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25 Water Toys for Kids

Lookin for water toys for kids? Here are 25 amazing options for everyone from young toddlers to grandparents to enjoy on a hot day!

Kids everywhere love playing in the water during the summertime. Water toys can provide tons of fun, while helping to cool off on hot days.

Whether you have a pool, a beach trip planned, or a sprinkler set up in your backyard, these 25 water toys for kids are sure to make your little ones smile.

Outdoor water toys are a must-have for outdoor play. On this list, I’ve covered everything from a baby pool to the best bath toys for little kids to things even big kids will love.

From kiddie pools to a giant splash pad to a trampoline sprinkler, there’s something here for everyone on a hot summer day.

I’ve also tried to consider good prices too – most things on this list are pretty affordable. The price range is from as low as $15 to up to a few hundred for larger items.

From squirt guns to pools, these water toys will provide hours of fun for children of all ages. So prepare for some splashing good times with these great water toys for kids!

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25 Top Water Toys For Kids

1. Slip and Slide:

Kids can have a blast sliding down this long sheet of slippery plastic. Just add a little bit of soap, sprinkle on some water, and they’ll be ready to go.

You can also purcahse some pretty cool slip and slides that have a variety of features. Here are some great options:

2. Squirt Guns:

Everyone loves a good game of squirt gun wars! Pick up some colorful water guns in all shapes and sizes, then get ready for hours of fun soaking each other.

I always had fun as a kid with a water blaster as my siblings and I got older.

3. Bath Blocks

This STEM block construction set is perfect for bath time! They are such fun water toys!

Your child can make boats, planes, bridges, towers, and more! The options are endless – and they’re a fun backyard water toy too.

4. Water Balloon Launcher:

Take your water balloon fights to the next level with this launcher. Fill up your balloons and let them soar through the air!

I would definitely get something like for this kids ages 10+.

You can use the water balloons in different ways, exploring all kinds of games.

5. Kiddie Pool:

A kiddie pool is a great way to keep little ones cool during hot summer days. Keep it filled with clean, fresh water, and they can splash around without worry of getting too cold or overheating in the sun.

Inflatable pools are always a hit, too.

Check out my non-toxic pool options here.

6. Water Table:

A water table is a great toy for toddlers and young children, as it helps to encourage imaginative play and sensory exploration in the water environment.

With this awesome toy, your little one can learn about pouring, scooping, straining, and more! This is one of our most-used water toys in the summer months!

7. Sprinkler:

Oh, as classic. Hook up a sprinkler to your garden hose and let the kids run through as it sprays cool water. This is an easy way to keep them cool and entertained!

Make sure you check your water pressure for the best results.

7. Giant Inflatable Sprinkler

Speaking of sprinklers, this giant inflatable unicorn sprinkler is next level fun.

It also comes in a dinosaur version. And both are surprisingly affordable at under $50.

8. Pool Noodles:

Pool noodles are great for making your own water toys. Your kids can make their own boats, sea creatures, and more with these flexible foam tubes!

9. Waterfall Discovery Wall:

From Step2, this waterfall wall is exciting for little ones.

Older kids can adjust the the included accessories and pour the water down the wall for STEM exploration.

10. Splash Pad:

Set up this inflatable mat in the pool or on the beach and let your little ones run around on it with their shoes off. They’ll be able to splash, slide, and play to their heart’s content!

Get a giant splash pad if you have a lot of people!

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11. Bouncing Water Balls

This set of bouncing water balls comes in 15 color options.

It was called the “Hottest New Beach Toy of 2022” because the balls and disc skip across the water for endless hours of fun with these outdoor toys.

12. Pool Floats:

Whether they’re lounging around on a giant peacock float or going down the lazy river, pool floats can provide hours of fun for all ages.

Make sure you grab an air pump to blow them up!

13. Inflatable Water Slide

This inflatable water slide with climbing and pool combo is the ultimate outdoor water toy for kids.

It doubles as a bounce house too for even more fun.

14. Water Wheel:

Set up this water wheel in the pool or over a bucket and watch as it turns with the flow of water. Spin it faster to make bigger waves!

This is perfect for littles under 3!

15. Beach Toys:

Sand castles, pails and shovels, and rakes are all essential beach toys for your kids. Let them dig away and build their own creations with these classic toys.

15. Inflatable Wheel Roller:

I would have been obsessed with this as a kid!

This floats in the pool or can also roll on land. It holds up to 300lbs so it can fit many kids!

16. Bubble Wand:

This giant bubble wand kit is a hit for kids of all ages.

Make bubbles for them to enjoy or have older kids make them themselves.

For under $20, this is a great deal for endless hours of entertainment.

17. Water Park Sprinkler Toy

Hook this up to your hose and you have hours of fun!

With water spraying from all directions, they will never be bored!

18. Water Volleyball Set

This set is definitely meant for older kids (ages 13+) but it offers endless hours of fun for your little athletes.

It’s affordable too, offering many options for play under $40.

19. Glow Sticks

Don’t ever underestimate what glow sticks can do for water play!

Whether your kids are in the bath or pool outside, they’ll love playing with bright glowing sticks in and out of the water.

20. Bubbles and Joy Subscription Box

This monthly subscription box makes bath time a breeze.

Each month comes with premium bath toys designed to be mold-free and sustainable.

They are hours of endless fun! You can also purcahse one-off boxes.

21. Easy Fill Water Balloons

Water balloon are quintessential summer fun.

Maximize your balloons with this quick-fill set for an afternoon of fun.

22. Sand and Water Table

This 2-in-1 sand a water table is a huge hit for toddlers and young kids

There are different variations available but this one allows for separate bins.

Be prepared to get messy with this one!

23. Fishing Rod

If your little one loves getting out on the water, treat them to this mini fishing rod and tackle box.

Fishing is great for the outdoorsy family, plus it’s excellent for improving hand-eye coordination.

24. Paw Patrol Water Rescue Pack

If your kids love Paw Patrol like mine do, they’ll be obsessed with this water rescue pack.

It’s under $20 and lets them spray water to put out fires like the pups! To Adventure Bay, everyone!

25. Trampoline Sprinkler

Take jumping to the next level with this trampoline sprinkler!

Best for older kids, it’s an easy way to turn an existing backyard feature into something unique! You can use a standard hose to hook it up.

10 Water Safety Tips for Kids

Water safety should always be top of mind when children are playing in or around water. Here are some tips to help keep kids safe:

1. Water safety. Make sure kids wear life jackets when swimming, boating, and participating in other water activities. Kids should also wear life jackets during pool time for extra protection.

2. Swim classes. Make sure kids know how to swim. Enroll your children in swimming lessons so they can learn the basics of water safety and survival.

3. Awareness. Teach children not to play or jump into bodies of water without an adult’s permission, even if the water looks shallow and calm.

4. Teach. Educate kids about rip currents and teach them what to do if they get caught in one.

5. Always pay attention. For younger children, never leave them unattended around water and always be within arm’s reach of your child anytime they are near a pool or other body of water.

6. Check the weather. Be aware of the weather conditions when engaging in water activities with children. Strong winds and sudden weather changes can be dangerous, so it’s best to plan ahead and know what to expect before the activity.

7. Inspect. Make sure all water toys are inspected for wear and tear before use, and replace any that are damaged or worn down.

8. Educate. Educate children about dangers such as electric shock, suction entrapment, and other risks associated with swimming in pools.

9. Supervise. Always supervise kids when they are playing with water toys, such as inflatables or flotation devices.

10. Plan. Make sure there is an emergency plan in place for any type of water activity that your family engages in. Safety first, always.

By following these tips, children can stay safe and enjoy their water play activities!

In Summary: Best Water Toys For Kids

These are just some of the awesome water toys available for kids. With so many options, you’ll be sure to find something that your little ones will love.

So don’t forget to pick up a few of these great water toys when summer comes around! I hope you found something you love in this list of best backyard water toys for kids!

They will last a long time and be great for everyone from younger kids to teenagers. Enjoy your sunny day!

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