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Best Blush For Aging Skin – Cream and Powder 2023

Looking for the best blush for aging skin? As we get older we have unique concerns that make finding makeup a challenge. Here are 10 picks.

As we get older, our skin starts changing. Whether we’ve developed acne, our skin is showing more wrinkles and laugh lines than it once it, or our skin type is changing, what makeup once looked great on our skin can now look less youthful than we’d like.

Blush is one of those makeup products that truly brings life to your complexion. It adds color and warmth to your face that otherwise might feel lost.

Blush comes in all types of finishes and colors. It’s suitable for every age and skin type.

The right blush can give you a confidence boost. But the key is making sure you get the best blush for aging skin!

As a blush aficionado, I have tried hundreds of blushes over the years. All types of colors, formulas, and brands have blushed my cheeks and based on that experience and knowledge, I’m sharing my the best blush for aging skin.

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Top 10: Best Blush For Aging Skin – 2023 Picks

1. Lawless Make Me Blush Talc-Free Velvet Blush $29

Type: Powder
Finish: Matte and Natural
Best For: All Skin Types
Colors: 6
Price: $29

I have long loved the Lawless blush formula. It looks gorgeous on the cheeks and has great lasting power.

It’s one of my go-to formulas for events. It gives just the right amount of color and they have a large shade range for fair skin and deep skin.

It comes in two finishes: matte and radiant. There are 4 matte shades and 2 radiant shades.

I also like to use this blush on bare skin without foundation – it still blends seamlessly. It’s a best blush for aging skin in my opinion!

2. Laura Mercier Blush Color Infusion $34

Type: Powder
Finish: Matte and Shimmer
Best For: All Skin Types
Colors: 12
Price: $34

This Laura Mercier formula is known for its 10-hour wear time. The shades offer buildable color with a weightless feel that blends seamlessly into your skin. For this reason, it’s a best blush for aging skin.

The range offers 12 color options (7 shimmer and 5 matte) that work with all skin types.

These blushes are known to give the a healthy flush of color and youthful glow to the skin. The compact is also easy to open and travel with. It has almost 600 five star reviews on Sephora.

3. bareMinerals Gen Nude Powder Blush $25

Type: Powder
Finish: Natural
Best For: All Skin Types – and especially sensitive skin
Colors: 3
Price: $25

The bareMinerals Gen Nude powder blushes have a cult following and for a good reason! Their curated blush selection has the perfect buildable color for all skin tones.

It has excellent lasting powder and is suitable for sensitive skin. It is also Talc-free and follows Clean at Sephora standards.

It’s perfect for mature skin and does not settle into fine lines. And this specific reason is why I love it as a best blush for aging skin.

4. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush $43

hourglass blush

Type: Powder
Finish: Natural and Shimmer
Best For: All Skin Types
Colors: 8 – 6 radiant, 2 shimmer (3 available in mini size)
Price: $43

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes have been popular since their initial launch.

They have a unique baked formula that use Photoluminescent Technology to create a seamless blend for a flush of color and glowing cheeks. It’s a best blush for aging skin because of its blurring techology.

It has over 1,000 five star reviews on Sephora. The mini sizes are cheaper in price and last a long time!

5. rms beauty ReDimension Hydra Powder Blush

rms beauty blush

Type: Powder
Finish: Radiant
Best For: All Skin Types
Colors: 6
Price: $30

This baked gelee formula from one of the top clean beauty brands, RMS Beauty, offers a radiant, glowy finish that is perfect for mature and aging skin.

All of the shades leave the most beautiful natural glow on the cheeks. They have a pretty decent lasting power; from experience I would say 6-8 hours on average.

They are also refillable so you don’t have to repurchase the whole container, just the blush pan. Love that.

6. Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot

Type: Cream
Finish: Natural
Best For: All Skin Types
Colors: 6
Price: $30

The Carrot Colour Pot from Ere Perez is one of my favorite cream blushes of all time. It comes in a pot and is extremely easy to apply with your fingers, brush or sponge. It blends out easily and is buildable.

The color shows up well and lasts most of the day while fading naturally into your skin. It is not splotchy or difficult to work with. I always find that it makes my skin look smoother and leaves a natural flush. I am obsessed!

It’s one of the most beautiful cream formulas and a little goes a long way. I find the best way to apply it is with a brush or your fingertips. I love this as a best blush for aging skin.

7. Tower 28 Beauty BeachPlease Lip + Cheek Cream Blush

Type: Cream
Finish: Natural
Best For: All Skin Types
Colors: 7
Price: $20

Well-priced, this clean beauty blush and lip combo cream give an amazingly smooth wash of color that works with all skin types and tones.

There are 7 colors available. As a cream, I don’t find it has the best lasting power but I personally find it suitable for a 4-6 hour day. It fades naturally and beautifully, not looking patchy at all.

To extend the wear time, use a light powder on top like the Kosas Cloud Set and Bake Powder.

At this price point with these color options, I absolutely think this is worth trying! Especially because you can use it as a lip color too. We love a dual use product! It’s one of the best cream blush for mature skin 2023 picks, especially because of it’s price point!

8. Jones Road Lip and Cheek Stick

Type: Cream
Finish: Natural
Best For: All Skin Types
Colors: 8
Price: $34

It also love that you can use it as a lip tint! This stick blush has a creamy formula and comes a wide range of neutral shades from warm undertones to cool ones.

This lip and cheek cream stick leaves a natural flush to the skin that is easily blend-able. The smooth formula makes using cream foolproof.

I love that this one is in a stick form – it makes it easy to apply as blush or lip color. It’s the best cream blush stick for mature skin.

It’s easy to wear and apply with a sponge, brush or your fingers. I love the shade Mauve Rose for the fall and winter months! It’s the perfect cool tone blush.

If you pick this up from Jones Road, I highly recommend their Lip Tints as well – they are so smooth and beautiful, especially on aging lips. I can’t recommend them enough!

9. Saie Dew Blush Liquid Cheek Blush

Type: Cream
Finish: Natural
Best For: All Skin Types
Colors: 8
Price: $25

Saie is a clean at Sephora brand and is also marked a planet positive.

This blush contains ingredients like mulberry for brightening, elderberry to fight free radical damage, and evening primrose to moisturize and sooth irritated skin.

This blush comes in 6 different shades for a reasonable $25. It has really natural ingredients. They also have some bright colors and vibrant shades that have a natural finish.

It has a doe foot applicator to create natural, lit-from-within glow. It’s one of the best cream blushes in my opinion. Especially as a a blush for aging skin and older women!

I love the dewy finish and creamy texture. I have this blush in several shades and I love it as part of my makeup routine. I love the radiant glow it gives.

Just tap a dot or two of color onto your cheeks and blend to your desired flush. A little bit goes a long way! Perfection!

10. Charlotte Tilbury Cheek To Chic Blush

Type: Powder
Finish: Natural, Radiant
Best For: All Skin Types
Colors: 9
Price: $40

Charlotte Tilbury’s Chic to Cheek blushers are so popular and for a good reason! This blush has a buildable formula and is very forgiving for mature skin.

It applies seamlessly to your skin for the perfect, healthy glow. Finding the right shade in this one is not hard because even though there are vibrant colors, they overall have a sheer formula making it perfect for older skin.

To use these powder finish blushes, you swirl your brush in the outer ring of color and then tap your brush in the center color and apply to the apples of your cheeks for the perfect flush.

You can’t go wrong with any of Charlotte’s colors – I’ve owned many over the years! It’s a best powder blush for mature skin and it’s a favorite for expert makeup artists too.

Best Blush For Aging Skin FAQ

Things To Consider When Picking a Blush:

The Formula Type

There are three primary types of formulas when it comes to blush: powder, cream, and liquid. They all have their place as well as pros and cons.

Cream blush has a more dewy, youthful look. It’s light on the skin and often gives a light wash of color that is easy to blend out. Some formulas have more lasting power than others when it comes to cream.

Powder blush is often more a touch more concentrated than powder. It still is typically buildable, though some formulas have more pigment than others.

Liquid blush tends to be the most concentrated and have the steepest learning curve. It can be applied with your fingers, brush or sponge.

The Finish

The finish of blush comes in three primary types: matte, shimmer, and natural/radiant.

Matte blushes are typically best for more oily skin and look great with a light application. They offer warmth to the face and typically have great lasting power for long days.

Many makeup wearers stay away from shimmer blushes that have glitter in them as they age because glitter can settle into wrinkles and dry skin giving a less than flattering look.

Often times you can reduce the look of the glitter by taping off your brush after dipping into the powder and before applying to your face.

Natural or radiant finish blushes are a combination of the two. They have a slightly dewey, youthful look but are not overly glowy like a matte blush. They also look great on dry skin. These tend to have slightly less lasting power than matte blushes but not always.

All types have pros and cons and there is not one that is better than the other but you might find you like one over the other.

In my 20s, I tended to prefer a more matte look but now in my 30s, I love a dewey, glowy blush even if they don’t last as long on my skin.

How do you apply blush to a mature face?

For best results, go in with a light hand no matter what kind of blush you’re using. Most blush is easily buildable so it’s best to go in with a little and build it up.

A makeup artist once told me that the easiest way to apply blush is to smile and place the blush gently behind the apples of the cheeks to pull the face upwards.

You can use a dense blush brush for cream blush but a fluffy blush for powder blush. You can also use a sponge for cream blush.

Either tool works fine for liquid blush, but do remember that liquid blush tends to have more of a learning curve when it comes to application.

I also find applying my makeup goes way smoother when I take care of my skin. This year I introduced an LED light mask to my routine and it has made such a difference with the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

LED Light Masks From Current Body

After making these part of my anti-aging beauty routine, I have seen a reduction in wrinkles and redness in my skin. You have to try it for yourself!

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How To Apply Cream Blush On Mature Skin

To apply cream blush to mature skin, you’ll want to start by moisturizing the skin. Use a solid night cream to keep your skin well hydrated. In the morning, apply a light moisturizer.

You’ll want to start with a small amount of product. Most cream blushes seem to go on quite intensely but they tend to sheer out.

Use a sponge, a brush, or your fingertips to tap a small amount of product onto the apply on your cheeks. Tap it gently upwards until it is blended seamlessly. Apply more if necessary to achieve your desired look.

What Is The Best Cream Blush For Mature Skin?

If you are looking for a cream blush, my top picks for mature skin are:

I find all of these to be a good cream blush and the best choice for beginners to cream makeup.

What type of blush is best for mature skin?

Mature women can wear both cream and powder blushes. Go in with a light hand and avoid shimmer. Glitter particles can settle into fine lines.

You’ll also want a lightweight formula as to not weigh your skin down.

Should an older woman wear blush?

Absolutely – blush brings youth to the face and should not be skipped in a makeup routine!

What color blush makes you look younger?

If you want your blush to give you a youthful glow, go with a pink shade.

Final Thoughts on The Best Blush For Aging Skin

These are my top ten picks for best blush for aging skin. As we get older, we often have changing and unique skin concerns to pay attention to.

Picking a blush that blends seamlessly and looks good can be a challenge. All 10 of these blushes are perfect for aging skin!

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