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7 Best Baby Travel Bed Options – Ranked By A Traveling Mom

As a mom who has traveled extensively with both of my kids, I know the struggle of having to find a baby toddler bed that feels safe, clean, easy to travel with, and is something that my kid will actually sleep in. And it’s harder than it sounds!

This is definitely something that plagued me as a new mom and as a result, I wanted to share the best baby travel bed options I’ve found.

Have you been planning to go on vacation for the holidays? Or perhaps you are one of those families that have an always-on-the-road lifestyle? Either way as long as you will be taking your little one with you, investing in a baby travel bed is a no-brainer. But how do you go about choosing the best one? 

If this is the dilemma you are in right now, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we break down everything you need to know about choosing the best travel bed. We will tell you exactly why you need one and what to look for. We will also give you a list of some of the best baby travel bed options you can buy right now. 

Sounds good? Great! Let’s dive right in, shall we? 

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Why would you need a baby travel bed?

The most obvious reason why a lot of parents buy baby and toddler travel beds is to ensure that their little angels will always sleep in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment no matter where their adventures take them. 

While some hotel rooms and hotel rentals will supply travel cribs, there’s no telling what you’ll get when you leave it up to them. In most cases, the only option available will be a basic play yard with a thin sleeping pad. 

Having your own baby travel bed will also allow you to introduce your baby to their new sleeping space before you go on your trip. This way, you will have to deal with fewer fights when you arrive at your destination because your little one will already have gotten comfortable with it. 

Additionally, when you are staying with friends or family members who don’t have a dedicated spot for young children, having a travel bed will give you that peace of mind that comes with knowing your baby is snoozing in a safe place that you have researched and vetted. 

The best travel beds also make great pack n’ playpens. This will come in handy when you are in a location where the space may not have been properly babyproofed. 

The best travel beds are also designed to accommodate newborns to three-year-old toddlers. If your baby is in this age group, and you would like to travel with them, then you probably need a baby travel bed. 

Things to consider when buying a baby travel bed

When choosing the best travel bed, you want to ensure that you get a safe and comfortable sleeping space for your baby. Here are some of the things to consider: 


The size of the bed is one of the most important factors to consider.

If you have a larger toddler, she might not fit in smaller models.

On the other hand, if you have a small baby, she may not be safe in a larger model.

Always double-check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that the bed you get is appropriate for your child’s age and size. 

Ease of use

You want the baby bed that you go for to make your life easier when you travel with it.

It should not be heavy or bulky because no one wants to cart something that cumbersome around the whole time.

Ideally, you want to go for a model that is easy to assemble or one that folds open and shut to make transportation and setting up easier. 

How you are traveling

Next, you need to consider how you will be traveling. Will you be traveling by car or by plane? Will you be using it for your road trips or your flights?

Your toddler bed should be able to fold down into a size that is small enough to fit in the trunk of a tiny car or the overhead compartment of a plane. Otherwise you’ll need to check it like you do luggage.

Comfort and safety

Comfort and safety are obviously very important when choosing the best baby beds.

The best baby and toddler travel beds are designed to prevent your baby from getting out in the middle of the night.

They should also be a comfy space to sleep in, otherwise, your little one will be fussy all night. 

Also keep in mind that most companies do not recommend adding a fitted sheet to portable beds. Unless the manufacturer sells one specifically for the model you purcahse, you shouldn’t add one yourself.

7 Best Baby Travel Bed Options

Munchkin Travel Pod – BEST FOR NEWBORNS

The Munchkin Travel Pod is the most affordable baby travel bed on this list. It is best as an infant travel bed as it is not big enough to be a travel toddler bed.

For its price, it is a great quality budget bed. It is super lightweight and sets up and folds down in just a few seconds.

You can bring it with you to your hotel room, road trips, picnics, park playdates, or cross-country adventures. It is a comfortable sleeping spot that transforms into a cozy pack n’ play pen. 

The Munchkin Travel Pod features a locking frame that supports durable side walls. This makes it surprisingly stable.

It uses breathable fabric and ventilated mesh panels that are made entirely using baby-safe and chemical-free materials, making it safe for your little one. You’ll also love the integrated handle that makes transporting it a lot easier. 

It folds flat for easy storage and you can bring it with you on the plane as a carry-on. It also comes with a carrying case of its own.

  • Ease of use: It is quite easy to use, being able to fold flat within a few seconds. However, it is not the easiest baby travel bed option to use on this list. 
  • Size and weight: It is an extremely lightweight option at only 3lbs. This makes it very convenient to travel with and one of the best portable cribs for a low budget. 
  • Recommended baby size: You can only use it until your baby is old enough to push up on her hands and knees. The maximum weight it can carry is 15lbs. 
  • Price: At only $48, it is the cheapest baby travel bed option on this list. Super pocket friendly, it is the perfect choice for parents with young babies who want a quick solution for their baby’s traveling needs. 


The Dream on Me baby travel bed is a great option if you are on a budget.

If you are looking for a high-quality travel sleeping area for your child without breaking the bank, this is exactly what you need.

It is delightfully lightweight at only 13lbs. Plus, you also get some fun color options to choose from. 

You’ll love the sturdy aluminum frame that makes it a very safe place for your little one to play in. It also comes with a locking system that will keep your baby inside until you let her out. This way you will always know that they are safe.

The mesh and fabric materials used to make it are also completely baby friendly and free of any harmful chemicals.

All these features make it one of the best budget-friendly options you can buy right now. 

  • Ease of use: Because of its low price point, some sacrifices were made when it comes to features. You will not get automatic setup with the Dream on Me baby travel bed. It does require some assembly before you can use it. However, the assembly that is required is quite quick and you will not need any tools to do it. 
  • Size and weight: While it is super light at only 13lbs, it is not portable enough to fit in the overhead bin. It does fold flat, though, and if you have a sturdy travel bag, you could check it in with your luggage. Luckily, because it is so light, it is not cumbersome to travel with and can even fit in a checked suitcase. 
  • Recommended baby size: The Dream on Me baby travel bed is recommended for use by newborns right from birth until they hit the 30lbs weight limit or are 35inches tall. 
  • Price: This baby travel bed is a great choice for parents who are looking for a budget-friendly option. It is only $79, making it one of the cheapest baby travel bed options on this list. 


The Baby Delight is a stylish baby travel bed that was designed to ensure that your little one will always sleep in a cozy environment no matter where you go.

It comes with a plush mattress that will give your little one a comfy sleeping space.

The breathable mesh sides are designed to allow for maximum airflow without compromising on visibility, so you will always be able to keep an eye on your little one from any direction. 

You’ll also love the zipper door that makes co-sleeping possible. The fabric is also completely removable and machine washable.

Additionally, it is a JMPA Certified baby travel bed that was designed for maximum safety and required safety standards.

  • Ease of use: It does require some minimal assembly to set it up. Luckily, the process is super easy and tool-free! It will take you about 60 seconds to set it up completely. 
  • Size and weight: The Baby Delight baby travel bed weighs 13.9lbs. It folds into a compact size for convenient portability. You’ll also love the carry bag it comes with that makes life super easy. The total size after assembly is 44x23x26inches. 
  • Recommended baby size: It is recommended for use by babies between the ages of 0 to 3 years, or babies who are at least 35inches tall. It can support up to 50lbs. 
  • Price: At $159, Baby Delight is an affordable baby travel bag option that will not break the bank. While it is not the cheapest option on this list, you do get what you pay for and it comes with a lot of features that most regular cribs do not have. 


The Chicco Alfa Lite is a beautiful baby travel bag that was designed with your convenience and your baby’s comfort in mind. It has a lightweight frame that is super strong for your baby’s safety.

It is also very easy to set up and fold down, coming with a snap-open setup and compact folding. You’ll also appreciate the zippered carry bag that it comes with that will make traveling with it a lot easier. 

The side panels in the Chicco Alfa Lite can completely zip open.

This makes it extra convenient when you need to co-sleep with your little one without being on the same sleeping surface. Exactly the solution you need if your baby often needs some nighttime soothing. 

It is made entirely using baby-safe materials and fabrics that are completely free of harmful chemicals. It is Greenguard certified, which means it meets the standards for products that contribute to healthier air quality around your baby. 

Everything from the mattress cover to the frame fabrics can be zipped off and machine-washed. 

This is one of the best travel cribs because it is so lightweight. I would call it a top pick and also say it is the best option of the ones on this list. Of course, that depends on your individual needs, too.

  • Ease of use: The Chicco Alfa Lite is quite easy to use. It has a snap-open setup process that takes only a few seconds from start to finish. 
  • Size and weight: Weighing only 12.5 lbs, it is one of the lighter baby travel bed options on this list and one of the best portable cribs. This makes it super portable and a great choice for traveling with. When fully set up, it is 43x29x25inches. 
  • Recommended baby size: It is designed for use by babies and toddlers from 0 to 3 years. Its weight limit is 30lbs. Babies and toddlers who are 35inches tall or less will be comfortable in it. 
  • Price: The Chicco Alfa Lite costs $169. This makes it a great option for mid-range portable travel cribs. 


What makes the Baby Jogger unique is the fact that it can be used as a portable bassinet as well.

It is a multi-level play yard, which means it has a top part and a bottom part. This allows it to transition from a play yard to a bassinet in a few steps. Because of this, you can use it for longer.

The bassinet is designed for younger babies up to 18lbs.

Below it, the play yard, which also serves as a travel bed, can be used until your little one is 35 inches tall. It also doubles as a protected play area with a mosquito net. 

It comes with a multipurpose mattress that can be used in both the bassinet and the play yard. Everything is super easy to clean as well. 

The Baby Jogger can quickly fold down into a compact size within a few seconds. There is also an included travel bag for convenience during your travels. 

These additional features make it ideal for growing with your child.

  • Ease of use: It is quite easy to use. However, the multipurpose functionality aspect of it does add some complexity to it. For instance, it comes with an integrated portable bassinet that unzips and tucks away when you transition to play yard mode. 
  • Size and weight: Weighing only 13.5lbs, it is an innovative design that is surprisingly lightweight. When fully set up, it is 38x28x25inches in size. While it will not fit in the overhead compartment of a plane, it does come with a carry bag that you can check in with your luggage. 
  • Recommended baby size: It is designed to grow with your baby. When your baby is younger, she will sleep in the bassinet section. This will support her until she weighs at least 18lbs. After that, you will have to switch to play yard mode, which also works as a baby travel bed. This will support your baby until she is about 35inches tall. 
  • Price: At $269, it is one of the more expensive portable travel crib options on this list. However, you get a lot of value for money with it especially if you have a younger baby. Parents with infants will especially love it because it comes as both a portable bassinet and a playpen in one. 

Lotus Travel Crib – BEST FOR AIR TRAVEL

The Lotus Travel Crib is designed to be a lightweight travel crib that comes with backpack portability.

It is super easy to set up, taking only 15 seconds from start to finish. It is also pretty lightweight at only 13lbs, which allows you to bring it with you as a carry-on.

Because of its ease of use and quick setup process, you can even use it for naps at the airport, park, or beach.

You’ll also love the side door that zips open for your convenience and easy access to your sleeping baby. It also doubles as the perfect safe place to play while you are on the move! 

The Lotus travel crib is a great investment for parents who know they are going to get lots of use out of it. It is made entirely using baby-safe materials with no harsh chemicals, exceeding most safety standards. 

  • Ease of use: It is very easy to use. With no assembly required, you can quickly set it up or pack it in less than 15 seconds. 
  • Size and weight: The size when folded is 24x7x11 inches. It only weighs 13lbs. This small size and low weight allow it to fit in most airplane overhead compartments. 
  • Recommended baby size: Lotus Travel Crib is recommended for babies from 0 to 3 years. It is also approved for newborn and infant overnight sleep. 
  • Price: It is the second most expensive baby travel bed on this list. Coming in at $279, it is a good investment for parents who are planning to travel with their little ones a lot. Because it is rated for use from birth, you will get a lot of use out of it. It is totally worth it if a safe, comfortable sleeping space for your child is what you are after. Best if bought early so your little one can grow with it. 


This top-of-the-line option gives you unbeatable portability and convenience, along with a  guarantee of comfort and safety for your little one. It is very well made and super easy to use, with the setup and fold-down process needing only one move. 

While it is super light at only 13lbs, you will not be able to bring it with you as a carry-on when you fly.

However, it can still be gate checked and with a bit of maneuvering, you may be able to fit it in a sturdy travel bag and check it in with your luggage.

You’ll also love the removable mattress cover that comes off the mattress pad and crib fabric that can be completely stripped off and machine-washed. 

Because of the fact that there is no weight limit, this is a good option if you have an older child as a portable toddler bed. Do keep in mind if your child is tall enough to climb over the top, the manufacturer says not to use it.

  • Ease of use: It is very easy to set up and fold down. Everything can be done in only one move. This makes it the easiest baby travel crib to use on this list. 
  • Size and weight: Weighing only 13lbs, it is very travel friendly. You can check it in with your luggage because it will not fit in the overhead bin. The overall size of this portable travel crib is 44x24x32 inches. 
  • Recommended baby size: It is designed for use by babies between the ages of 0 to 3 years old. If you have a newborn, it should serve you for many years until your little one outgrows it as a toddler at the age of 3. 
  • Price: At $299, it is the most expensive option on this list. However, for that price, you get superior quality and ease of use. It is the perfect choice for parents who do not want to deal with cumbersome assembly processes and those who appreciate high-quality products. 

What can you do if buying a baby travel bed is not an option?

Sometimes, buying a portable travel crib or a portable bed may not be possible for one reason or another. When this happens, here are some of the things you can do instead: 

Rent your baby’s gear

Moms and dads everywhere are looking to rent out their baby gear all the time nowadays. You can usually find parents with baby gear to rent on social media or online forums.

Several platforms are also dedicated to renting baby gear that you can check out, including,, and more. 

We rented baby gear on a trip to Hawaii and it was a seamless and easy process. The company we used delivered everything to our Airbnb and then picked it up when we left.

Ship ahead to your location

Alternatively, if you already have your baby gear with you at home, and you believe it will be too cumbersome to travel with, consider shipping it ahead to your location.

When you arrive at your destination, you will find all your baby gear there and waiting for you.

Plus, since your little one is already quite familiar with everything, adjusting after traveling will not be that hard. You can count on them getting a good night’s sleep from day one!

Buy secondhand

Sometimes, buying secondhand baby gear is a lot cheaper than buying new. Plus, most baby gear items are often only lightly used.

It is possible to get a lot of great deals this way as many parents are looking to dispose of their used baby gear and make some money on the side. You can easily buy gear if you are staying somewhere for a while at a discount.

Final Thoughts: Best Baby Travel Bed Options

So there you have it. As you can see, a baby bed is a must-have item whether you are planning to take a short trip or if you often travel a lot. Investing in a high-quality one will make your life a lot easier while also ensuring that all that traveling does not rattle your little one. With this guide, we hope that choosing your next best travel cot is now as easy as pie! Happy travels! 

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