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How I Positively Prioritize My Mental Health In My 30s

How I prioritize my mental health in my 30s has changed so much for the better. Here’s what I’ve made a mental health priority in this decade.

We all know the importance of mental health. If you’re like me and in your 30s now… it may not have been something you prioritized in your 20s; at least not to the extent that this new range of twenty-somethings are prioritizing it. And good for them! It’s probably – okay, definitely – something I should have prioritized more.

But you live and you learn, right? I have and that’s why I’m prioritizing my mental health in my 30s, or at the very least, making more of an effort to. Here are some ways I am doing it.

Please note that these have worked for me, but as everyone’s different, they all may not work for you. Try some of them and see if it does – you’ll figure out which works for you and how you can prioritize your mental health, too!

How I Prioritize My Mental Health In My 30s

7 Eye-Opening Ways I Prioritize My Mental Health In My 30s

1. I learned a lot in my twenties.

I just want to start off by saying that my twenties were filled with a lot of learning. I not only learned about myself, but I learned about others, too. I learned what I like and what I dislike, what I will tolerate and what I won’t tolerate and what I want to spend my time and energy on and what I don’t.

All of this learning has helped me find myself in a place in my 30s where I can prioritize my own mental health, much more and much healthier than I could’ve in my twenties.

2. I am saying no more.

I didn’t just learn that it’s okay to say no, but I also learned the value of saying no. Sure, some people may have learned this earlier, but it took me until my 30s to realize that I am an adult that can say no to things, situations, and people I don’t agree with.

I also learned how to say no in a more respectful way than just coming off as rude or insensitive, which does it make a lot easier to say no. Saying now has allowed me to put myself and my mental health first.


3. I won’t put myself in uncomfortable situations.

This goes hand in hand with saying no, but I no longer feel obligated to go to certain events or see certain people that make me uncomfortable for whatever reason.

My FOMO is gone. My sense of obligation is gone (well, for most things, of course there’s a rare acceptance). I am no longer allowing myself to be told by others where I need to go and who I need to see. If I don’t want to go or I don’t want to see them, you bet I’m staying home. And it’s okay!

4. I am unplugging from technology more.

Social media is a lot. How fast you can get lost and spend hours going through videos or reels or pictures! Who even has time for that anymore? I know I don’t in my 30s! I realize that prioritizing my mental health is not prioritizing my phone or laptop as much.

Sure, I am still on social media but not nearly as much as I used to be and I especially am not when I’m around other people. I’ve seen a big difference, for the better, with my mental health. It’s also made my in person relationships even stronger, too. If you need some help in unplugging from technology, here are some great tips for you.

mental health in your 30s

5. I do something for myself every day.

We are always giving back to other people, our jobs, our families, and so on – but we’re never giving back to ourselves. I realized this, and I wanted to start giving back to myself too.

I realized that there are so many small things I could be doing for myself each day, from walking to reading a book from my TBR to just slowing down for a bit.

All of these things do not take much time out of your day, but are great ways to give yourself a good reminder that you do love yourself and are taking care of yourself, too.

6. I take myself on dates.

As Miley Cyrus said, “I can buy myself flowers” and you really can!! If you love flowers like I do, buy them for yourself. I guarantee seeing them every day will put a smile on your face – and what better thing is there for your mental health than smiling?!

Another thing you can do is take yourself out on dates. If there’s something you want to do or see, go out there and do it. I know it can be intimidating to sit in a restaurant or bar or coffee shop by yourself, but trust me, it can actually be more relaxing (and even entertaining) than you may think. There are so many great solo date ideas you can do that’ll help you fall even more in love with yourself.

I’m not sure I would’ve had the confidence to do any of these by myself in my twenties, but in my thirties, I am definitely in a better mindset to be able to do it.

mental health in your 30s

7. I listen and read more about mental health.

In my twenties, I was not listening to podcasts about mental health or reading any books about it. I was reading, watching, and listening solely for entertainment and to pass the time. But I learned there’s a whole world out there of great books, shows and podcasts that really can help you in improving your life, your mental health, and help you be the best you – personally, professionally, romantically, and so on.

Instead of making fun of these things as I may have in my twenties (yes, I was that person), I am embracing them and learning from them in my 30s. From mindfulness podcasts to self development books, there are so many resources to take advantage of.

My Final Thoughts

I will say, my life is more hectic in my 30s than it was in my 20s. But even with my chaotic schedule, I am in a better head space, and it’s thank to doing the above and prioritizing my mental health.

How do you prioritize your mental health in your 30s?

mental health in your 30s
mental health in your 30s
mental health in your 30s

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