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Lovevery The Analyst Play Kit Review (Months 46, 47, 48) – Is It Worth It?

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Are you wondering if the Lovevery Analyst Play Kit is worth it? In short, the answer is YES!

For $120 there is so much targetd value in this kit. The items will last through multiple children (we had had many of our Lovevery toys for almost 4 years now). Both of my kids have played with them (and not gently at that) and they are still in great condition.

In this post, I’m sharing my personal Lovevery Analyst Play Kit Review and why I would buy it over again!

There are several of the 3-year old play kits that I chose to skip but I bought this one specifically because it offered so much value!

What Skills Does The Analyst Play Kit Teach Kids?

This play kit is designed to target fine motor skills, sensory play, STEM puzzles, and introduce fractions through hands-on activities like cooking.

More specifically, it targets:

  • matching
  • language skills
  • puzzles
  • fine motor skills
  • visualization

I knew there were several activities in this box my oldest especially would love but there are also a couple of things my 21 month old likes too. More on that below!

What Comes In The Analyst Play Kit

Montessori Sensory Box

This is one of the items that convinced me to get this box. I knew both of my kids would like it.

It’s a sensory box that allows you to play objects inside (it comes with a set of several pairs). Both of my kids like taking things in and out of it.

Pattern Match Boats & Cards Set

This is something I was most excited to open up for my 4 year old. It helps kids translate 2D pictures into 3D objects. He’s had a lot of fun with it!

My only wish is that this had it’s own storage container for the pieces but it’s not a deal breaker.

Stackable Fraction Cups

These are designed to help littles understand parts of a whole and fractions with nesting measuring cups.

My oldest isn’t quite into this yet conceptually but this is a great way to introduce it to him and also I know we will get more use out of this over the next year.

Visual Recipe Cards

My son likes helping in the kitchen and this is a great way to introduce easy recipes to him.

Color Theory Puzzle

Both of my kids LOVE puzzles. Like are completely obsessed and also quite good at them. Whenever there is a puzzle involved, I’m pretty much sold.

This one has been fun to introduce color theory but also because my 21-month old is starting to label all of his colors so it’s a toy they both like and get use out of in different ways.

First Sewing Kit

Made for fine motor skills for handwriting this Montessori-inspired activity is not one I have introduced yet.

I’m going to wait until my son is closer to 4.5 to bring this out. He’s never been super inspired by threading activities and has just in the past six months started to get into art so I think he’ll like this much more if I introduce it 6 months from now.

‘Quarter, Half, and Whole’ Book

We love the Lovevery books and already have one about counting and baking so I’m glad we have this one now to build upon that!

Our Lovevery books are some of our most-read favorites. I love that they use real people in their books and real life concepts.

Other Inclusions

The box also includes a Get Started Guide for the sewing kit and the Play Guide for Months 46, 47, 48 which goes into more detail on what you can do with your nearly 4 year old.

I like these guides for inspiration when I’m struggling to come up with new ideas myself.

You can also add on two additional books for $18 (titled “You Can Do It” and “The Sleepover”).

Overall Thoughts On the Analyst Play Kit From Lovevery

I’m really glad we purchased this play kit from Lovevery! We own most of them (purchased with my own money – they have never been gifted to us and I’ve raved about them for years).

This kit has a lot of great items for many things we will do over the next year and I’m really glad we have it. I don’t think you’ll regret it in the slightest!

Check out the  Lovevery Analyst Play Kit for yourself here!

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