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8 Best Fans For a Nursery and Baby’s Room [2023]

Are you looking for the best fan your baby’s nursery? Here are 8 various fan options that will suit your needs!

Picking a fan for your nursery doesn’t need to be a massively complicated process. That said, there are probably a few factors you want to take into account before purchasing something on a whim.

In this post, we’re going to cover the types of fans there are, safety factors to keep in mind, the placement of the fan within the room, and the noise level. This might seem like a lot but knowing these things can help you narrow down the exact kind of fan you need for your nursery!

Why Have a Fan In Your Nursery?

You might want to add a fan to your nursery to help circulate air as well as cool down your baby (especially helpful if you don’t have air conditioning). It can also act as white noise!

Keeping your baby at the right temperature helps create a safe sleep environment. A study showed that circulating air with a fan reduced the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (otherwise known as SIDS) by 72 percent (please note that safe sleep rules still need to be followed to reduce the overall risk).

Types of Fans

There are three types of fans we will cover in this post – tabletop, tower, and pedestal.

Tabletop is, of course, one that sits on a tabletop. Most shouldn’t be placed on the floor and be kept out o reach. The shape of the fan is most often circular (though it could be a square or a “box fan”).

A tower fan is typically tall and thin where the whole body is fan. There will be more examples of this soon! These typically have an option to move back and forth, called oscillating.

A pedestal fan is similar to a tabletop fan, however, it is held up in the air by a base. These often have the ability to oscillate (move back and forth).

Which type of fan you need will depend on where you need to place it, some potential safety features, and the size of your small room.

You might also have a nursery ceiling fan, which will help with air circulation but overall gives you less control and I don’t really recommend them for your baby’s nursery.

Another feature to note is whether it is an oscillating fan or not. Oscillating fans move back and forth and stationary fans do not. Though, some stationary fans can be directed manually.

Noise Level

One thing to note here is the noise level of the fan. The noise level of the fan (and white noise machine if you use one) should not be above 50 decibels. You can test this using the NIOSH Sound Level Meter app available in the app store.

When testing, make sure you test the decible level of the fan in relation to where you child is sleeping in the room. In other words, test it from their crib. Low noise levels are critical for protecting hearing.

A low noise level is more important than you might think. If the fan is noisy, you’ll want to place it far away from your sleeping baby so their hearing is not damaged by the sound.

Other Things To Note

These things may or may not be important to you, but they are worth noting:

  • do you need a control panel or a remote
  • size of the fan – does it fit your space?
  • what will you use it for as your child grows?
  • how many different speed settings do you need?
  • could your child use it in a bunk bed?
  • would it work in a large room?
  • doest it work in smaller rooms?
  • can it bring in fresh air?
  • what are the decibels on high settings?
  • are you able to keep it out of baby’s reach?

Again, these are not critical questions but just something to think about to help you make the best purchase for you!

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8 Best Fans For a Nursery

1. Vornado Breesi Nursery Air Circulator

This tabletop style fan is designed specifically for nurseries. It’s made to circulate air around the room up to 9.5 times every hour using Vornado’s proprietary Vortex Action technology.

Despite the name sound similar to a violent weather event, the Breesi gently moves air in a constant circulation pattern that mimics a gentle breeze.

It has a finger-friendly design that has no sharp edges or pinch points. It is as topple resistant due to its wide base. Additionally, it has hidden cord storage to keep the cord out of reach to curious infants.

On top of that, it has a child-proof lock as well. No need to worry about double checking the settings with this fan! It also has a five year warranty.

One thing to note is that it does not oscillate but can be tilted in a preferred direction. It has two speed settings that measure at 37 dB and 45 dB respectively. This is a good pick for positioning on a bookshelf or dresser.

Reviews report this is a best option for a baby’s room.

2. ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan with a HEPA Air Filter

Coming in at number two on our list is the ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan. What makes this fan extra special is that it has a HEPA air filter included.

Did you know our indoor our is often more polluted than the outdoor air? This fan not only circulates the air around your little one’s room, but purifies it too! The included HEPA filter removes 99.97% of pollen, dander, and dust from the air.

In addition, this option is bladeless! Which makes it super safe for curious little fingers. It has a sleek design too that can be controlled by the touchscreen or the included remote.

So let’s get into the specs:

It has 3 modes and 9 speed settings. It also has an eight hour timer and oscillates between 30 and 90 degrees. It covers up to 320 square feet, cleaning all the air in the room five times per hour.

For the noise level, it operates at 32 dB making is safe for your baby’s nursery.

This is one of the most powerful fans on this list and it’s a huge bonus that it has a HEPA air filter.

3. Dreo 42 Inch Smart Tower Fan

Now for our first floor/tower fan – the Dreo 42 Inch Smart Tower Fan. This fan can be operated by Alexa and Google Assistant making it super easy to control.

It’s 42 inches tall and boasts a slim profile. The sound level is between 34 and 48 decibels depending on the level you have it on.

It also has an auto mode that can increase the cooling power during the hottest hours of the day. The display brightness also turns off in the night mode. And finally, it oscillates 90 degrees to move the air throughout the room.

Reviews report this to to be the best tower fan for a child’s room.

4. Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan

Next up on our list is the Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower fan. This fan uses Dyson’s bespoke Air Multiplier technology to create a powerful, uninterrupted flow without using blades like a traditional fan.

Dyson fans are some of the quietest fans on the market. It is below speed 50 dB up until speed 9. After this high speed, the sound is too loud to be considered safe for a baby nursery. Though, it would still be an effective option for a larger space where you would not be close to it.

One big pro of this fan is how easy it is to clean. It is simple to wipe down.

Additionally, it has a sleep timer that you can set to turn off a preset intervals between 15 minutes and 9 hours. It also has a remote that you can adjust the 10 settings from. The remote is also magnetized and sticks to the fan itself!

This is definitely a pricier option, but it’s quiet, has a lot of settings, and is safe for little fingers.

5. Honeywell Turbo Force Tabletop Fan

This fan is the most budget-friendly on our list. It’s a small tabletop fan that could also be wall-mounted. It has a enough power to cool a small or medium-sized room, according to the manufacturer.

It has 3 fan speeds and does not oscillate, however, you can adjust it manually as it has a range of 90 degrees.

The decibel level isn’t reported by the brand, however, reviews state that it is fairly quiet. It does not have safety features so you’ll want to make sure you keep this out of reach of your baby at all times.

People place this in front of air conditioners as a cheap way to circulate air in a small space. It’s a table fan so it will need to be placed securely on a flat surface. It works great as a desk fan, too.

6. Greentech pureFlow Bladeless Fan

This fan has a unique appearance and design that offers blade-less cooling. It’s built to cycle air quickly to keep a consistent and comfortable temperature.

It is the quietest on this list, clocking in at just 13 decibels. It has 12 individual fan speed settings which offers everything from a gentle and light breeze to a steady wind depending on your needs.

It’s also energy efficient and circulates airflow up to 30 feet. It has an auto-shut off and will turn off after 9 hours. It is also nice that it is bladeless for peace of mind to keep little fingers safe from fan blades.

7. Honeywell HYF290B Quietset 8-Speed Whole-Room Tower Fan

Another option from Honeywell, this tower fan has 8 speed settings that are adjustable from the fan control panel and included remote control. It also uses quiet sound technology to reduce the noise level.

Other pros of this fan include a sturdy base, auto-off timer option, remote control storage, dimming options, and it oscillates about 45 degrees.

It’s about 3 feet tall and appears to be safe for little curious fingers, but please use your best judgement.

8. ZICOOLER 22″ Bladeless Tower Fan

This tower fan offers 8 different speeds while oscillating 80 degrees. It has an LED light display and an auto-off, eight hour timer.

The blade-less design mades is safe for curious babies and toddlers. It also is fairly quiet at about 30 dB. Bladeless fans move cool air through a room effectively while still being safe.

It also has a slim design – it’s only 22 inches tall with a 5.9 inch base. It fits well on the floor or on a tabletop.

It has a sleek design and offers everything from a gentle wind to a powerful breeze to circulate air throughout your baby’s nursery.

Reviews report this is a great option for a smaller room like a nursery.

In Summary: 8 Best Fans For a Nursery

If you’re looking for a fan for your baby’s nursery, any of these 8 options are a great pick. I hope this guide helps you find the right fan for you!

There are of course some important factors to take into consideration before purchasing such as where you need to place it, the noise level, and safety features.

Let us know in the comments which nursery fan you choose!

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