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23 Maui Toddler Activities

Looking for some Maui toddler activities to do with your young kids? Here are 23 ideas to try and places to visit during your family vacation on Maui!

My family and I spent a week this past summer visiting Maui, Hawaii and had the best time. It was in fact our 10th trip to the state and third with young kids, so while we do not live there, we have extensive experience traveling to the island and entertaining our toddlers on the way! Maui is one of our favorite places to vacation.

People often think that it’s not worth it to travel with kids and while I will admit it’s a lot more work to travel with them, I find it to be more rewarding than traveling alone.

Kids make you slow down. They help you appreciate the small things you never would have otherwise.

One travel trip I’ve found helpful is to pace yourself and have one dedicated thing to do with your kids everyday. This way they are able to get their energy out and have some quality, engaged time!

We’ve always had a great time on our trips to Hawaii and I want to share as a multi-time visitor the things I recommend doing with small kids on the island.

So, if you’re looking for things to do with toddlers on your first time to Maui, I’ve got you covered. This list has 20 ideas to inspire you whether you’re spending a week or a month on Maui. There are things for the whole family to enjoy!

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23 Maui Toddler Activities To Do On Your Family Vacation

1. Visit The Maui Ocean Center

The Maui Ocean center is known as the aquarium of Hawaii. You can go as a family and enjoy range of sea life, including the shark tunnel! There is a play area for toddlers that both of my kids enjoyed a break at.

They also have a humpback whale exhibit by the pacific whale foundation that takes place in what they call the sphere but be warned that it is not suitable for children under 3.

Watching sharks at the Maui Ocean Center

2. Take a Sail on The Reef Dancer

Taking off from Lahaina, this neat boat takes you on an underwater adventure complete with scuba divers who bring sea life right to your window.

Underneath the boat there is a cabin with window allowing you to view sea life and coral reefs while the tour narrator tells you about some Maui history, the sea creatures big and small, and about the Reef Dancer.

Both of my kids enjoyed this and I thought it was a good price for the value. It wasn’t too long either which was my concern with toddlers. Our trip lasted about 40-45 minutes and we were able to leave our stroller on the dock. Book here.

If you have older kids, go on the Atlantis Submarine instead. I can’t wait to take both of my kids on this when they’re a bit older.

On The Reef Dancer

3. Visit Playgrounds

Even with the beach and pool right nearby, little kids still love playgrounds. Maui has some fun playgrounds that were nice to stop at to let the kids get some energy out.

Here is a list of playgrounds to check out:

  • Kalama Playground
  • South Maui Community Park
  • 4th Marine Division Community Park
  • Wailuku Heights Park

There are also plenty of other activities you can do in your hotel or Airbnb to entertain them in your downtime. Here are some of my favorite activities.

4. Visit Haleakala National Park

We took our kids up the volcano and stopped at the visitors center where the park rangers had packets of children’s activities for learning about the park. My oldest even got a Junior Park Ranger badge:

If you’re not planning to hike up there, there isn’t a lot to do otherwise but it is a great educational opportunity in such a beautiful place.

5. Shop in Lahaina

My kids loved the Banyan Tree in Lahaina and walking around seeing the boats and snacking. There is a lot of shopping in this district so you’re sure to find some souvenirs to take home!

It’s nice to break up all of the activities with a casual family outing. We walked around after our tour on the Reef Dancer before grabbing lunch and it was great fun.

6. Go To The Beach and the Pool

Maui is of course filled with beaches so I almost left this one off of the list. But if you’re visiting Maui, make sure you go to the beach or the pool every single day. You won’t regret it!

7. Maui Tropical Plantation

This unique experience takes you on a tour through Hawaii’s most famous fruits and plants. It’s a great way to learn about the local agriculture, and see flowers and tropical fruit up close. It’s also a great way to learn more about Hawaiian culture.

We didn’t do this on our most recent trip but I think toddlers would really love it based on the online information. Learn more and book here. They also have zip line options available for kids over age five. This is definitely one of the most family-friendly activities!

We drove by this but didn’t go, unfortunately! Next time we are there, though, I will definitely be taking my kids. I think even young toddlers would enjoy it! Reviews all say it’s a great place.

8. See the Turtles at “Turtle Town”

The beach area south of Kihei called Maluaka Beach provides a sheltered area of sea turtles. This is a great little spot to go see the turtles and marina life in the area. But be mindful not to touch or interact with the wildlife – for their safety and yours.

Without kids, you might want to pack your snorkel gear and head to Molokini Crater on a Molokini snorkel tour hosted by one of the many snorkel tour operators.

9. Lahaina Animal Farm and Petting Zoo

In this unique farm experience that lasts 1.5 hours, visit the Lahaina Animal Farm and Petting Zoo to get up close and personal with miniature ponies, cows, pigs, bunnies, and peacocks. Learn more here.

10. Maui Animal Farm

Similar to number nine, the Maui Animal Farm offers a petting zoo experience with a large variety of animals. These include bunnies, goats, guinea pigs, sheep, rams, parakeets, chickens, ducks, pigs, and even a tortoise! Learn more here.

11. Drive the Road to Hana

Everyone knows about Maui’s famous Road to Hana. Pick your stops ahead of time or just go with the flow and stop where feels right. There’s lots to see along this drive. It’s a great activity if you need some time out of the sun and your kids need a break.

It’s a full day drive and best to get an early morning start so plan accordingly for this day trip.

12. Go Watch The Sunset.

Maui is famous for their sunsets so catch as many as you can while you’re in Maui! Take the kids down to the beach (be sure to check the tides) and watch as the sun blinks out of sight over the water.

Photo by Amity in Maui for Flytographer

13. Visit Baby Beach

Baby Beach is best known for its calm and clear waters making it ideal for snorkeling but also for toddlers who are new to the ocean!

14. Maui Happy Trails Rides

Let your child (under 65lbs) enjoy the magic of riding a pony! Maui Happy Trail Rides offers mini tours for small kids on miniature horses at a reasonable price.

They also have chickens and bunnies to check out and a small play area too.

15. Surfing Goat Dairy

From $12, you can learn about how Maui’s leading dairy makes their award-winning goat cheese! This is a super unique and fun experience for adults, kids, and toddlers alike. You can even take a tour that allows you to milk the goats – how cool! Learn more about Surfing Goat Dairy here.

16. Kula Country Farms

Known for their u-pick strawberries, Kula Country Farms is a must-stop. Make sure to check their seasonal schedule here so you know what to expect before you go.

They have a pop-up market every 3rd Saturday of the month, plus a pumpkin patch in the fall, and u-pick strawberries in the spring. Their farm stand featuring local produce and other locally made products is open Monday – Saturday from 9am – 4pm at time of writing.

17. Fish Pond Beach

This unique area is one of the most accessible fish ponds on Maui. It has a nearby parking lot that makes it easy to get to the shallow waters full of wildlife. On their website, they have a downloadable workbook for kids. They offer educational tours and canoe tours as well.

18. Helicopter Tours

Doors on of course, if you have an adventurous toddler they’ll like a helicopter tour. We first took my oldest on one on the Big Island when he was 11 months old. It’s a great way to see the island from their air and learn more about the rich history of Hawaii. There are a lot of options worth considering when it comes to helicopter tours on Maui.

You get to see so much of the landscape and the lava black rock from the air. It’s really neat.

19. Visit Whaler’s Village

Whaler’s Village is an outdoor shopping mall/area in West Maui that has lots of food options but also hosts events like lei making, hula lessons, and a movie night to name a few!

They also have an outdoor play area for kids and a splash pad. It’s the perfect place for young children!

Photo by Amity in Maui for Flytographer

20. Eat Shave Ice

I’m adding this to the list because we almost forgot to do this on our most recent trip. My toddlers loved picking their flavors and indulging in the sweetness post-lunch.

21. Try a Luau

We did take our kids to a Luau where they were free but it wasn’t my favorite luau. If you can get tickets, I have heard amazing things about the Old Lahaina Luau.

While it might be more suited for older kids, the best way to find out is going to one that takes younger kids for free.

My youngest at Big Beach

22. Go Whale Watching

You can go watching for humpback whales on tours on boats in Maui. The only time I have seen the humpback whales this was on a trip in March but it was one of the most brilliant experiences of my life.

If you don’t want to go on a full tour, Big Beach is a great spot for whale watching.

23. Ioa Valley State Park

This little park has a great walking trail that both of my kids enjoyed. There are no safety rails near the water so do be mindful of that if you have adventurous young children. Overall though, it’s an easy walk for kids of all ages.

Picture by my lovely friend Bea

In Summary: 23 Maui Toddler Activities

If you’re traveling as a family to Maui, do not worry – there are plenty of things for you to do with your toddler!

Hawaii is such a fun, inviting place and is very family friendly. There are things to do for all ages. Don’t let having littles deter you from going and having a great time!

We have always enjoyed a Maui family vacation and can’t recommend it enough! Enjoy your family trip to the Hawaiian islands!

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