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30 Cool Hairstyles for Men in Their 30s

Looking for hairstyles for men in their 30s? Here are 30 cool and classic hair cuts to inspire you on your next trip to the barber.

Are you a man in your 30s looking for a new hairstyle? It isn’t easy to know what will look best, especially since most trends are geared toward younger generations these days.

Many men in their 30s start to refine their hairstyles so it suits their features, looks professional and clean, and defines their look. If this is where you’re at, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place for hairstyle inspiration.

Fortunately, there are plenty of cool hairstyles out there that are perfect for men in their 30s! It’s all about finding what you feel most comfortable in as you figure out your signature look.

From classic cuts to modern styles, this blog post will help you find a hairstyle that suits you and makes you look your best. Read on to explore the 30 coolest hairstyles for men in their 30s.

30 Cool Hairstyles for Men in Their 30s

man getting his haircut

The Pompadour

This popular hairstyle is characterized by voluminous, swept-back hair on the top of the head and is perfect for men in their 30s looking for a classic yet modern look.

The pompadour hair style was popularized in the 1950s and 1960s. The top features 6-8 inches of longer length hair which is styled each day.

Don’t let the name put you off – this hairstyle is an extremely attractive look for men of all ages.

The Quiff

This classic cute is characterized by hair that is long and voluminous on top, with the sides and back tapered for a neat finish. It’s a timeless look that’s great for any occasion.

The Slick Back

This classic look is perfect for a formal occasion or a night out. It involves brushing the hair back and away from the face to create a sleek, neat appearance.

The Crew Cut

A classic short hairstyle popularized by the military, the Crew Cut is defined by short sides, a back, and a slightly longer top.

This is a look many men go for when they’re not sure what else to do. It’s a simple classic style that is easy to maintain but does require frequent trimmings to keep it short.

It’s a short haircut that can be accompanied by a high fade for a more refined look. And it works whether you have thick hair or thin hair. You can also do this one with a flat top.

man getting his beard trimmed

The Ivy League

This classic hairstyle was popular in the early 1950s and has remained a timeless classic.

Short sides characterize it, and a longer top with a bit of styling is usually parted to one side or in the middle.

The Buzz Cut

A classic men’s style, the buzz cut is a low-maintenance hairstyle that involves shaving the hair on the sides and back of the head with a clipper.

It’s a great choice for the summer months, no matter your hair texture. It’s great if you want shorter hair too.

The Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is a popular hairstyle for men in their 30s. This classic look was made famous by the Roman emperor Julius Caesar and has been around for centuries.

It’s defined by its short, layered cut at the top and sides often cut with a clipper. The top of the hair is styled forward to create a bang-like effect, and the front of the hair is typically left longer than the back. 

The Faux Hawk

This is a hairstyle where the sides are cut short, and the top is left long and spiked up, resembling a mohawk without having to shave it down.

The Spiky Hair

A timeless hairstyle, this look gives your hair an edgy and modern twist by styling it in multiple layers to create a textured and spiked effect.

This style is perfect for those who want a bold yet polished look.

cutting the top of a man's hair

The Textured Crop

This versatile hairstyle is perfect for men in their 30s who want a shortcut with some texture and volume. It involves styling the hair on top with a light hold product to create height and texture.

The Side Part

A classic look, the side part is an easy-to-style hairstyle that involves combing the hair over to one side, leaving the other with less volume.

The Comb Over

A look is achieved by combing the hair over to one side, hiding a receding hairline. This look works for all face shapes and requires minimal styling.

Many men who experience hair loss as they get older go for this look, whether intentionally or not.

The Fringe

A popular style amongst men in their 30s, the fringe hairstyle gives the hair on the front of the head a swept-back look with shorter sides.

This style can be worn with or without a beard and is easy to make a bold statement.

hairstyles for men in their 30s

The Man Bun

This popular style consists of tying the hair at the back of the head in a knot or bun.

It has become a popular look for men in their 30s and can be seen in many celebrities and athletes. It’s a great choice for a longer hairstyle.

The Top Knot

This classic style is characterized by a high bun on the top of the head, usually with some front hair left out.

It’s a great look for men with medium-length or long hair looking for a stylish yet effortless look. It’s great for longer lengths of hair too.

man bun

The Bowl Cut

This classic style is characterized by a high bun on the top of the head, usually with some front hair left out.

It’s a great look for men with medium-length or long hair looking for a stylish yet effortless look.

It can be paired with a low fade for less daily maintenance.

The Mohawk

This hairstyle is characterized by a strip of longer hair running from the front to the back of the head, while the sides are shaved or trimmed very short.

This style is sure to turn heads and is perfect for those looking to stand out.

The Afro

A popular hairstyle among black men in their 30s, the Afro is a full head of tightly curled hair kept cropped short. It can be styled in various ways, including short, medium, and long lengths.

The Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a popular hairstyle in which the hair is divided into sections and twisted or matted into long, rope-like locks.

The look is traditionally associated with the Rastafari movement but has become increasingly popular among men of all ages.

The Man Bun with Beard

A popular style among men in their 30s, this look combines the man bun with a full beard to create an eye-catching and stylish look.

Combining hair length and facial hair adds a mature edge to any ensemble.

fade haircut

The Mullet

This look, popularized in the 1980s, features short hair on the sides and long hair on the back. It’s a daring style that allows men to express their style.

The Shoulder-Length Hair

This hairstyle is great for men in their 30s looking for an effortless yet polished style.

It’s perfect for creating an easy-going, casual look that requires minimal styling and maintenance.

The Long Hair

This classic hairstyle is an excellent choice for men in their 30s looking for a timeless look.

It requires daily styling and maintenance to keep it looking healthy and manageable.

The Wavy Hair

This style is ideal for men looking for a stylish look that is easy to maintain.

Wavy hair can be styled in many ways, from tousled and natural-looking to slicked back for a more formal style.

The Curly Hair

Soft curls and coils characterize this look, often styled in layers.

It requires consistent maintenance to keep it looking neat and healthy. Curly hair has great texture but the hard part is taking care of this hair style for a long time.

Go Bald

A classic look that never goes out of style, the Bald look is an iconic choice for men in their 30s.

Shaving the head ultimately gives off a bold and confident appearance while also being a low-maintenance option.


Also known as ‘braids’ or ‘plaits’, is created by tightly braiding the hair close to the scalp.

They are a great way to add texture your look.

The Mustache

A timeless classic, the mustache has been a popular style for many decades and is an excellent option for men in their 30s.

Its short length and easy maintenance make it an ideal choice for those who want a masculine look without too much upkeep.

It’s all about embracing the mustache and your facial hair as part of your hairstyle.

trimming hair

The Goatee

This facial hairstyle is characterized by a chin beard trimmed and sculpted in an oval shape.

A mustache and sideburns can accompany it for a more sophisticated look.

The Soul Patch

Popularized by African-American jazz musicians in the 1950s and ’60s, a soul patch, known as a Mouche, is a patch of facial hair that lies directly below the lower lip and the chin.

In Summary: Coolest Hairstyles For Men In Their 30s

Men in their 30s have a variety of options when it comes to hairstyles.

From the classic looks of the pompadour, quiff, and crew cut, to the more daring styles like the faux hawk and man bun, there’s something for everyone. 

Whether you opt for a clean-cut style or a more expressive look, there’s sure to be a style that fits your personality and lifestyle.

With so many choices available, men in their 30s can experiment with different looks to find the one that best suits them.

At the end of the day, the best haircuts and hair styles are the ones you feel most comfortable in!

The best way to decide is to look at men who have a similar face shape as you and how they have styled their hair. Ask you barber for suggestions too, to decide if you should go with a classic cut or if they can help you pick something suited to your hair type. Good luck!

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