable.

If you buy her a new pair of shoes for the trip to the magical kingdom, be sure to do it early enough so you have some time to break them in before going on your trip.

You can have her do this by wearing them around the house and walking around in them for a few days. 


Supportive shoes are also important for any Disney World vacation.

The type of shoe you find might be comfortable but if they are not supportive they may even damage your little one’s feet in the long run.

For example, flip flops may be a popular choice with kids, but they are not a great choice for supportive footwear.

You want your little one’s new shoes to be able to stay on her heels throughout the day. It should also have a supportive footbed and enough arch support. 

The Best Kids Shoes For Disney

Top Pick for Babies

Ten Little First Walker

First Walkers - Sage Green

These ultra-lightweight, super-flexible Ten Little First Walker shoes are designed to help your little one comfortably take her first wobbly steps.

Featuring a flat rubber outsole, a breathable material, adjustable velcro straps, and roomy toe boxes, they are a great choice for Disney parks because they fit well and are very comfortable. 

They come in 5 colors and 7 sizes.

What you’ll love:

  • Velcro straps for adjustability
  • Soft and breathable cotton material
  • Unisex color options
  • Wide opening for easy on and off
  • High-traction rubber sole

What could be improved upon: 

  • If your child enjoys being barefoot, they may be a bit too structured for her

Click here to shop Ten Little’s First Walkers

Top Picks for Toddlers

Here is our list of the best shoes for toddlers that are perfectly suited for Disney theme parks: 

Ten Little Sandals – TOP PICK

Everyday Sandals - Sandy Brown

Ten Little Sandals are the perfect combination of safety, comfort, and functionality.

Perfect for any Florida excursion, they are the best sandals for toddlers who are just becoming confident in their walking and running.

They feature a toe-cage style that stays in place while also allowing for air to flow through those tiny feet. This makes them some of the most breathable shoe options on this list.

Plus, they are very easy to put on and take off.

Finally, they come with thick rubber soles that are also lightweight and flexible at the same time. They are a great option for comfortable sandals and your toddler will absolutely love them! 

They currently come in 3 color options and 19 sizes.

What you’ll love:

  • They are unisex
  • Made entirely using vegan, non-toxic materials
  • They are water resistant
  • Easy to find the right fit that is comfortable and healthy
  • Come with velcro straps for more convenience

What could be improved upon:

  • Ten Little Sandals have limited color options. You only get your choice of 3 different colors.

Shop Ten Little’s Everyday Sandals here.

Ten Little Sneakers – TOP PICK

Ten Little Sneakers are a great choice for toddlers and big kids!

They feature a wide foot and a foot-shaped toe box. They are a great choice for walking around with at Disney because they come with no-slip tongues and non-skid soles.

You’ll also love the sturdy laces that are designed to help your little one learn to tie them independently. 

They come in 14 colors and 19 sizes.

What you’ll love:

  • Available in toddler and big kid sizes
  • Unisex color options that are great for both boys and girls
  • The insoles have fun character designs that will help your kiddo remember left and right
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Made using vegan, non-toxic materials
  • 14 color options

What could be improved upon

  • They hold up well in the rain but are not completely waterproof

Shop Ten Little’s Everyday Original Sandals here

TEVA Sandals – Best For Ages 5+

Teva Sandals are yet another great choice for toddlers or older kids.

These sandals are uniquely designed for little feet, featuring velcro straps that little hands can manipulate independently.

They also come in delightful colors that your little one will instantly fall in love with.

They have flexible soles and a comfortable fit, which makes them a practical choice for when your kiddo has to walk long distances for long hours.

If you have been looking for practical, comfortable, and possibly one of the best pairs of sandals your little one has ever owned, this is it! 

What you’ll love:

  • Without any bells and whistles
  • Super comfortable and flexible
  • Guaranteed secure fit on tiny feet
  • Very easy to put on and take off, helps teach kids independence
  • They have a simple design that gets the job done

What could be improved upon:

  • Since they are so easy to put on and take off, your toddler will probably take them off on her own, which means potentially losing one or both shoes on your trip

Shop TEVA Sandals here.

See Kai Run – Most Breathable Sneaker

See Kai Run is another great toddler footwear brand that makes proportionally engineered toddler shoes that are designed to promote the healthy foot development of your little munchkin.

Their shoes come in fun, functional designs. See Kai Run shoes are highly breathable, comfortable, and super flexible to allow for your little one’s natural movement and growth.

What’s more, their shoes are made using recycled eco-friendly materials that are kind to mother nature! 

What you’ll love:

  • High-quality shoes that promote the healthy development of your little one’s feet
  • Lightweight and extra flexible, perfect for long distances and all day comfort
  • Won the American Podiatric Medical Association’s (APMA) Seal of Acceptance
  • Lots of different colors and design options

What could be improved upon

  • If your child has wide feet, the shoe may be a little difficult to get on

Natives – Best To Get Wet

Natives Shoes feature a unique odor-resistant design that is very easy to clean.

The shoes are available in a massive selection of colors and design treatments.

Made entirely using EVA material, they are very lightweight and extremely comfortable.

They are also very easy to slip on and off, which is exactly what your little one’s tootsies need at Disney! 

The pricing and color availability varies from store to store so make sure you check around and compare!

What you’ll love:

  • Have perforations that ensure breathability and
  • Odor resistant and anti-microbial
  • Lots of color and design options to choose from
  • Water-resistant and fast drying, perfect for going on water rides and walking around the water parks

What could be improved upon:

  • Some parents have found the fit a little too snug

Vivobarefoot – Best Barefoot Shoe For Disney

Vivibarefoot makes ultra-flexible shoes with just the right amount of padding to cushion and protect your little one’s feet.

They are a great choice for toddlers who are still building their physicality, resilience, and strength on their feet.

If you have been looking for the perfect shoe that works well in all weather, and one that your little one will love long after you get back from your Disney trip, this is it! 

What you’ll love:

  • Velcro straps make the shoes easy to put on and take off
  • Very thin sole that gives them a natural feel on your toddler’s feet
  • Super flexible, breathable, and some of the most comfortable shoes on this list
  • Made using water-resistant materials

What could be improved upon

  • Are a little pricey

Click here to shop Vivobarefoot.

Plae Ty – Most Longevity

Plae Ty makes sneakers for active kids. Their shoes are very well made, exactly what your little one needs to jump, run, and go on adventures.

Plae Ty shoes are a great choice for Disney because they are highly breathable and water resistant.

They also have super comfortable soles which makes them perfect for long days at Disney World.

What you’ll love:

  • Very durable; hold up very well despite being
    abused by toddlers
  • Convenient velcro straps for easy on and off
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Water-resistant

What could be improved upon

  • The fit can be a little snug for kiddos with wider feet

Get 20% off your first Plae purcahse here.

Allbirds – Machine Washable

Allbirds is a brand that is famous for its wool runners. Their toddler shoes are aptly named Smallbirds and boy, aren’t they delightful!

The best part about them is that there is no need to wear socks with them because they are just so breathable and comfortable.

Made using itch-free merino wool, they are soft and lightweight, and good for the environment. A great choice for long walks around Disney world! 

What you’ll love:

  • Made using eco-friendly materials
  • Lightweight, soft, and comfortable
  • Lots of color options are available
  • They are machine washable for ease of cleaning

What could be improved upon

  • They hold up well in the rain but are not water resistant

Final Thoughts on The Best Kids Shoes For Disney

On average, Walt Disney World guests walk between 7 and 10 miles a day. That’s a lot of walking for little ones!

Other factors are also going to affect your choice of footwear, including things like Florida’s weather (which is famous for its heat, humidity, and daily 20-minute rains).

This means your choice of shoes for your kids is going to be very important when you vacation at Disney, or else you risk dealing with swollen feet or wet shoes.

You don’t need to buy water shoes specifically, but water-resistant or water-proof athletic shoes that support your child’s feet are a must.

With the tips outlined here, along with our recommendations for the best kids’ shoes for Disney in 2023, we hope that making this decision for your little one will be a lot easier. Good luck!

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